MECOOL KP2 Review: a nicely capable projector

These days, everyone should own a projector. Typically a step up from a standard TV, they bring the large-scale effects of movie theater into an easily manageable form-factor for regular use. Whether you want to upgrade your home movie night or simply bring it along while you’re camping, projectors offer versatility that’s hard to match. …

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Best Hologram Projector Display Fan for Advertising

Best Hologram Projectors [2023 Updated Guide]

The first time you’ve seen holograms was most likely in a dark theatre on a silver screen. Movies like Blade Runner, Back to the Future 2, and more-recent films like Iron Man, all utilized that idea of 3D images built from light, projected for a variety of purposes. There was something undeniably cool about them… …

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The Best Art Projector for Tracing Images

For many artists, tracing is a key part of the process. To be fair, that’s not always the case. A lot of artists prefer to work freehand. After all, creativity and a “human touch” are part of the process, right? But there are many reasons you might want to trace an image. For one thing, …

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