BLUETTI “Spring into Solar” Event is Now Live

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As the season of Spring arrives, opportunities for adventure beckon. Whether you’re gearing up for a springtime camping escapade, going on an extended journey across the open road, or basking in the beauty of nature, there’s no need to leave conveniences at home.

By equipping yourself with a reliable portable power station, you can ensure that all your gadgets and household devices remain powered up.

BLUETTI’s “Spring into Solar” event is now in full swing – from March 7th to 24th. They’re giving customers large discounts in an eco-friendly manner.

With prices slashed up to $1900 off, now is the time to invest in a new power system. Today we’ll be discussing the top picks from BLUETTI:

BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem for Lengthy Road Trips

With BLUETTI’s SwapSolar ecosystem, you can finally say goodbye to unreliable power that results in limited screen time and thawed-out food, all while enjoying the great outdoors with maximum comfort.

The SwapSolar lineup offers the ideal blend of power and usability. With the AC180T’s hot-swappable battery power station, you’re able to charge virtually anything while powering the MultiCooler portable fridge at all times.

The BLUETTI AC180T delivers up to 1,800 watts of continuous power for virtually any and all devices ranging from coffee makers, phone/tablet chargers, and portable air conditioners. The unique hot-swappable battery design lets users swap out its dual B70 battery modules, even while it’s in operation.

This results in no more endless bags of ice. In fact, the MultiCooler doesn’t need ice at all as it can create ice in a few minutes with the integrated ice maker.

bluetti multicooler

The massive 42 quart (40 liter) main compartment offers plenty of space for packing just about anything you need for the open road ahead. Set the temperature between -4 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 20 degrees Celcius) with the touchscreen or via your phone, and you’re good to go. You can precisely specify the proper temperature for fresh produce, milk, eggs, ice cream, meat, etc.

And when there’s a need to re-charge, you can plug it into your vehicle, a standard AC outlet, or use one of the AC180T’s B70 battery modules, offering up to 6 days of consistent power. Plus, with a battery inserted, it supports solar charging for virtually endless power off-grid.

BLUETTI Portable Power Stations for Camping

There are several BLUETTI portable power stations to choose from that all make off-grid living simple.

First, you have the ever-so compact AC2A. At just 7.9lbs, it packs quite a bit for its small stature. With a maximum output of 300W, it’s ideal for charging-up phones, tablets, laptops, or powering a mini fridge, lamp, etc. On a single full-charge, it has the ability to power a 20W Bluetooth speaker for 5.5 hours or a 50W laptop for up to 2.7 hours. That’s pretty decent!

bluetti ac2a

If you need a bit more “oomph”, look into the AC70. As the successor of the EB70S, it offers 1,000 watts of power for running large appliances such as coffee makers and other small to mid-range appliances. And if connected to a solar panel such as the BLUETTI PV200, you can re-charge in just 2 hours. Wow.

Need even more power? The AC180 is the next step up. Offering a massive 1,800W output and a large 1,152Wh capacity, it can power a car fridge, electric grill, ice maker, etc. without any hassle. Its 1,440W Turbo AC re-charge rate completes a full-charge in just 2 hours. And with a capable solar panel, it can fully replenish from the sun at around 3 hours.

Below is a quick-comparison chart that quickly shows what each of these can operate:

bluetti power station operating times

BLUETTI AC200 Series for High-Powered Off-Grid Living

For those looking for a total solution to the highest power demands, look no further than the AC200 series. Ideal for RV or off-grid living, they pack around 2kWh of power in a surprisingly compact design. In short, it’s a game-changer for anyone seeking power independence on the road.

The newest addition to this lineup is the AC200L. Offering a massive 2,400W power input/output, it can run most appliances in a motorhome with ease. From water pumps, fridges, hair dryers, and even portable air conditioners, it’s a beast of a device. Plus, the NEMA TT-30 port offers direct RV charging and a 12V DC port makes it simple to seamlessly integrate into an existing RV power system with BLUETTI’s D40 accessory.

bluetti ac200l

In addition, the 2,048Wh capacity gives the AC200L plenty of capability to charge a 15W phone up to 300 times or keep a 150W fridge running for over 30 hours. Plus, it re-charges incredibly fast with its 2,400W AC input. The results is a full re-charge in just 1.5 hours. If the max solar input of 1,200W is utilized, re-charging takes just 2.5 hours.

Both the AC200MAX and AC200P remain as top choices for vanlife and full time RVers. The flagship AC200MAX has 16 outlets, including a NEMA TT-30 port and dual wireless charging pads for reliable boondocking in the middle of nowhere.

The AC200P, on the other hand, has 17 outlets for powering or charging almost anything. Want to keep your fridge cold and enjoy a cup of Joe on the open road? No worries. It can power a 70W fridge for 20 hours or a 1,150W coffee maker for 1.5 hours, consistently. Pair it with a solar setup and you’ll have virtually endless power for anywhere you go.

From extended road trips to weekend camping excursions, BLUETTI’s lineup of power stations offers all you need for power on the go on the open road. Take advantage of the “Spring into Solar” event to mke the most of all that BLUETTI has to offer.


Since its establishment, BLUETTI has consistently championed the cause of sustainability and the adoption of green energy practices.

BLUETTI initiated the LAAF (Lighting An African Family) program to ensure well-lit living spaces
and equal learning opportunities for African residents in rural areas. Since its introduction, the
program has empowered over 100K African families in Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, and

With a focus on providing environmentally-friendly energy storage options suitable for both home and outdoor applications, BLUETTI strives to enhance living spaces while simultaneously advocating for the planet’s ecological well-being.

This dedication to renewable energy solutions has enabled BLUETTI to extend its presence across over 100 nations, earning the confidence and loyalty of millions of global customers.

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