The OUPES Mega 2 is a High Capacity Power Station Ready for Off-Grid Living

Whether you’re looking for emergency backup power or a total off-grid power solution, OUPES is an up an coming manufacturer that’s been turning a lot of heads. If you’ve spent some time researching portable power, you’ve probably heard of them. The newest addition to their lineup is the Mega 2. This is a relatively large, …

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BLUETTI Releases the New AC240 Weatherproof Portable Power Station

BLUETTI is at it again with a new release of their latest power station. The AC240 is their latest addition to their already extensive lineup. Perfect for any rugged outdoor environment, the AC240 is fully water resistant with an IP65 rating. As an improvement on its predecessor, the AC60, which is a 600W/403Wh all-weather power …

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BLUETTI “Spring into Solar” Event is Now Live

As the season of Spring arrives, opportunities for adventure beckon. Whether you’re gearing up for a springtime camping escapade, going on an extended journey across the open road, or basking in the beauty of nature, there’s no need to leave conveniences at home. By equipping yourself with a reliable portable power station, you can ensure …

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BLUETTI Releases the SwapSolar Ecosystem for Modular Power

NEWS – Heading out on a road trip and looking for a way to cool your drinks with ease? BLUETTI has the perfect solution for this. Introducing, their first ecosystem product – the SwapSolar. As a first in the industry, the AC180T swappable solar generator and MultiCooler 3-in-1 portable car frisge, it offers a new …

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