3 Best Head Cleaners for VCR’s, VHS Tapes & Cassettes

When most people think of VCRs, they think of obsolete technology. Sure, the VCR may have been essential for everyone in the 80s and 90s. But they were replaced by DVDs, then BluRay and streaming media. Who is still using a VCR these days? As it turns out, quite a number of people. For one …

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What Happens When You Sign Out of Amazon Prime Video on All Devices

What Happens When You Sign Out of Amazon Prime Video on All Devices?

Are you curious about the consequences of signing out of Amazon Prime Video on all your devices? Brace yourself for a disconnection of devices and the loss of personalized recommendations. When you sign out this way, all your connected devices, like streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, will be disconnected. You’ll need …

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OmniStar-L80 preview

OmniStar L80: A Bright New Addition to the World of Projectors

Whether you’re looking to display visuals outside or get an alternative to a television in your living room, a projector is a great option. When choosing a projector, you’ll want to consider various features like picture quality, sound capabilities, and additional capabilities. If you’re interested in getting a projector, but don’t want to do all …

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VISSPL V30 Projector Review: Great Connectivity with Wonderful Image Quality

It’s an understatement to say home projectors have come a long way. Today’s leading units bring the theater experience right into your living room. But what about lesser-known brands? Is it possible to get incredible picture quality without spending a small fortune? That’s what we wanted to see for ourselves with VISSPL’s V30 projector. So …

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