How to Block Someone on Instagram if They Already Blocked You

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If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you probably want to block them back so they can’t creep on your profile. It’s only fair – right?

But in order to do so, you have to access their profile page. Right? Yes. But, if you’re blocked, you can’t even access their profile. So how do you do it? We’ve found a work-around that actually works!

Follow these step by step instructions:

1. Type a comment on any post. It can be a completely random post or story. Mention their name by starting with the @ sign and post the comment. It may say, “Couldn’t @mention. Tape to edit” in red, but just ignore it.


2. Click on the blue link to their Instagram name that you just commented. It will bring you to a blank page that doesn’t show anything. It will say “No Posts Yet“.

instagram profile no posts yet

3. Tap on the three dots at the upper right corner and select “Block“. It will be the second list item that pops up from the bottom of your screen.


4. Their profile icon will appear and there will be a big blue button that says, “Block“. Click it and you’re good to go.

block button instagram

Currently, this is the only way to block someone on Instagram that’s already blocked you. If you ever change your mind and decide to unblock them, simply access your Instagram settings and select “Unblock”.

Keep in mind; if you block someone, your username and profile will not appear in their search results, or anywhere else on Instagram for that matter.

Did this work for you? It should! If not, let us know some additional details and we’ll try to help you out. Cheers!

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