ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Review – I’m In Love With This!

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REVIEW – I’ll admit; I’m not a very good chef, so I’m a fan of any product that helps me cook to perfection. I’ve used meat thermometers in the past, but I’ve had mixed success with them. The new ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus attempts to be a game-changer in this niche.

Touted as the World’s first truly wireless meat thermometer, it strays away from the use of any wires and offers a cord-free experience. By utilizing both WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously, I was excited to get my hands on it.

Luckily, ChefsTemp reached out to me at NerdTechy and sent me a free sample in exchange for my honest review. I’ve spent the last week using this device. I’ve cooked with it multiple times on the BBQ grill and in the oven with great success. I’m here to share my experience with it – let’s get right into it.

Unboxing & Setup

Inside the box, you’re get the following:

  • Charging stand
  • One temperature probe
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • Three metal tags for numbering each probe
  • Operating instructions

The ProTemp Plus consists of a triangular, albeit blocky charging stand. The back is fully magnetic so it can stick to your fridge, if you’d like. One probe fits nicely into the front, while two additional probes can be stored in a magnetic compartment on the underside (these are sold separately). The stand can be propped upright or laid flat, depending on your preferences.

On the top-side of the stand is a 2″ x 1″ LCD that largely displays the current and ambient temperature, along with the target temperature, remaining battery life, and other small icons.

ChefsTemp ProTemp unboxing

Setting it up was a piece of cake. First, I downloaded the ChefsTemp app and signed up for a free account. This required an email, password, with a simple verification process.

Once downloaded, the app walked me through the setup procedure. It involves pressing and holding both buttons on the stand, pairing to Bluetooth and syncing to your WiFi network. Once configured, I was able to simple tap the screen, setup a cook, select my meal (type of meat), and select my preferred doneness.


The user interface is nicely done. The app is simple to use, easy to adjust, and functions nicely. It’s slimmed down to all the features you’d want with no excess. It’s smooth to operate with nothing that seems to get in the way.

My Experience Using the ProTemp Plus

I’ve thrown quite a bit of different meat at it, from thick ribeye steaks, oven roasted chicken, and delicate baby back ribs. In all instances, it excelled. I feel as if it makes me into the chef I’ve always wanted to be!

The ability to monitor both the food and ambient temperatures simultaneously ensures I’m never second-guessing the cooking environment. It’s much more accurate than relying on my over or grill’s built-in temperature gauge, which is a huge bonus.

ChefsTemp-ProTemp-chicken breast
ChefsTemp-ProTemp-chicken-breast cooked

On top of that, the live readout of temperature takes any of the guesswork out of my cooking, which has resulted in better tasting food, all around. Even my wife says so!

Frankly, it’s transformed how I approach cooking, making every session more about creativity and less worrying constant temperature checks. I feel as if I never have to worry about over or under-cooking expensive meat ever again.

Being able to set the target temperature on the app is great. In the past, I’ve always overcooked chicken breast and ribs; but not anymore. It will definitely be a necessity whenever I’m in charge of cooking meat for family and friends.

Speaking of, I really love the app. The interface is perfectly done, giving access to a plethora of meats, all being able to cook with utmost precision.


Sure, I’ve used a few different meat thermometers in the past, but the ProTemp Plus adds a layer of ingenuity with a sleek user interface that’s both fun and practical to use.

Truthfully, I’m kind of in love with it. It’ll definitely find a permanent place in my kitchen, even after just a week of use.

What I Liked

  • Truly wireless design – Since it utilizes both WiFi and Bluetooth, you can leave your home, run to the store, and glance on your smartphone to check your meat. I did not encounter any connection issues, whatsoever. The wireless connection worked like a charm.
ChefsTemp-ProTemp-Plus wireless meat thermometer
  • Precise temperature control – The app and charging base displays a live readout of temperature that’s simple to take a glance at. The app lets you determine a precise temperature so you’re in control of your meat’s doneness without any guesswork.
  • Beautiful LCD – I really love the bright, bold readout of the live temperatures, time cooking, battery life, etc. The base unit gives you a clear indication without needing to pull out your phone. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry or when you’re hands are tied-up with other tasks in the kitchen.
  • Extreme durability – With the ability to withstand up to 725 degrees Fahrenheit, it holds up to extreme cooking temperatures without any worry. You can leave it in the oven or in the grill for as long as you’d like.
  • Easy to clean – The temperature probe is a tough piece of equipment. Not only does it hold up to heat like a champ, it’s solidly built and feels the part. It’s fully waterproof so you can easily hand-wash it without any worry.
  • Excellent battery life – The internal battery charges fully in about 5 hours, which is phenomenal. And once it’s charged-up, it’s said to last around 80 hours on a single charge. In my week of using it, the battery indicator hasn’t even dropped and still reads as full. Most likely, I’ll be able to use it for more than a month straight without worrying about charging it. Plus, there’s both USB-C out and USB-C in. In other words, you can charge your phone with it, too!
ChefsTemp-ProTemp-Plus charging

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Bulky design – It’s a bit large and takes up quite a bit of space in a small kitchen.
  • Expensive – Priced at $149.99, it’s definitely an investment that might not be attainable for all.
  • Probes are sold separately – It only comes with one probe and others can be purchased for $49.99 each, which is somewhat steep and sort-of an inconvenience.
ChefsTemp-ProTemp-Plus-extra probe

Would I Recommend the ProTemp Plus?

Definitely. I would highly recommend the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus to anyone who’s looking for a precise tool for cooking meat to perfection. It takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and streamlines it into a simple yet effective unit that’s incredibly fun to use.

ChefsTemp-ProTemp Plus

The inclusion of WiFi makes it stand out among most meat thermometers on the market. While some do utilize WiFi, there aren’t any that also use Bluetooth to make such a seamless connection.

Setting it up is easy, too. In less than 5 minutes I was exploring its features without any connection issues, drops, lag, or interference. In fact, throughout my initial week of using it, I have zero complaints regarding the connection. Error free – just the way I like it.

While it does come in at a somewhat steep price-point of $149.99, it has quite a bit going for it. Sure, it may only come with one probe, but that’s likely enough for most users who only cook on occasion.

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