4 Best LED Christmas Window Candles for 2023 (Battery Powered)

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The festive season is now here! Have you ever wondered how to create that warm, welcoming glow in your home without the risk of real candles?

LED Christmas window candles are the answer. These lighting solutions mimic the classic charm of traditional candles while offering the safety and convenience of LED technology.

Designed to adorn window sills, they provide a cozy, festive ambiance, casting a gentle light that beckons family and friends inside.

Here are NerdTechy’s top picks:

  • 612 Vermont – Offer a cordless, realistic flickering flame effect with a convenient automatic timer, providing a long-lasting, tip-resistant lighting solution for up to 60 days on a single set of batteries.
  • Homemory – Multiple placement options and a warm, diamond-like flickering glow, ideal for various settings. These candles feature a convenient remote-controlled timer and adjustable brightness, ensuring long-lasting, enchanting illumination for over 10 days.
  • Enchanted Spaces – Higher priced, but some of the most realistic looking LED window candles out there. Available in bronze, brown, or silver bases, they offer a bright and realistic candlelight experience. Comes with 20 AA batteries included.
  • GenSwin – Realistic 3D Wick and real wax design, offering an authentic candle experience. These candles come with two remote controls for adjusting brightness and flicker, and their baseless design allows for versatile placement options.

#1 – 612 Vermont Battery Operated LED Window Candles

612 Vermont Battery Operated LED Window Candles

Key Takeaways:

  • Cordless design for hassle-free placement.
  • Realistic flickering amber flame effect.
  • Convenient automatic 6-hour timer feature.
  • Long-lasting with 60-day battery life.
  • Sturdy, tip-resistant rectangular base.

Imagine a chilly winter evening, and you want your home to look inviting from the outside. We found the perfect solution with the 612 Vermont Battery Operated LED Window Candles.

We’ve tried them in both the antique bronze and pewter colorways, and let’s just say they add a special touch to any window.


What stands out immediately is their cordless design. You won’t trip over any wires or need to find a nearby outlet.

Plus, they’re flameless, so they’re super safe around curtains and pets. We tested their flickering amber flame and were impressed by how much it looks like a real candle. It’s hard to tell the difference from the street!

The automatic timer is a great feature. It turns the candles on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. We set them up once, and they lit up our windows every evening like clockwork. It’s super convenient, especially during the busy holiday season.


And let’s talk about battery life. We used just one set of AA batteries for almost two months! That’s a lot of cozy evenings without worrying about changing batteries.

We’ve seen our fair share of window candles tip over, but not these. Their rectangular base keeps them standing tall. And they’re made of durable plastic, so they won’t break easily.

Each candle is about 9.75 inches high, which is the perfect size for most windows. The 1.75-inch depth and 3.125-inch width mean they fit nicely on the sill without taking up too much space.

The 612 Vermont LED candles are not just another holiday decoration; they’re a practical and beautiful addition to any home. Whether you’re setting a festive mood or just want a warm glow on a winter night, these candles deliver.

#2 – Homemory 10-piece Clip On LED Candle Lights

Homemory 10-piece Clip On LED Candle Lights

Key Takeaways:

  • Multiple placements available with clips and suction cups.
  • Warm, diamond-like flickering glow.
  • Convenient remote-controlled timer and brightness.
  • Long-lasting with 10+ days battery life.
  • Ideal for various settings and decorations.

Let’s talk about the Homemory 10-piece Clip-On LED Candle Lights. Right off the bat, these candles caught our eye with their multi-use placement options. We tested them in various settings and were thrilled with the results.

We used the included suction cups to stick them on our windows, and guess what? They stayed put firmly, flickering like little stars.


Decking out your Christmas tree with these candles is also fun. The swappable clips make it super easy to attach them to branches.

They’re not just for Christmas trees or windows, either. We hung them from our chandelier, and they looked like floating candles, which added a magical touch to our dining room.

The lights themselves are something special. They emit a warm, diamond-like glow that really sets the mood. It’s a gentle, flickering light that adds a cozy feel to any room.

Compared to the 612 Vermont candles we discussed earlier, these Homemory candles offer more flexibility in terms of where you can place them.


The timer function is another notable feature. Set it once, and the candles light up for 8 hours, then turn off for 16, repeating the cycle daily.

Best of all, we were able to adjust the brightness and flicker frequency with the included remote, which was a nice touch. Just remember to remove the insulating sheet from the remote before using it.

As for battery life, these candles are impressive. With just one AA battery (which you’ll need to buy separately), each candle can last over 10 days of continuous use, or even longer if you use the timer. Turning them on and off is a breeze too. Just tighten or loosen the crystal bulb at the bottom.

#3 – Enchanted Spaces Flameless Ivory LED Window Candles

Enchanted Spaces Flameless Ivory LED Window Candles

Key Takeaways:

  • Elegant drip-style design with three base color options.
  • Brighter, more realistic LED candlelight.
  • Convenient remote with useful timer settings.
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 20 AA batteries included for season-long use.

Enchanted Spaces has truly upgraded their game with these Flameless Ivory LED Window Candles. We got our hands on the 10-piece set and let’s just say, they’re a step above the rest.

First things first, you get to choose from bronze, brown, or silver bases. We went with the bronze, and it added a classy touch to our windows.


Now, they are a bit pricier than the Homemory and 612 Vermont candles we tried before, but here’s the deal: they’re brighter and look more like real candles. When we lit them up, the difference was clear – they have a certain glow that’s hard to find in other LED candles.

What’s super cool is the remote control with a timer. Imagine setting up these candles in your living room and controlling them from your couch.

We tried the timer function, setting it to turn on at dusk and off after 5 hours. It worked like a charm – the candles turned on and off by themselves every day. It’s like having your own little light show without any hassle.


As with any LED candle, safety is a big plus with these candles. We used them outdoors for an evening event, without any worry that they would become unlit. No fire hazard, no wind problem. They’re perfect for any setting – indoor or outdoor.

The batteries are included, and they last the whole season. We didn’t have to worry about changing them out, which is a relief during the busy holidays.

Compared to the Homemory candles, these didn’t need frequent battery replacements, making them more convenient for long-term use.

#4 – GenSwin Taper Flameless Flickering LED Candles

GenSwin Taper Flameless Flickering LED Candles

Key Takeaways:

  • Realistic 3D Wick and real wax design.
  • Available in ivory or white color options.
  • Remote control with brightness and flicker adjustments.
  • No base needed, versatile placement options.
  • Set includes 8 candles and 2 remotes.

GenSwin Taper Flameless Flickering LED Candles bring a whole new level of elegance to the table. We got our hands on the 8-pack set, and loved every moment we used them.

First off, you have a choice between ivory or white colorways. We picked ivory, and they looked stunning, especially in the evening.


Unlike the Enchanted Spaces candles, these don’t need a special base to stand. You can place them directly on any surface, or if you prefer, in a candlestick for a more traditional look.

One thing that really impressed us is the design. These candles are made of real wax with a 3D Wick design, making them look and feel like real taper candles.

When we lit them up for a dinner party, they created a warm, romantic ambiance that our guests loved. The light glow was just perfect – not too bright, not too dim.

Each set comes with two 10-key remote controls. Perfect for sitting at your dinner table and adjusting the brightness of your candles without getting up, or for changing them to flicker mode for a cozier atmosphere. You can also set a timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, which is super handy.


These candles are powered by 2 AAA batteries each, which you’ll need to buy separately. While this is an extra step compared to the Enchanted Spaces candles that come with batteries, the GenSwin candles’ realistic look and feel more than make up for it.

These are a fantastic choice if you’re after one of the most realistic, elegant candle experiences without the hassle of real flames.

Their real wax construction, realistic flickering effect, and smart control options make them a standout option for any setting where you want to add a touch of sophistication.

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