UGREEN Launches the NASync as Their First Network Attached Storage Solution

NEWS – As a leading manufacturer of all-things electronics, UGREEN just unveiled their very first network attached storage (NAS) product on Kickstarter. Aimed specifically for United States and Germany users, the UGREEN NASync is a highly adaptable solution for managing large amounts of files and multimedia. They’re offering a steep 40% discount for early-bird backers, …

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3 Best JBOD Enclosures for Extra Storage [2023 Guide]

In your quest for the ultimate data storage solution, have you considered a JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) Enclosure? These allow you to combine multiple hard drives into a single unit, without the complexities of a RAID configuration. Unlike traditional storage methods, a JBOD Enclosure enables each drive to operate independently, providing flexibility and …

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Best M2 PCIe Adapters

4 Best M.2 PCIe Adapters [2023 Tested]

Looking to enhance your computer’s storage and performance capabilities? Look no further than M.2 PCIe adapters. These compact, powerful components are designed to connect M.2 SSDs to your computer’s PCIe slots. This connection significantly boosts data transfer speeds and overall system efficiency, making it an ideal upgrade for gamers, creative professionals, and anyone in need …

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4 Best PCIe Gen 5 SSDs for 2023

Today, we’re jumping headfirst into the fast and furious world of PCIe Gen 5 SSDs. Let’s face it: we’re all craving that need for speed in our tech, and these SSDs are like the nitrous boost in the race for quicker, smoother storage. PCIe Gen 5 SSDs are the new kids on the block, blazing …

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