The FOSSiBOT F2400 Portable Power Station is Feature-Packed and Ready for Adventure

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Whether you’re a weekend warrior who loves camping in the great outdoors or if you’re looking for reliable backup power, a portable power station is the way to go.

Rather than a gas-powered generator, there’s no fumes, much less noise, and virtually zero maintenance. But in the market of portable power stations, the options are seemingly endless. You’re going to want one that’s equipped with a high output and large capacity. But reliability is also key…

Today we’re taking a look at a new power station that recently hit the market – the FOSSiBOT F2400. At first glance, it seems to fit the bill – packed with enticing features that compare to some of the most popular models on the market. But can it truly compare?


FOSSiBOT was kind enough to send us a sample of the F2400 so we could get our hands on it. I’ve spent the past 2 weeks thoroughly testing it and putting it through its paces.

Today I’m here to share the good and bad based on my real experience using it. Rather than go into every feature, I’m simply going to get straight to the point and discuss what I liked and what I didn’t like. In the end, I’ll render my final verdict to help you determine if it’s the right power station for you. Let’s begin…

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What I Liked

  • Massive capacity – Internally, there’s 2048Wh of capacity. This equates to 640,000 mAh which is more than enough to run a laptop, TV, or small appliance for multiple days. It’s also plenty of capacity to re-charge your phone, tablet, or other small electronic devices 50+ times. In my opinion, the 2048Wh capacity is the ‘sweet spot’ that is adequate for most scenarios, but not overkill. Keep in mind; the higher the capacity, the heavier the unit. 2048Wh offers the perfect blend of this.
fossibot-f2400-power station
  • Plethora of outputs – The front and right side of the unit are equipped with a huge assortment of outputs. There are 6 grounded AC plugs, 6 USB ports, and 4 DC outputs. Realistically, this is more than enough to power virtually any and everything with ease. Best of all, these outputs are each equipped with individual rubber flaps to keep dirt, moisture, and other impurities out.
  • Integrated night light – On the front-center, you’ll find a large LED light. It’s in the perfect location to cast bright light onto a picnic table, or in a specific, general direction. It’s very bright, too. Bright enough to light up an entire room; ideal for power outages and emergency situations. It can glow solid or strobe (flash) to signal SOS if need be.
fossibot-f2400 night light
  • Durable design – FOSSiBOT assures that the F2400 is both water and dust resistant. While there’s no official IP-rating, you can tell that they took extra precautions to ensure durability. The fans are equipped with covers that must be flipped open before use, which keep out dust and moisture while the unit is not being used. It’s a nice addition that goes further than other brands/models to protect the internals.
  • Secure handles – The top right and left corner have integrated handles that make it easy to lug around. While it does weigh 48 lbs, these handles make it relatively easy to transport as a single person or a team of two. While they aren’t necessarily “grippy,” the handles are large, comfortable, or built in without any mechanism.
  • Very fast charging – The F2400 has the ability to charge via an AC wall outlet at 1100W. Combine this with up to 500W of solar input and a full charge can be achieved in only an hour and a half. Use the AC input on its own, and you’re still able to achieve a full charge in about 2 hours. While car charging is drastically slower, it’s a third-option that is steady and reliable, as well. The fast charging input offers less downtime and more time untethered without a long wait period. Essentially, you could top-off the internal cells in under 2 hours, as long as you’re using grid power to its full potential. Many power stations can’t come close to this, so it’s truly one of the things that sets it apart.
  • Input setting dial – This is something I’ve never seen before, but I love that it’s included. To the right of the display screen, there’s a small silver dial that can be precisely turned to any specific input wattage from 300W to 1100W. This way, you can set your desired input power without tripping any breakers or maxing out the equipment that you’re using to re-charge the FOSSiBOT F2400. It offers a quick, no-nonsense way to control input power without any guesswork.
fossibot-f2400 input dial
  • Storage compartment – One thing that I truly love is the integration of a storage compartment on the top of the unit. It’s the perfect place to keep all of the required cables that you’ll need to use for re-charging the unit. Most power stations I’ve tested in the past simply expect you to lug these around separately, which can result in misplacing them. Having a small compartment that’s dedicated to keeping them in one spot is a game changer for most situations.
fossibot-f2400 cable storage compartment
  • Digital display – I really love the large, brightly lit screen that’s front and center. It displays all of the important stats and data of the unit in a centralized location. It lets you quickly glance at live input/output wattage and gives you an indication as to what’s active and how much capacity/time remains before you need to think about re-charging it.
fossibot-f2400-display screen

What I Didn’t Like

  • Heavy – There’s no way around it – the 48lb. weight of the FOSSiBOT F2400 might be too large for some to comfortably manage. However, for the 2048Wh capacity, this is about average in terms of overall size. But it should be something you’re well aware of if you choose to invest in it.
  • No mobile app – Controlling the FOSSiBOT cannot be done remotely as there is no mobile app. The lack of a mobile app may be a downside for some, but others might not care too much. Regardless, it should be pointed out that controlling it can only be done physically from the unit itself.
  • Fan flaps must be opened – Each time you use the unit, you’ll want to make sure the fan flaps are opened up. If not, proper cooling cannot be performed, and you may be risking the integrity of the internal components. This is an extra step that some might find annoying, however small it may be.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the FOSSiBOT F2400 portable power station is a powerful, well-designed unit. You can tell that it’s been designed with both simplicity and reliability in mind, which I fully appreciate.

There are some notable features such as the input dial, fan flaps, and cable storage compartment that truly set it apart from other power stations I’ve tested in the past. These are the things that I find to be the most intriguing as they are smartly designed and not something I’ve seen before. To put it plainly, I appreciate this ingenuity.

The input power offers fast re-charging, while the plethora of outputs ensures you can power virtually anything you want from it. And while it doesn’t have a mobile companion app, I don’t find it fully necessary.


Best of all, the F2400 is priced respectively less than most other brands/models with the same capacity and similar features. Rather than spending several hundred more on a more-established brand, I would whole-heartedly recommend the FOSSiBOT to anyone needing a reliable, well-functioning power station that’s ready at a moments notice.

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