BLUETTI Releases the SwapSolar Ecosystem for Modular Power

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NEWS – Heading out on a road trip and looking for a way to cool your drinks with ease? BLUETTI has the perfect solution for this. Introducing, their first ecosystem product – the SwapSolar.

As a first in the industry, the AC180T swappable solar generator and MultiCooler 3-in-1 portable car frisge, it offers a new realm of convenience to your weekend or extended excursions.

Debuting at CES 2024 on January 9th, it’s being offered via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign beginning in late February. Early backers will be rewarded with special offers and steep discounts.

BLUETTI AC180T Portable Power Station

The AC180T offers something much more unique than your standard power station. In addition to its ability to function as a UPS with 20ms activation, it’s capable of powering virtually anything with its 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A and 12v cigarette lighter port.

The most unique aspect is its hot-swappable battery design. It allows you to change its two 716.8Wh batteries from the top of the unit, without any interruption in power.

bluetti ac180t swapsolar

With additional LFP battery packs sold separately, you have the freedom to utilize multiple packs to fit your precise needs. For extra power capacity, simple swap them out for instant, full power at any point in time.

To charge these modular battery packs, you can plug the AC180T directly into any standard wall outlet to utilize incredible fast 1,440W charge speeds. Alternatively, users can opt to harness the power of the sun with one or multiple solar panels.

AC180T with1 * Battery 2 * Batteries 
Output Power1,200W1,800W
Charging Rate/ Time850W80% in 1 Hour
Full Charge in 1.5 Hours
1,440W80% in 45 Mins
Full Charge in 70 Mins
Weight39.6lbs / 18.5kg58.4lbs / 26.5kg
Solar Input500W Max., 12-60VDC
Dimensions15.4 × 11.0 × 15.6 in (390 × 280 × 395 mm)

BLUETTI MultiCooler: All-in-One Fridge, Freezer, and Ice Maker

With the same battery packs that the AC180T uses, the BLUETTI MultiCooler is the world’s very first LFP-powered 3-in-1 portable fridge that’s both longer lasting and safer than traditional options.

Featuring a massive 40-liter compartment with temperature control from -20°C to 20°C (-4°F to 68°F), it has the ability to cool as many as 65 cans of soda, or simply keep any perishable foods or medicines properly chilled. Most impressively, the MultiCooler can cool from 30°C to 0°C (86°F to 32°F) in a matter of just 15 minutes. Wow.

BLUETTI MultiCooler

But the cool features don’t end here. The built-in ice maker is worth discussing. Users can fill it with 9-liters of H2O, and within a few minutes, up to 24 pieces of small or large cube ice can be scooped out. Rather than using still-water, the ice maker uses running water to create this ice. This allows for a steady production of crystal-clear ice at the rate of about 4 batches per hour.

Best of all, the MultiCooler can create ice via your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter output. Plus, there’s a self-cleaning mode to keep everything free of mold, mildew and other grime.

Besides using a standard wall outlet or vehicle power, the MultiCooler can be powered with the same battery packs that the AC180T uses. Simply slide one in and there will be enough power capacity for up to 3 consecutive days. Alternatively, users can hook up a solar panel directly to the MultiCooler, although a battery pack must be inserted. It’ll then be powered consistently during daylight hours.

If power capacity is struggling and ideal re-charging conditions don’t exist, the insulation it provides is exceptional. As an example, if the MultiCooler is packed with bottles of water, it takes over 48.3 hours to rise from 4°C to 15°C (39°F to 59°F). That said, food and beverages within can stay refreshingly cool without power.

bluetti swapsolar

Thankfully, BLUETTI’s mobile app is fully integrated. Offering exceptional control through your phone, you have the ability to switch to ECO mode, which uses just 0.18kWh per day.

In terms of portability, the integrated wheels and drawbar make it easy to lug around. Measuring 28 × 16.5 × 18.7 inches (710 × 420 × 475mm), it’s an ideal size. And with a shock-resistant construction, you can freely move it around without worry. If you opt for a more-permanent installation, BLUETTI offers an optional slide add-on that is perfect for storing it with ease.

Why You Need the BLUETTI SwapSolar?

Whether you’re living the vanlife or a weekend warrior, the BLUETTI SwapSolar is ready to keep your devices charged-up and ready to go. With its ability to keep drinks cold and food fresh, it’s designed for simplicity and ease of use. Simply put, it offers the easiest way to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle without having to depend on standard grid-power.


Since its establishment, BLUETTI has consistently championed the cause of sustainability and the adoption of green energy practices.

With a focus on providing environmentally-friendly energy storage options suitable for both home and outdoor applications, BLUETTI strives to enhance living spaces while simultaneously advocating for the planet’s ecological well-being.

This dedication to renewable energy solutions has enabled BLUETTI to extend its presence across over 100 nations, earning the confidence and loyalty of millions of global customers.

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