The Himiway A7 Pro Electric Bike is Ready for Commuting with Ease

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Since 2017, Himiway has been turning heads in the e-bike industry. Typically seen as an affordable option for those wanting a fully pedal-assisted ride, their e-bikes often deliver a fine balance of high-end specs with a price point that’s manageable.

They’re at it again with their release of the A7 Pro. With a 4-bar linkage, 500W motor, hydraulic brakes, and a massive 50-mile range, there’s a lot going on here. Today we’re going to give a quick run-down of what exactly the A7 Pro offers and how it’s carving its spot in the market.

himiway a7 pro

High-End Configuration

As their first four-linkage pneumatic rear shock urban bike, it ensures a smooth, cozy ride without the hard-tail experience you might be used to. Designed from the ground up to provide a more comfortable ride on uneven surfaces and bumpy city streets, it also includes commuter-specific tires in a 27.5″ diameter at 2.4″ wide. This ensures a plush ride, regardless of the road ahead.

What truly sets it apart is the mid-drive motor and torque sensor. This delivers accurate and instantaneous assistance based specifically on the rider’s current pedaling force and speed. In essence, it applies power at the appropriate amount while maintaining efficiency.

himiway-a7-pro ebike

In addition, both the front and rear are equipped with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes that are a huge step-up from the typical mechanical counterpart. It can stop on a dime with a minimal press on the brake levers.

On the downtube is a large, 720Wh (15Ah) capacity Samsung/LG battery that delivers up to 50 miles of range. In conjunction with the 500W mid-drive motor, the A7 Pro is capable of going uphill with ease, regardless of the grade.

Enhance safety is appreciated with the auto-illuminating brake light on the rear. Integrated directly into the frame, the wide LED is always on at night and lights-up automatically every time you press the brake. It’s a nice bonus that you don’t often see on standard e-bikes in this class.

Plenty of Convenience

The Himiway A7 Pro is equipped with an adjustable saddle for fine-tuning the perfect fit, regardless of your weight and size. With a maximum system weight of up to 400lbs, it can easily accommodate adult riders of many shapes and sizes.

What’s more – the MIK modular cargo system is included. This is a rear rack that’s optionally installed on the back, with a simple installation and removal for a variety of add-ons such as child seats, cargo racks, etc. Its modular design is integrated with precision so riders are able to enjoy perfect comfort and convenience at a moments notice.

Himiway A7 Pro

For those living in an urban area where theft may be rampant, you’ll appreciate the inclusion of an ABUS lock. As an efficient theft-deterrent, it securely fastens through the rear wheel with a single click. And since it’s highly resilient to daily wear and harsh weather, it will hold up without a fuss.

And if you’re someone who’s not experienced with riding an e-bike, the built-in handlebar control is something you’ll surely love. On the stem, there’s a 3.5″ digital full-color display that gives you clear insight into your speed, distance, time, battery life, etc.

Design and Style

Taking a glance at the Himiway A7 Pro, you’ll notice its streamlined design with curves and contours that show-off the elegance and modernity of its design. It has a classic look that’s been modernized for an improved appearance. Simply put, it looks beautiful and appears as a high-end bike – not a cheap knock-off.


Himiway paid special attention to the design by incorporating a range of classic color schemes. Available in light grey, emerald green, green, dark orange, or a black/white gradient, it’s easy to find the colorway that matches your own preferences.

With a recommended rider height between 5’5″ and 6’5″, it’s highly adjustable to fit almost any adult. With Shimano, Suntour and other brand-name components, you can rest assured knowing that this isn’t a toy – it’s a real bike that’s built tough for daily commuting.

Price and Availability

The Himiway A7 Pro is now available directly through their website at a favorable price of $2399. Shipped from a local US-based warehouse, it ships within 2 days and can be delivered to your doorstep in less than a week.

Use code NerdTechy200 for a generous $200 discount when you order soon. Also, checkout Himiway’s e-bike launch page for more details on exclusive savings.

himiway-a7-pro yellow

Backed by a 15-day return policy and free shipping, you can acquire it without any worries. Plus, Himiway includes a respectable 2-year manufacturers warranty in case any unexpected faults or failures occur.

Upon its arrival, minimal setup is necessary, and it can be done without any serious mechanical experience. Both the e-bike, charger, and user manual are included. And as a bonus, they’re giving away a free hat as a small bonus.

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