5 Best PS5 Wall Mounts [2023 Updated]

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Ever stared at your sleek PlayStation 5 and thought, “What if I could mount this beauty on my wall?” You’re not alone.

With limited space in our gaming areas and the ever-growing demand for minimalistic designs, wall mounts have become an aesthetic and functional solution for many gamers.

We at NerdTechy have put various PS5 wall mounts to the test to find out which ones truly stand out. Here is a quick look at what’s to come:

  • Best Overall: TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount – Loved for its simplicity and clean aesthetics, this is a no-fuss option that’s sturdy and well made yet very affordable.
  • Best Runner-Up: HIDEit Mounts PS5 Wall Mount – A single all-metal bracket that holds the console closer to the wall than most other options. An added hook on the top keeps it extra stable.
  • Best Alternative: NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit w/ Charging Station – A unique all-in-one mount and controller charger that comes as a complete kit for organization.
  • Best 2nd Alternative: Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount – Similar to the NexiGo but a bit more sleek. Includes two charging cables with LEDs to keep your controllers charged up while not in use.
  • Best Horizontal: Kosker PS5 Wall Mount – For those who may prefer a sideways orientation, this is a truly unique option and a new release that’s unlike any other.
  • Need some help? Check our FAQs section for answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding PS5 wall mounts.

Best Overall: TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount

TotalMount Wall Mount for Original PS5

Key Takeaways:

  • Compatible with PS5 disc or digital, but not the PS5 Slim
  • Metal-free design – does not interfere with WiFi.
  • Built-in level for quick installation.
  • PS5 attaches with a single base screw.
  • Does not restrict airflow.

From the moment we unboxed the TotalMount Wall Mount designed specifically for the original PS5, we could tell this product meant business.

Our team was eager to put it to the test, given its robust reputation and versatile mounting options. It promised a sturdy home for our PS5, whether we chose to place it to the right, left, above, or below our TV. Spoiler alert: it delivered on all fronts.


The installation process was a breeze. With a Philips screwdriver and the included mounting hardware, we had it securely attached to the wall in no time. And for those wondering, yes, it caters to both stud and drywall installations.

The built-in level was a game changer, ensuring a straight and true mount without any second guessing. It’s these thoughtful touches that really made the TotalMount stand out in our eyes.

Resting the PS5 on the mount’s shelf, we appreciated the added attention to detail. Two soft foam pads cradled the console, eliminating any potential rattling or ambient noise.


Plus, using the PS5 base screw that originally came with the console ensured a secure and stable fit, with zero wobble. And with ample room around the back, our PS5 breathed easy, free from any airflow restriction. In addition, with its metal-free design, our WiFi signal remained strong and uninterrupted.

It’s worth noting that this mount is compatible with both the PS5 disc and digital versions, though it won’t fit the PS5 slim. They even sell it with an optional set of DualSense wall mounts, which is a nice inclusion if you find it necessary.

Throughout our testing, the TotalMount Wall Mount proved itself as a reliable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing solution for PS5 storage. It’s clear to us why it’s earned our top overall pick.

Best Runner-Up: HIDEit Mounts PS5 Wall Mount

HIDEit Mounts PS5 Wall Mount

Key Takeaways:

  • Super slim, sleek, powder-coated steel – made in the USA.
  • Keeps console very close to the wall. Can easily fit behind most TVs.
  • Unique hook mechanism on top keeps console extra sturdy.
  • Attaches via M3 base screw (included).
  • Allows plenty of airflow.

When we got our hands on the HIDEit Mounts PS5 Wall Mount, we were immediately impressed by its simplicity and sturdiness. Earning our spot as the best runner-up pick, this wall mount quickly showed us why it’s a favorite among PS5 enthusiasts.


Just like the TotalMount, its installation process was straightforward, requiring nothing more than a screwdriver. The package included all necessary screws and anchors, along with an M3 base screw that ensured a secure connection to the mount. We noticed right away that the mount is slim enough to tuck the console neatly behind most wall-mounted TVs.

Made in the USA, the HIDEit Mount is comprised of high-end, heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel, promising durability and strength. It attaches the PS5 in such a way that the cords can face either right or left, providing flexibility depending on your setup. The unique hook at the top clings securely to the upper edge of the console. This holds it flush against the wall and ensures everlasting stability.


The ample amount of holes in the base of the mount allows for plenty of airflow, ensuring that our PS5 stayed cool even during extended gaming sessions. And despite its metal construction, we didn’t notice any interference with our WiFi signal. The powder coat finish is another thoughtful touch, protecting our console from any potential scratches.

While it does keep the PS5 closer to the wall compared to the TotalMount, we did notice the absence of a built-in level. This meant we had to use our own and be extra careful during installation to ensure everything was straight. Nevertheless, the HIDEit proved to be a reliable, easy-to-install, and secure option for elevating our PS5 onto the wall.

Best Alternative: NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit with Charging Station

NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit with Charging Station

Key Takeaways:

  • Made of powder coated steel with a super-sturdy triangular base.
  • Provides a complete solution for keeping two controllers and a headset.
  • Built-in charging station fully charges controllers in 3 hours.
  • Mounts via the PS5 base screw.

Our journey in finding the perfect PS5 wall mount brought us to the NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit, and we were eager to put it to the test. Instantly earning its place as our best alternative pick, this mount stood out with its unique design and additional features tailored for gamers.


The NexiGo mount is a single triangular bracket, creating a stable platform for either the disc or digital version of the PS5 console. What sets this kit apart is its comprehensive approach to organization; it not only takes care of your console but also provides elegant solutions for your headphones and two controllers.

We were particularly impressed with the inclusion of a charging attachment capable of charging up two DualSense controllers simultaneously. The LED indicator lights kept us in the loop on charging progress, though we did have to use the PS5’s front USB-C port for power. Charging time was efficient, clocking in at around 3 hours for both controllers.


The headphone hanger is a clever addition, conveniently resting on top of the console once mounted. While the mount does have slits for improved airflow, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t offer quite as much breathing room as the TotalMount or HIDEit options.

Crafted from powder coated steel, the NexiGo mount felt strong, secure, and resistant to scratches. The simple install only requires the PS5 base screw to be set through the base and into the underside of the console. The result is a stable hold. Not to mention, there was no WiFi interference that we could notice.


Installation required just two drywall screws and anchors, both included, along with a screwdriver and a level (not provided). With its robust design and added functionalities, the NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit proved to be a solid alternative, adeptly catering to our PS5 setup’s needs.

Best 2nd Alternative: Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount

Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprised of a heavy duty, all-metal design.
  • White colorway rather than black, like most other mounts.
  • Includes three hanging hooks for headset and two controllers.
  • Two LED charging cables included that can be neatly routed through.
  • Power drill required for install.

As our best 2nd alternative option, when the Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount arrived, we were curious to see how it would fare in our hands-on testing. Made of heavy-duty metal, this mount is ready for both the disc and digital versions of the console, showcasing its versatility right off the bat.


One of the first things we noticed was its unique white color, setting it apart from the plethora of black mounts on the market. This design choice allows the mount to blend seamlessly with lighter wall colors and also the console itself, providing an aesthetic alternative.

Beneath the base platform, Hosanwell thoughtfully added three hooks. The lowest hook is perfect for hanging a headset, while the two outer hooks cradle your DualSense controllers. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The mount includes two LED-equipped charging cables. These cables can be neatly routed through the mount, enabling you to charge your controllers while they rest, in about 2.5 hours.


With plenty of holes throughout the design, heat dissipation is clearly a priority for this mount. It keeps your PS5 cool during intense gaming marathons. Like its competitors, the console attaches securely to the mount via the single base screw, providing a stable and reliable hold.

In terms of WiFi performance, we didn’t notice any disruptions or interference, a crucial factor for online gaming and streaming. However, it’s worth noting that installation does require a power drill, and the package does not include drywall anchors or screws.

Despite these minor hiccups in the setup process, the Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount stood up to our rigorous testing, proving itself as a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for gamers looking for a white, feature-rich mount option.

Best Horizontal: Kosker PS5 Wall Mount

Kosker PS5 Wall Mount

Key Takeaways:

  • Sets your console up in a horizontal (sideways) position.
  • Made from ABS plastic, not metal.
  • Paper template and all required hardware included.
  • Most inexpensive option on the list.

The Kosker PS5 Wall Mount immediately caught our attention as a standout choice for gamers who prefer a horizontal orientation for their console. Curiosity piqued, we dove into hands-on testing, eager to discover how this unique design would fare in a market dominated by vertical mounts.


Tailored to accommodate both digital and disc editions of the PS5, the Kosker mount is crafted from ABS plastic, as to not interfere with a WiFi signal. Despite this difference in material from most, the mount impressed us with its sturdiness and strength once attached to the wall.

What we particularly appreciated were the non-slip foam pads lining it. These ensured that while our console rested securely, it was also protected from any potential scratches. This showcased the thoughtfulness behind the design.

Installation was straightforward, thanks to the inclusion of a paper template to guide us in proper mounting. The small level and all the required mounting hardware were included, though a power drill was necessary to complete the setup.

Securing the console via the base screw on one end, we felt confident in the stability and strength of the mount. It was clear that the designers of it had the PS5 in mind every step of the way. They’ve created a product that acts like a shelf made exclusively for the console.

However, it’s worth noting that this focus on simplicity does mean that the mount doesn’t offer space for extras like a headset or controllers. This didn’t detract from our overall positive experience, but it’s a factor worth considering for those looking to consolidate their gaming setup. Despite this, the Kosker PS5 Wall Mount stood its ground in our testing, proving itself as a reliable, sleek option for horizontal mounting.

PS5 Wall Mount FAQs

Is it safe to mount my PS5 on the wall?

Yes, mounting your PS5 on the wall is safe as long as you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully and ensure the mount is properly secured to the wall. Using a stud for mounting provides extra stability, but many mounts are also designed to be secured to drywall.

What are some of the benefits of using a PS5 wall mount?

Using a PS5 wall mount maximizes space, creating a cleaner, more organized gaming area. It enhances the overall aesthetics, allowing the console to become a focal point of your setup. Wall mounts promote better airflow around the PS5, aiding in cooling and potentially extending the console’s lifespan. They also offer increased security, protecting the device from accidents or theft. They also facilitate easier cable management and provide convenient access to the console’s ports.


Will a wall mount interfere with my PS5’s ventilation or WiFi signal?

Most PS5 wall mounts are designed to allow for adequate ventilation, with plenty of space around the console and holes or slits in the mount itself to promote airflow. Also, the materials used typically do not interfere with WiFi signals.

Do PS5 wall mounts come with all the necessary mounting hardware?

Most come with the necessary mounting hardware, but it’s always a good idea to check the product listing or contact the manufacturer to be sure. You may need to provide your own tools, such as a screwdriver, drill, and/or level, for installation.

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