UGREEN Launches the NASync as Their First Network Attached Storage Solution

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NEWS – As a leading manufacturer of all-things electronics, UGREEN just unveiled their very first network attached storage (NAS) product on Kickstarter.

Aimed specifically for United States and Germany users, the UGREEN NASync is a highly adaptable solution for managing large amounts of files and multimedia. They’re offering a steep 40% discount for early-bird backers, with prices starting at just $239.99 for the 2-bay version.

Specifically, the NASync DXP2800, NASync DXP4800, and DXP4800 plus are specifically While the NASync DXP6800 Pro and DXP8800 Plus are best for business-oriented power users. Not to mention, the NASync DXP480T Plus is catered towards creative and media-focused professionals.

ugreen nasync

Powered by Intel 12th Gen Processors

Each of the UGREEN NASync models are similarly powered by the 12th Generation Intel CPUs, with some offered with the i7. Professional and business-minded professionals such as the NASync DXP6800 Pro, DXP8800 Plus, and DXP480T Plus come packed with the 12th Gen i5. As a result, responsiveness, data processing, and multi-tasking is easily achieved. In addition, the advantage of seamless multimedia processing and transcoding greatly improves their ability to playback media files.

ugreen-nasync nas

The other models, the NASync DXP6800 Pro, DXP8800 Plus, and DXP480T Plus, are each equipped with dual Thunderbolt 4 ports. These have the ability to bridge communication between mobile hard drives and large disk arrays, making for high-speed data transmission that peaks at 40 Gbps.

ugreen-nasync-nas dual ethernet

On top of this, the NASync DXP6800 Pro and DXP8800 Plus are integrated with dual 10GbE Ethernet ports that provide a total bandwidth of up to 20GbE. As a result, theoretical download speeds of up to 2500MB/s are possible. And thankfully – the two ports can be linked together in order to dynamically adjust and balance the transmission for maximum efficiency.

DDR5 Memory

Each and every single UGREEN NASync model comes with 8GB of DDR5 memory. This RAM is expandable, too! Rather than using DDR4, DDR5 offers large advancements over its predecessor. That said, DDR5 offers speeds that are 2-3 times faster than DDR4, which provides a very noticeable boost in performance. 8GB of DDR5 RAM at 4800MHz offers the best processing speeds, assisting the best speeds for both software and system performance.

ugreen-nasync-nas 8 bay

And if for any reason you find that 8GB is not enough, the NASync 4800 Plus, DXP6800 Pro, DXP8800 Plus and NASync DXP480T Plus can be expanded up to 64GB. As a result, even the most resource-intensive applications and tasks are easily managed. Simply put, this speeds up data processing in a very noticeable way, making AI recognition and video transcoding a snap.

Unlike cloud technology, UGREEN’s NASync series securely stores data on a locally accessible platform. This results in much less risk when it comes to data leakage, surveillance, and hackers. With professional-grade data security features such as high-strength encryption, safety and privacy are greatly prioritized.

With securing protocols such as SSL/TLS in effect, data security during transmission is top-notch. In addition to this, SHA256 encryption is available to safeguard user credentials with 100% confidentiality. What’s more – the UGREEN app’s integrated Security Manager offers real-time protection. It even conducts scheduled virus scanning to ensure data security.

ugreen-nasync-nas-2 bay

Pricing and Availability

UGREEN’s Kickstarter campaign for the NASync NAS solutions is now live. If you’re an early-bird backer, you can expect a 40% discount off of all of the products in their lineup.

Here’s a quick rundown of the current price-points:

ModelSuper Early Bird PriceMSRP
DXP4800 Plus$419$699.99
DXP6800 Pro$599$999.99
DXP8800 Plus$899$1499.99
DXP480T Plus$479$799.99

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