best ps5 cleaning tool kit

4 Best PS5 Cleaning Kits With All the Tools You’ll Need

As the saying goes, ‘A stitch in time saves nine,’ and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to maintaining your PS5. You’ve invested in a top-tier gaming console, and keeping it in pristine condition requires the right tools for the job. To prevent performance lags or overheating due to dust and debris, you’ll …

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4 Best PS5 DualSense Controller Thumb Grips [2023 Updated]

Ever found yourself in the heat of an intense gaming session on your PS5, only to have your performance hindered by slippery thumbsticks? Fear not, fellow gamers, as we at NerdTechy have put numerous thumb grips to the test, ensuring your next virtual adventure is seamless and slip-free. From enhanced precision to unbeatable comfort, our …

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best ps5 wall mount

5 Best PS5 Wall Mounts [2023 Updated]

Ever stared at your sleek PlayStation 5 and thought, “What if I could mount this beauty on my wall?” You’re not alone. With limited space in our gaming areas and the ever-growing demand for minimalistic designs, wall mounts have become an aesthetic and functional solution for many gamers. We at NerdTechy have put various PS5 …

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best ps5 travel bags

4 Best PS5 Bags and Cases for Travel in 2023

Ever found yourself wanting to bring your PS5 along for the adventure, but felt overwhelmed by the challenge of transporting it safely? You’re not alone. As avid gamers and tech enthusiasts at NerdTechy, we understand the importance of keeping our prized console secure, especially on the go. After rigorous testing and hands-on experience, we’ve narrowed …

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