Automate Cleaning with the Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

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If you’ve been a long time reader of NerdTechy, you’re probably well-familiar with Dreame. They’re a manufacturer that’s always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to robot vacuums and mops.

Their proud release, the L10s Ultra, is turning heads as a self-cleaning, auto-emptying robot that utilizes AI and 3d mapping for precise navigation. Touted as the most advanced all-in-one cleaning robot of 2022, it’s designed to provide hands-free cleaning like never before.

The L10s Ultra’s variety of cutting-edge technologies combines dust collection, mop washing and drying, water and detergent adding, and advanced AI-powered navigation to make daily cleaning fully automated. Today we’re going to explore exactly what it has to offer.

dreame-l10s-robot vacuum

Fully Automated Cleaning

The L10s Ultra utilizes a unique base station that automatically collects dust and dirty water from the robot to fully automate cleaning. The base station boasts a massive 3 liter dust bag that allows up to 60 days of cleaning without any manual intervention needed.

Offering truly hands-free cleaning for extended periods, it even dries the mopping pads, adds water/cleaning solution – all automatically!

dreame l10s ultra cleaning floors

During each cleaning session when the robot’s tanks and bins are full, it’ll find its way back to the base station to refresh itself. Rather than relying on the user to bend down and manage the vacuum and mop, it handles all of the dirty work on its own.

Periodically, you’ll need to empty and refill the base station, but this is more of a weekly task rather than a daily one. Regardless, this takes lots of legwork out of the equation, meaning less time physically cleaning, and more time enjoying time around your home.

AI and 3D Navigation

As the Dreame L10s Ultra moves about your floors, it intelligently maps your home. Using this, it plans automatic paths of least resistance that make cleaning much more efficient. The result? A finished clean that utilizes less battery and more time spent actually cleaning, without getting lost or hung-up throughout your home.

ai 3d navigation dreame l10s ultra

In the rare event that you find it needs assistance, you can customize the cleaning strategy with fine-tuning precision. Simply put, you can tweak the path and “teach” the robot to clean specific areas before others. Pretty neat!

This is all done with ingenious AI while utilizing 3D mapping. In essence, the L10s Ultra will scan your walls, furniture, and any other obstacles so that it doesn’t aimlessly move about your floorplan.

Vacuum Power and Mopping Capabilities

With 5,300 pascals of suction power, the Dreame L10s Ultra is ready for picking up tough pet hair, stubborn dust, and relatively heavy debris. In fact, it can determine whether it’s on a hard floor or carpet and auto-adjust the settings to reliably clean. When carpet is encountered, suction is boosted to lift deep down dust.

Plus, in the event that pet hair becomes tangled, the brush mechanism is designed in a way to make untangling easy. There are slight grooves on the roller that make removal a breeze.

dreame-l10s-mop vacuum

Best of all, it’s not just a vacuum. The L10s Ultra is also a mop! Utilizing rotary mopping and pressurized scrubbing, the mopping pads spin vigorously while applying a hefty amount of downward pressure. This helps to lift stubborn stains and stuck-on grime without manual intervention.

With a maximum mopping area of 200 square meters (2,152 square feet), there’s plenty of power to clean your entire floorplan without taking a break.

dreame-l10s-robot-vacuum self cleaning

And when it’s done? It’ll find its way back to the base station for a self-emptying, self-cleaning cycle. The base station is equipped with a removable, studded scrub base plates to lift-off grime on the robots’ cleaning pads with ease. Each of the pads are then rinsed and thoroughly dried before tackling the rest of the job, simultaneously while being charged-up. Very cool!

Part of the self-cleaning process incorporates a refill procedure as well. In it, a precise cleaning solution ratio is applied with clean water so the robot is ready the rest of the task at hand.

Flexible Control

It’s no secret that the Dreame L10s Ultra is super-smart. So smart, in fact, that you can connect it with many of the available smart home integrations that you may already be using. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are all supported. With these, you can remotely control your robot vacuum, set a specific cleaning schedule, or automate other tasks with your voice.


In addition to this, you can even connect to the built-in camera and use it to provide remote video supervision of your home. Essentially, it turns your L10s Ultra into a security camera that you can control throughout your home. While it may not be your first choice at home security, it’s surely a nice bonus feature that’s worth exploring.

The Dreame app is a breeze to use, too. With it, you can set specific cleaning modes, assign no-go zones, manage multiple floors, and/or customize cleaning by individual rooms. It’s nicely done, doesn’t freeze or lag, and works equally well on both iOS and Android devices.

Final Thoughts

As you can now see, the Dreame L10s Ultra is a game-changer when it comes to automated home cleaning. Not only does it self-manage both cleaning your home and itself, it offers plenty of ingenuity to make your life a little less hectic. Essentially, it takes the grunt work out of cleaning and leaves your home clean and tidy, without fuss.


Utilizing a hefty amount of suction, multiple cleaning modes, and several customizable settings, it’s easy to fall in love with it. Although it’s not necessarily a brand new release, it’s still a very viable option for automated cleaning in 2024.

If you’ve been looking to add a robot vacuum to your cleaning regime, or simply looking to upgrade your cleaning arsenal, the time to do so is now. Dreame is offering steep discounts on the L10s Ultra for those who act fast to secure the deals.

Spring cleaning time is here, and now has never been a better time to invest in automating your home cleaning without the frustration of manually vacuuming and mopping each day.

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