BLUETTI Releases the New AC240 Weatherproof Portable Power Station

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BLUETTI is at it again with a new release of their latest power station. The AC240 is their latest addition to their already extensive lineup. Perfect for any rugged outdoor environment, the AC240 is fully water resistant with an IP65 rating.

As an improvement on its predecessor, the AC60, which is a 600W/403Wh all-weather power station, BLUETTI is now stepping their game up with the AC240. Set to release on April 2nd, this model offers more power, quicker charge times, a parallel connection, and more.

It’s been designed to fully power your adventures for both outdoor enthusiasts and emergency responders alike. Thus, enabling the ability to push boundaries, no matter the weather conditions that persist.

Impressive IP65 Rating

If you’ve been caught in unexpected weather while you’re adventuring in the outdoors, you know how it can dampen your generator or power stations’ abilities. With the new AC240, worrying about impeding weather is a thing of the past.

Equipped with an IP65 rating, the AC240 is built to withstand dust and low-pressure water from every angle. With patented safeguards including independent air ducts, sealed electronic compartments, specialized drainage, vacuum-coated fans, and double-layer protected ports, the AC240 promises that water and moisture stays out while your power stays readily available.

In the event that water intrudes, the built-in exhaust fan will quickly expel it, while the heat dissipation system ensures rapid evaporation while it’s being used. Regardless of if you’re encountering tough conditions on an overland adventure, sailing the open ocean, or getting work done at a jobsite, the AC240 is built for anything nature throws at it.

bluetti ac240

For All Outdoor Power Needs

Whether you’re looking for outdoor comfort or simply surviving the harsh elements, readily available power is often a necessity. The AC240 is built to provide an all-in-one power solution, keeping you powered up and connected, even if you’re far from the grid. Tipping the scale at 72 lbs (33kg), and about the size of a microwave, it’s perfectly suited to fit in the trunk of your car.

Capable of a whopping 2,400W output, the AC240 has the ability to fuel a wide range of devices and appliances. These include but are not limited to refrigerators, window air conditioner units, microwaves, heaters, coffee makers, hair dryers, etc. Internally, the 1,536Wh LFP battery can power a 20 cubic ft. fridge for an entire day. In addition, it’s equipped with powerlifting mode. As a result, it can power high loads such as a hot plate at 3600 watts, without any hiccups.

The AC240 offers an extensive range of outlets, too. These include two standard AC outlets, one NEMA TT-30 port, a 12V car outlet, two USB-A, two USB-C, and a 12V/30A RV port. Ideal for RV or boat owners, it can seemlessly integrate into an off-grid power system for maximum sustainability.

Best of all, the 1.1 hour re-charge time via AC is outstanding. With a 2,400 max input while the AC240 is paired with a B210 expansion battery, it means that you can always stay ahead of the power curve. For lengthy trips you can even pair the AC240 with BLUETTI’s foldable solar panels for up to 1,200 watts of solar input, which will replenish the internal capacity in just 2 hours.

bluetti-ac240 truck camping with solar panels

Fully Expandable Power with Uninterrupted Backup

If you need more power or feel the need to expand the capacity, the AC240 makes it easy to do so. One AC240 unit can accept up to four B210 packs (2,150Wh each), for a total capacity of up to 10,136Wh. Not only can these expand the capacity with ease, but each one can act independently as their own water-resistant power bank with three DC outputs and various charging options on each.

The AC240 also offers a true parallel connection. While typical “parallel” power products can increase the output while doubling voltage, they often limit compatibility with the appliances you want to power. But with BLUETTI’s truly unique parallel technology, you can easily link two AC240 units via the Parallel Box P480. As a result, it can deliver a massive 4,800W output without altering the voltage. This is unlike any power station on the market. Ultimately, this means that you can power large 120V appliances without the burden of complex manual settings.

On top of this, the AC240 is the first energy storage system that allows for a parallel connection to the grid while maintaining power to your devices. But keep in mind – the maximum output for this is 4,000W when charging from the grid. Paired with its responsive UPS function, it can even detect outages and automatically “kick on” when needed. It’ll switch to battery power within 15 milliseconds of a detected outage.

bluetti-ac240-built tough

Built Tough, Smart Powered

It’s no secret that the AC240 is built from the ground up to withstand the test of bot weather and time. Built with an internal lithium iron phosphate battery, it can achieve up to 100% depth of discharge and maintain 80% of its original capacity, even after 3,500 charge cycles. In essence, this promises at least 10 years of consistent use before any degradation is noticed.

In addition, the BLUETOPUS AI BMS equipped within the AC240 ensures safe and optimal performance at all times. It’s an AI-powered battery management system that keeps everything running smoothly, no matter what.

Plus, with app-controlled features, you can effortlessly access the controls and insights into the AC240 from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet screen. And since it’s backed by an impressive 6-year warranty, it will provide years of reliability with plenty of peace of mind.

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Pricing and Availability

The BLUETTI AC240 will be available to purchase directly through BLUETTI’s official website and Amazon store beginning on April 2nd, 2024. Exclusive early bird pricing will be available for both standalone units and bundles with the B210 expansion batteries. In addition, the premium version, the AC240P, offering a 1,843Wh capacity, will also be available.


Since its inception, BLUETTI has been dedicated to forging a path toward a sustainable future by providing cost-effective eco-friendly energy storage solutions for use both indoors and outdoors. The company launched the LAAF (Lighting An African Family) initiative, aimed at brightening the homes of African families in rural communities and offering equal opportunities for education. This initiative has since benefitted over 100,000 families across Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, and other regions.

Through continuous innovation and a deep-seated commitment to environmental conservation, BLUETTI has developed a wide and reliable range of products designed for adventure seekers, emergency power backup, and sustainable living off the grid. This commitment has significantly contributed to reducing our global carbon footprint and positively affecting the larger world we inhabit.

As a result of its efforts, BLUETTI has risen to prominence as a leading name in the industry, with a presence in over 100 countries and the trust of millions of customers worldwide. For additional details, please visit BLUETTI’s website at

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