First-Look at the Creality Falcon2 Pro Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

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Creality is at it again, and this time, they’ve made massive improvements on their offerings with the Falcon2 Pro. This is a fully enclosed laser engraver and cutter that’s built for professional and hobby-grade DIYers alike.

Available in both 22W and 40W version, it’s priced accordingly at $1299 and $1899. However, early discounts are readily available at 24% and 15% discounts, respectively.

Creality Falcon2 Pro

Today we’re going to introduce what it has to offer and discuss some of the key features in greater detail. After this, you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s in store with this new release from Creality. Let’s get right into it.

Safety is Paramount

Creality took extra steps in order to ensure that both safety and visibility are prioritized. In fact, it’s FDA Class 1 safety certified. The entire unit is enclosed in a red, highly transparent cover that’s designed for stress-free viewing.

Creality-Falcon2-Pro red enclosure

That said, it can only be operated when the lid is closed. If opened, the cutting/engraving automatically stops in order to prevent any laser leakage.

The red enclosure provides excellent light-filtering capabilities and makes it easy to view what’s going on inside without damaging your eyes. It also allows you to observe the processing from any angle, without the need to wear protective glasses. The surface is curved with a plethora of external buttons that make operation both unique and convenient.

Creality-Falcon2-Pro safety features

And with triple intelligent monitoring, it monitors any flame, dirt, and/or debris so that you can achieve a worry-free creation. It’s even equipped with five major safety guarantees with a one-button stop if needed.

NOTE: Use code “FNPALL10” when purchasing the Falcon2 Pro from Creality’s official website for a discount.

Built-in Camera

Internally, the Creality Falcon2 Pro is equipped with a top camera that provides accurate alignment for full frame functionality. The interior is spacious, garnering limitless creativity with ease.

The camera provides precise compatibility with extensive processing that ensures full-field protection with virtually unlimited creative space for your creations.


In addition, there’s a unique real-time preview feature that provides a one-click picture output. In essence, it’s perfectly suitable for both small and batch projects, ideal for both business-oriented use and hobby-grade enjoyment.

Excellent Cutting Power

Available with either 22W and 40W laser modules, the Falcon2 Pro packs quite a bit of power.

The 22W version is capable of cutting 10mm basswood board in one-pass while the 40W version is capable of cutting 20mm basswood board in one-pass. Plus, the 40W module includes a bonus 1.6W laser module that’s specifically designed for higher detailed engravings.

Creality-Falcon2-Pro size

Equipped with a large working area of 400mm x 415mm (15.75″ x 16.34″), there’s quite a bit of area considering the small size of the machine. No longer will you need to be tied down to a small space and hassle with size constraints that may limit your creativity.

All in all, it’s the perfect size for small rooms or studios, and can be placed on most cabinet shelves without any qualms.

Proper Debris, Heat, and Smoke Management

The unique metal drawer design stores any generated debris that are a by-product of the creation process. Simply pull it out, pour it out, and wipe it up for easy clean-up.

falcon2 pro debris management

The Falcon2 Pro utilizes a specialized oxidation process that’s visually appealing with a wear-resistant finish. If desired, it can be switched to a flat mode to create small, flexible works with ease.

It’s even equipped with a multi-position switch that controls built-in fan and LED light strip. In auto mode, these functions turn-on by themselves to smartly sleep when the carving process ends.

Integrated air assist makes it easy to adjust the airflow either automatically or manually. In addition to this, the built-in air purification system manages smoke exhaust in the most efficient way possible.

It filters out any smoke and dust particles while in operation. Plus, it can be paired with an optional air purifier for safe and worry-free enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Creality Falcon2 is a beast of a machine. Currently priced at an introductory discount, you’re going to want to take advantage of this while supplies last.

It’s clear that Creality took extra measures in creating one of the most well-rounded and feature-rich laser engraver and cutting machine for 2024.

It’s ingeniously crafted with a plethora of high-end features that make creating unique works both fun and enjoying with the utmost efficiency. It’s seen as a one-stop solution for both professional and hobby-grade enjoyment.

NOTE: Use code “FNPALL10” when purchasing the Falcon2 Pro from Creality’s official website for a discount.

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