How To Fix Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Insert Disc Issue On PS5

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Because of an error during Sony’s manufacturing of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, many people are experiencing issues while trying to play on their PS5.

Game discs that were printed for the Asia and Japan regions are affected by this. In essence, the data disc is mistakenly labeled as the play disc. Likewise, the play disc is mistakenly labeled as the data disc.

Simply put, the correct color of the play disc is black and the color of the data disc is white.

To fix this issue, the solution is simple. Here’s how:

1. Place the play disc (black colored) into your PS5 console to install all of the required data.

2. Follow the on screen directions that appear during installation. Once the process is finished, place the data disc (white colored) into your PS5 to start the game.

3. That’s it! Basically, treat the play disc as the data disc, and vice-versa. That said, when you’d like to play, use the data disc.

mis-labelled final fantasy 7 ps5 game disc

Still not working?

Contact Square Enix support at the following URL:

Alternatively, contact Sony Playstation support at the following URL:

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