CUFF Smart Jewelry Review

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Technology just got fancy. No, we don’t mean more expensive or requiring bigger words just to have a conversation about it. We’re talking about true class.

Technology has begun to rule our lives. For something that’s supposed to be smarter, make our lives easier and add productivity to our workplace, our cell phones have sucked us into a void. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

CUFF Smart Jewelry

It’s called CUFF Smart Jewelry. It’s more than just a multi-function accessory in that not only is it powerful and unique, but makes you shine throughout the day.

When you wear a CUFF, you know you’ve got something that will cause other people to look at you as special and tasteful. Don’t believe us?

A Stylish Safety Device

Sometimes reaching your phone is not an option. In case of an emergency, your phone could fly from your hands completely out of reach, and you’re left stranded without help. Believe it or not, it can actually be incredibly hard to get needed help from a crowd of people. Let me give you an example.

A person has a heart attack in the middle of a busy street. There’s a good chance that few to none of those people in the crowd are medical doctors, and don’t feel they would know what to do in that situation. They may not even be aware that it’s happening.

CUFF Smart Jewelry

You don’t want this to be you. With the single push of a button, CUFF can send out an SOS alert to your selected network of people. They will know that it’s a serious emergency if CUFF sends them that message. But it does more than that.

It’ll give exact detail on the situation. CUFF Smart Jewelry will determine your specific location and send it to your CUFF network, along with any prompts which will guide them to getting the help you need. There’s even a live audio streaming mode coming soon.

CUFF is a state of the art new device that takes the power of technology and puts it back in your hands. There are a million and one reasons why, so let us go through a few of them because we know how influential they can be.

Reclaim Your Agenda

The office is not the best place to be playing on Facebook.

There are dozens of situations any one of us can think up, such as when we’re studying, driving, at the gym, etc., where we don’t want to be available to take just any call. Let me explain.

We have busy lives. At the same time, we want to know when our spouse, best friend who’s away on holidays, or our boss gives us a call or text message. We just don’t want to be constantly attached to our phones, but out in the world enjoying our day. CUFF Smart Jewelry offers a sound solution.

You get a notification from someone in your selected CUFF network. Instead of scanning through apps and contacts to find out about it, let CUFF buzz you. It offers a simple vibration any time you receive a notification you want to make time for, allowing you to decide on how to respond. But that’s not all.

CUFF Smart Jewelry

It’s such a versatile device. With so many pieces of CUFF jewelry to choose from, it wouldn’t make sense to wear the same one every day. But how can you get all of the productivity benefits? Cuff delivers an answer to that.

It’s called the CUFF app. The app is compatible with iOS as well as Android, allowing you to sync all of your devices to one account. Here’s the benefit of that.

You can create your own CUFF network. Choose whoever you want to be in your inner circle, as well as what types of buzz notifications you want to receive from the.

Anyone who is a personal friend or family member can be added to your network, allowing you to give them access to the app as well. Here’s the best part.

You get to take your life back. It’s like having a personal secretary informing you about specific messages you’d like to receive, and keeping you connected at all times. The difference here, is that you can unplug any time you want with complete freedom.

Increase Productivity in Style

CUFF Smart Jewelry has become more intuitive as well. We’re all different, and pick the different styles and fashions that relate best to us. The problem here, is that amazingly simple devices like CUFF usually try to create a one size fits all paradigm for your jewelry. CUFF does the opposite.

You can fit CUFF into more accessories than ever. There’s such a wide selection of fashions available, that anyone can wear one while looking at their best.

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