5 Methods to Find a Deleted Reddit Post with Comments

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The social media platform Reddit is a veritable goldmine of diverse opinions, entertaining narratives, and thoughtful discussions. However, on occasion, you might find yourself in a situation where you wish to revisit a previously viewed post or comment only to discover that it has been deleted.

There is no need to despair or rue over the missing content. Here, we’re shining the spotlight on 5 tried-and-true methods to retrieve deleted Reddit posts and comments, lending a second chance to peruse the content that caught your eye.

What Can Cause Reddit Posts and Comments to Go Missing?

In the world of Reddit, where conversation threads are born every second and comments are constantly on the move, it’s not uncommon for posts or comments to vanish from your view. But why does this happen?

Before we get to the 5 methods to find a deleted Reddit post with comments, let’s look at some possible reasons behind them disappearing.

User Deletion

One common reason for a Reddit post or comment going missing is the simplest one – the user who made the post or comment decided to delete it. Reddit users have complete control over their content and can choose to remove it at any time.

Whether they regretted their words, received negative feedback, or just decided to tidy up their posting history, user deletion is a common occurrence on Reddit.

Moderator Removal

Another reason could be the involvement of subreddit moderators. Each subreddit on Reddit has its own set of rules that users must abide by when posting or commenting. If a post or comment violates these rules, a moderator may decide to remove it to maintain the community standards and decorum of the subreddit.

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Automatic Filters

Reddit also uses automated systems to filter content. These filters, often referred to as “bots,” use algorithms to identify and remove posts or comments that violate Reddit’s content policy or the specific rules of a subreddit. This could be due to the use of certain keywords, the sharing of forbidden links, or the detection of potential spam or offensive content.


Lastly, there is a phenomenon known as “shadowbanning.” This is when a user can still post and comment on Reddit, but their content is invisible to other users. Reddit typically uses shadowbanning to handle spammers without alerting them that they’ve been banned.

If a user is shadowbanned, their posts and comments will only be visible to them, making it seem as if they’ve been deleted to everyone else. With the knowledge of why Reddit posts and comments might go missing, let’s get you equipped with the tools to retrieve them.

Unearthing Lost Gems with Unddit

Unddit is quite the ace up one’s sleeve when it comes to retrieving deleted Reddit posts and comments. A snapshot of the removed content, whether moderated or user-deleted, is often just a few clicks away. Unddit draws upon the comprehensive data archives of the social media tracking platform, Pushshift.io, enabling users to virtually turn back the clock on their Reddit browsing.


For those who prefer browsing on larger screens, Unddit’s website is accessible via computer browsers. The process is a matter of bookmarking the Unddit link and using it to bring back the deleted content in the Reddit threads. Android users can choose between the Unddit application and the manual replacement of the “reddit” URL segment with “unddit.”

However, it’s wise to note that the time Unddit takes to load the deleted content could test your patience, so providing a direct link to the desired comment thread will allow the archive to load faster.

Reconnecting with Deleted Content via Reveddit

Reveddit is another intuitive tool for finding missing Reddit content. It features a streamlined design, sporting just a solitary search bar on its homepage. One can enter a username, subreddit, or URL to uncover any moderated or bot-deleted content.


Although user-deleted content remains elusive to Reveddit, it offers an extra perk. The Reveddit Real-time extension notifies you about the silent removal of your posts, providing insights into shadowbans. It’s essentially a handy tool to discover why your content has vanished and potentially address the matter with the concerned moderators.

Resurrecting Erased Dialogues with Resavr

Resavr is an optimal choice for those specifically hunting for deleted comments on Reddit. It may not retrieve deleted posts, but its straightforward user interface lets you search effortlessly for deleted comments, either by the thread’s title or the username of the commenter.


The tool also offers the option to sift through the most recently erased comments. While it may not support URL-based thread searches like Unddit or Reveddit, each discovered comment is accompanied by its time of creation and deletion, allowing you to comprehend the lifespan of the comment.

Reviving Lost Narratives with The Wayback Machine

If other avenues are not delivering results, The Wayback Machine might just be the savior. An extensive digital archive of the web, this tool captures snapshots of web pages at different times. Given Reddit’s popularity, there is a fair chance that the deleted content might be available on this platform.

The Wayback Machine’s process entails visiting its website and entering the URL of the deleted Reddit post after cleansing it of any unnecessary HTTP parameters. If the URL is unavailable, the subreddit or profile link can serve as an alternative.

wayback machine

Once the URL is entered, a calendar interface displays the dates when the site was last archived. You can then select the year, month, and date, followed by the timestamp of the capture. If the content was deleted before being archived, you might encounter a dead-end.

Nevertheless, The Wayback Machine remains a reliable resource for tracking lost Reddit content, including any edits made before a comment was removed.

Recovering Recent Deletions with Google Cache

Google Cache is another effective tool to access recently deleted Reddit posts and comments. Google frequently saves cached versions of web pages, which can come in handy when a page isn’t loading or when the content has been recently removed.

Accessing these cached versions on a computer requires opening Google Chrome, typing the URL of the deleted Reddit post or username in the search bar, finding the correct entry in the search results, and clicking on the three-dot icon next to it.

reddit google cache

At the bottom of the drop-down list that appears, there’s an option labeled “Cached.” A click on it, and voila, you’ll have before your eyes the cached version of the page, given that Google has saved it.

However, Google’s frequent updates to its cache mean that a post or comment that was deleted a while ago may not be recoverable through this method. It’s possible that Google has already crawled the site again and updated the cache with a new version that no longer contains the deleted content. Therefore, it’s best to consider this method more suitable for content that has been deleted recently.

Tips to Prevent Reddit Posts and Comments from Getting Deleted

Even though deleted content can often be retrieved, it’s obviously more convenient if it doesn’t get deleted in the first place. So how can you help ensure that your Reddit posts and comments stand the test of time? Here are some handy tips to guide your way:

Know the Rules

Every subreddit has its own set of rules, often found in the sidebar or under a tab marked “community guidelines” or “community rules.” Before you post or comment, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with these rules. Sticking to them not only helps keep your posts and comments from getting deleted but also contributes to a positive and respectful Reddit community.

Keep It Civil

Maintaining a respectful and polite tone in your posts and comments can go a long way toward ensuring they remain visible. Reddit, like most online platforms, has rules against hate speech, harassment, and threats. Insults and offensive language can get your content deleted and may even result in a temporary or permanent ban from the subreddit or the entire platform.

Avoid Spamming

Posting the same content repeatedly across various subreddits or excessively linking to a personal website or business may be seen as spam by Reddit’s guidelines. A barrage of identical posts can be annoying for other Reddit users and may result in your post getting deleted or even account suspension.

Report, Don’t Retaliate

If you come across offensive or rule-breaking content, use the ‘report’ function rather than engaging in a war of words. Reporting rule violations is a mature and effective way to maintain decorum and community standards.

Stay Relevant

Ensure your posts and comments are relevant to the subreddit you’re posting in. Posting off-topic content is a surefire way to have your content deleted, as it doesn’t contribute to the subreddit’s purpose or theme. Stick to the topic, and your post will likely stand firm.

It’s not about walking on eggshells but about understanding and respecting the space you’re in. A well-played move in the Reddit arena can lead to a fruitful exchange of ideas and a wealth of information. After all, isn’t that the beauty of the platform?

Final Thoughts

In an ever-changing virtual landscape like Reddit, where content is constantly being added, altered, and removed, it’s understandable to lose track of something you found interesting or need to revisit. Thankfully, these 5 handy methods offer varying levels of success in recovering deleted Reddit posts and comments.

Remember, however, that while these tools can be useful in recovering deleted content, they also serve as a reminder of the impermanence of digital content. One might argue that the best way to ensure you never lose valuable content is to save, bookmark, or archive it yourself.

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