Review of the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux Wired Controllers

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When you first pick up the GameSir Kaleid or Kaleid Flux Wired Controller, you’re immediately struck by its futuristic design and partially transparent plastic shell.

The stylish LED lighting accents add a modern touch, making them stand out from typical controllers.

Beyond looks, these controllers are built for comfort and performance, featuring Hall Effect sensing sticks for precision and durability, along with customizable settings via the GameSir Nexus app.

But how do these features translate into actual gameplay? And what hidden gems might you discover as you explore the settings? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Key Takeaways

  • Both controllers feature Hall Effect sensing sticks for precision and durability, minimizing drift issues.
  • The Kaleid has silver accents and microswitch buttons, while the Kaleid Flux boasts gold accents and membrane buttons.
  • Customizable LED lighting and a 3.5mm audio jack are available on both models for enhanced gaming experience.
  • Use the GameSir Nexus app to remap buttons, adjust sensitivity, and configure triggers for personalized settings.
  • The controllers offer plug-and-play functionality with a detachable 3m USB-C cable for easy setup.

Overall Design and Features

The GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux (10% off code: GSKALEID10OFF) controllers consistently impress with their sleek design and robust features. Both models share a partially transparent plastic shell that gives them a futuristic look. The light knurling on the palm rests and shoulder bumpers/triggers provides a secure grip during intense gameplay. Despite weighing less than half a pound, these controllers feel solid and sturdy in your hands.

gamesir Kaleid Flux in hand

You’ll appreciate the ergonomic positioning of the buttons, including the dedicated M button for muting your 3.5mm headset and the two additional back buttons. These back buttons sit flush with the shell and have a wide surface area, making them easy to press without disturbing your grip.


The lighting on these controllers is subtle yet stylish. LED channels flank the left and right sides, and the Xbox button in the center is also illuminated. While the buttons themselves aren’t independently lit, the overall effect is visually appealing.

The main differences between the Kaleid and Kaleid Flux lie in their aesthetics and button types: gold accents and membrane buttons on the Kaleid Flux versus silver accents and microswitch buttons on the Kaleid. Both options offer the same high-quality performance and comfort.


Setting Up

Setting up the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers is a straightforward process that guarantees you’ll be ready to game in no time. Start by connecting the detachable 3m USB-C cable to your controller and your chosen gaming platform. These controllers boast plug-and-play functionality, so your device should recognize them immediately as Xbox Gaming Peripherals, especially on Windows.

For more advanced customization, you’ll need to download the GameSir Nexus app from the Windows app store. Once installed, plug in your controller, and open the Nexus app. Here, you can remap buttons, adjust joystick sensitivity, and configure trigger responsiveness. Although the back buttons aren’t mapped by default, the Nexus app allows you to assign functions to them easily.

gamesir nexus software

You can also tweak the controller’s LED lighting effects, set up turbo and fast fire modes, and control vibration intensity. The app supports storing up to three custom profiles, which you can switch between using the M+A/B/X/Y buttons. This ensures you can quickly adapt your controller settings to different games.

Overall Performance

Out of the box, GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers impress with their lightweight design and comfortable grip. Weighing less than many other popular controllers, they feel sturdy and well-built, thanks to their textured surface and secure grip. During extended gaming sessions, the controllers remain comfortable, showing no signs of fatigue or discomfort.

gamesir-Kaleid-side profile

The Hall Effect sensing sticks guarantee precision and durability, minimizing drift issues that plague other controllers. Though the default sensitivity may seem sluggish, using the GameSir Nexus app to fine-tune settings is straightforward and effective. If you prefer tactile feedback, the Kaleid’s clicky microswitch buttons are particularly satisfying.

However, the transparent shell material is a minor drawback. While it looks sleek with customizable LED lights, it’s prone to scratches. Even certain microfiber cloths may leave marks, so handling with care is essential to maintain its pristine look over time.


The inclusion of four motors for realistic vibrations adds to the immersive experience, and the plug-and-play functionality with a 3m USB-C cable makes setup hassle-free.

Final Thoughts

In your final assessment, you’ll find that the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux (10% off code: GSKALEID10OFF) wired controllers offer exceptional value and performance, rivaling even first-party options.

These controllers excel with their multi-platform compatibility, robust design, and impressive features like Hall Effect sensing sticks that prevent drift. The plug-and-play functionality with a detachable 3m USB-C cable guarantees ease of use without the hassle of batteries.


The controllers’ laser-textured design and ergonomic grip make long gaming sessions comfortable. Additionally, the transparent body with customizable LED lights adds a unique visual flair, enhancing your gaming setup. The inclusion of a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones is another thoughtful addition.

User feedback highlights the controllers’ quality and compatibility, with many appreciating the customizable features and realistic vibrations from the four motors. The controllers’ ability to maintain a high polling rate of 1000Hz ensures responsive gameplay.


Despite being wired, the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux provide a near first-party experience at an affordable price. With added benefits like profiles, back paddles, and a dedicated mute button, these controllers offer a compelling alternative to standard wireless options, guaranteeing you never worry about battery life.

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