Best Robot Vacuums for Every Home and Budget in 2023

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As one of the most popular robot vacuum manufacturers on the market, yeedi offers a wide range of high-end products. While they come in at a relatively affordable price-point, this doesn’t mean they don’t perform as promised. In fact, here at NerdTechy we’ve always been huge fans of this brand.

Simply put, each one of their robot vacuums are surprisingly effective and easy to use. In addition, they come packed with a wealth of impressive features that are easily comparable to high-end models that can cost twice as much.

In 2023, we’re all looking for ways to get more value out of every purchase we make. With inflation at an all time high, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your money. Knowing this, yeedi has priced their offerings at a much more favorable price-point than the competition.

Today we’re going to take a close look at their three most popular models. These are, the Vac Station, Vac 2 Pro and Mop Station Pro. We’ll take a deep dive into each of their features so you can ultimately determine which one is right for your home. But first, let’s introduce the yeedi brand and a little bit about them.

Who is yeedi?

As one of the most popular robot vacuum brands, yeedi aims to continue pleasing consumer demands in order to rebuild future lifestyles. They bring professional yet effective products with a unique approach to thousands of customers around the globe. Ultimately, their main goal is to empower consumers with high-end tech that makes life’s daily tasks much easier. Here are a few facts about yeedi:

  • They own the biggest and most authoritative robotics lab in the vacuum industry.
  • They design, develop and manufacture millions of robots each and every year.
  • They’ve built a solid and highly secure IoT system that reaches all ends of the globe. In addition, it’s met with the highest industry standard for keeping data secure.
  • They’ve collected and fully analyzed consumer feedback from over 1 million people. They do this in order to narrow down the precise details that are neglected by other companies and their products.
  • They focus on innovation with subtle improvements that have shown to make people’s lives much easier.
  • They make every effort to offer products that are both accessible and loved by the company themselves.

Overall, as you can see, yeedi strives to provide the best products that function well and perform exactly as expected. With their years of industry experience, we’ve noticed that they’re always on the forefront of newly anticipated features that they’re able to seemlessly integrate into their newest products.

Without further ado, let’s explore three of their most popular offerings. There’s one for every home and budget. Let’s get right into it.

yeedi Vac Station

Originally released in 2021, the yeedi Vac Station is seen as the most comprehensive and cost effective robot vacuum that has the ability to self-empty. With the ability to mop and vacuum simultaneously, it’s the perfect choice for those with a mix of hard, smooth and carpeted floors. Paired with their self emptying station, the dustbin that’s built into the robot vacuum itself automatically empties into the large dustbin. This way, you’ll only need to empty it about once per month.

yeedi Vac Station

The floor identification feature is one of our favorites. Rather than guessing what kind of surface it’s currently working over, it intelligently identifies the floor type and selects the proper method to tackle the job. It’ll know when it’s on a hard floor and when it reaches a plush carpet or rug, effectively switching off the mop and turning it on when necessary.

yeedi Vac Station

With a strong suction rating of 3,000 pascals, there’s plenty of power for both large loose debris and tiny dust particles that may not even be visible. This is plenty of suction for both rugs, carpet and smooth hard floors in high traffic areas. And although it boasts quite a bit of power, the noise it produces isn’t problematic. In fact, it’s really no louder than an ordinary upright vacuum that you may be used to using.

yeedi Vac Station

Best of all, the yeedi Vac Station has its own smart mapping and navigation feature built-in. With this, it’ll create an accurate map of your interior and define specific areas and paths for optimal cleaning. Within the yeedi app, users are then able to view its course and relay a wide range of customization options.

These include but are not limited to specific schedules and areas where you want it to pay closer attention to. For example, let’s say you have an area with a litter box for your pet cat. You can then set the vacuum to make multiple passes or simply pay more attention to the area than other spots in your home.

Overall, the Vac Station is an ideal choice for those who want a robot vacuum that can truly break-up the daily commitment to keeping your floors clean. Since it automatically disposes of dirt and the included self-emptying station holds up to a month of debris, users are able to feel free knowing that it tackles the vacuuming chore with both ease and effectiveness. We really love the ability it has to intelligently detect the floor type. Therefore, hard floors are mopped clean whereas carpeted floors are suctioned and brushed effectively without the mop being involved.

yeedi Vac 2 Pro

The yeedi Vac 2 Pro is similar to the vacuum that’s included with the Vac Station. However, it varies slightly other than the fact that it doesn’t come included with the self-emptying station. While it’s fully compatible with it, the Vac 2 Pro offers slightly better performance.

yeedi Vac 2 Pro

Our favorite feature is the oscillating mopping system. Designed to mimic the human hand in a swirling motion, it works much better than manual cleaning. While it offers the same 3,000 pascal suction rating as the Vac Station, the oscillating mop tends to make a big difference with picking up large messes. In fact, it continuously vibrates and moves around 480 times each minute. They credit it as 5 times more efficient than manual cleaning, which is a tall order. However, it’s suitable for both wooden, tile and laminate floors; all with a surprisingly low amount of noise.

Built into the Vac 2 Pro is a unique technology that offers visual mapping. It works seamlessly with the advanced floor tracking sensor to map out your home. Similar to the way a GPS works, it’ll intelligently learn obstacles in the form of furniture, walls and stairs. This way, it won’t mistakenly bump into anything or miss any crucial spots.

yeedi Vac 2 Pro

As with yeedi’s other offerings, the intelligent carpet detection tends to work very well. With it, it’ll identify specific floor types and plan ahead to offer mopping and vacuuming only when necessary. In turn, the mop is never activated on carpet. Ultimately, this means no accidently wet carpet in areas where vacuum suction-only is needed.

The slim design of the Vac 2 Pro is something we really love. Measuring just 7.7 centimeters from ground level to the top of the vacuum, it has no difficulty getting under beds, couches and other furniture. Even corners and nooks that you can’t reach with a traditional upright vacuum can be effectively tackled if it’s able to squeeze into these tight spaces.

yeedi Vac 2 Pro

While the self-emptying station is not included, it’s nice to know that it’s compatible with it and you always have the option to purchase it separately, if desired. This means you’ll get a more-effective vacuum without the added cost of the station if you don’t feel like it’s something you have space for.

Like all of yeedi’s products, the Vac 2 Pro is fully compatible with the app. With it, you can create complex schedules or tweak settings exactly to your preferences. The app even lets you use voice commands so you can verbally communicate with the vacuum and audibly tell it when to clean.

yeedi Mop Station Pro

If you’re looking for the Ferrari of robot vacuums, look no further than yeedi’s Mop Station Pro. As their flagship model, it was designed to fully redefine floor cleaning with a built-in mop washing machine. Although it takes up a bit more floor space than our aforementioned options, it’s the best in terms of cleaning performance and automation.


Unlike standard robot vaccums that drag a mopping pad around the floor, the Mop Station Pro relies on a unique, dual-power spin mopping system. On the bottom of the vacuum are two ultra-plush mopping pads that move simultaneously while being tightly pressed against the floor.

With 10 newtons of downward force and 180 rotations per minute, the pads are an ideal solution for cleaning up the most annoying stains without issue. These triple-layer mopping pads are “shaggy” in appearance, but for good reason. Not only do they tend to clean more effectively this way, they hold 300% more water than a standard mopping pad. Ultimately, this means that no puddles are ever left behind.


In our opinion, the most impressive and enticing feature is the self-cleaning station that’s included. Equipped with its own waste water and clean water tank, the vacuum will automatically dock itself into the “garage” and wash the mopping pads on its own. In order to avoid any cross-contamination or unsightly streaks, every 10 minutes it’ll clean and dry them. It scrubs the mopping pads repeatedly to wash off all the grime and dirt.


The water it uses comes from the clean water tank and then deposits into the waste water tank when finished. At the end of each cleaning cycle, it’ll dry the pads to prevent and avoid any odor or mildew that may accumulate over time. It’s a pretty unique method and one that we feel truly automates the home cleaning experience. Although periodically you’ll need to empty the waste water and add new clean water, it’s pretty amazing technology!

As far as the robot vacuum itself, it boasts the same 3,000 pascals of suction as yeedi’s other offerings. By integrating visual mapping technology, it creates a precise map and floorplan of your home. Users can then utilize the yeedi app to open up a whole realm of customization and preferences. While the Mop Station Pro also utilizes intelligent carpet detection in order to mop-only hard floor and vacuum-only carpeted areas, it boasts a massive 750ml dustbin. This is much larger than most robot vacuums on the market. Ultimately, it can store several days worth of dust for less emptying than ever before.

While the Mop Station Pro is a bit more pricey than other yeedi offerings, it’s the best of the best. In terms of suction power, smart performance and automation, anything that competes with it may cost several hundred dollars more.

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