Recon Jet Smart Glass Review: Sunglasses for Sports

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In May of 2015, Recon is to launch its Jet Smart Glass, Sunglasses for Sports. The device is aimed at those with active lifestyles like cyclists and runners; it enables thorough tracking of your activity, speed, and overall sports progress. It can connect with your smartphone, transfer data, exchange metrics, and is loaded with a wealth of other high tech features. With an integrated high definition camera, you can easily take shots as you run or cycle, and instantly upload them to your smart devices and social networks.

Recon Jet Smart Glass

Connectivity with your smartphone ensures greater safety while cycling. If you have to accept a call or read a text message, you’ll no longer need to reach for your pocket. Equipped with advanced sensors and an on-board GPS system, the Recon Jet Smart Glass can supply you with precise, real-time data metrics.

The Recon Jet Smart Glass is equipped with a GPS system and a 9-axis sensor that captures all the relevant data you need while you’re active. The sensors measure distance, speed, and elevation, and he data is displayed under your right eye. This is quite a useful feature if you want to keep real-time track of your progress, so it’s very beneficial while cycling, skiing, etc. Though really convenient, it can be a little distracting for some people.

It features an HD cam that shoots instant, real time videos. If you want to share your sporting experience with friends and relatives, or simply wish to relive them afterwards, the glass can become a great addition to the rest of your sporting accessories. The definition on the cam is 720p, which is not the best there is, but still quite impressive to offer clear and high resolution photos and videos.

Recon Jet Smart Glass

It’s also possible to use the Jet Smart Glass to share your photos, videos, or progress data on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Plus, there’s a separate Engage app, designed for active people, that can instantly post data about your latest activity session to their website.

Jet Smart Glass connects with other apps on your smartphone and harvests data from third-party applications with ease. You can see the metrics from cadence sensors, power meters, and heart rate monitors on the display under your right eye. To connect devices, you can use Wi-Fi, ANT+, or Bluetooth.

Additionally, smartphone connectivity gives you some other advantages. You can ‘transfer’ all of your text messages to the smart glass and stay informed about your latest business and personal developments without the need to interrupt your sporting session. The same goes for caller id – you can see who’s calling you at the moment. It is also possible to accept the call. However, you will have to use your hand to swipe thorough the alert. Still, you won’t have to reach for your pocket. This is not a perfect arrangement, of course. Yet, this is something great.

The Jet Smart Glass features glare reducing optics that protects your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even though just about any pair of sunglasses can do that, it’s sort of a requirement that they can easily block any ultraviolet sunlight. In addition, Recon equipped the Smart Glass with high performance optics that ensure supreme vision clarity – even in the worst weather.

With them, you can listen to your favorite music while jogging or cycling. Jet smart glass offers you two options: to connect the glass with your smartphone and integrate your music library; or, to use online streaming from such platforms as Pandora, Sportify, or any other music streaming app or website you have in mind.

Note, however, that battery life on the Recon Jet Smart Glass will most likely be something lacking. It’s truly not surprising that smart devices are power consuming cows – especially ones that use paring, streaming, etc. The good news though, is that the Recon Jet Smart Glass has a swappable battery pack. Several interchangeable batteries ensure that you will not get ‘stuck’ with a shut down device.

Recon Jet Smart Glass

These interchangeable batteries are small and light, so you can easily carry them with you. Plus, if the device shuts down, it will restart from the same place after you swap the batteries – courtesy of constant backups.

Recon’s Smart Glass features an optical touch sensor that works well in any weather conditions. Rain, fog, or snow – the sensor keeps working at its full capacity. Plus, differently form the majority of sensor-equipped devices, you can actually control your glasses even if you’re wearing gloves – and this is a very useful feature, indeed.

Recon’s soon to be launched smart glass has quick navigation and a very user-friendly menu. With a single swipe, you can easily navigate between the Notification Center, Camera, and the apps, of course. Yet, given a rather simple functionality of the device, it’s not at all surprising that its menu is easy to grasp.


  • Light and compact
  • Available in either white or black
  • Sleek design
  • Equipped with sensors measuring distance, speed and elevation
  • Can be integrated with smartphones over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or ANT+
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Has an optical touch sensor
  • Features interchangeable battery set

Recon Jet Smart Glass


  • Poor battery life
  • No voice control
  • Can be a little distracting
  • Allows a margin of error in metrics
  • Functions as an addition to smartphone rather than a separate smart device

Final Thoughts

Recon has definitely made an effort here, but in reality the Jet Smart Glass for Sports is just another metrics app that can help you keep track of your speed, lineage, etc. No doubt, this Smart Glass offers plenty of useful features – like making instant videos and photos, or reading text messages without getting off the bike. It can be a quite useful gadget for those with a very active lifestyle of fitness.

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