Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Codes, Cheats and Hacks (Do They Exist?)

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Sea of Conquest: Pirate War is one of the newest MMORPGs that has been gaining popularity. But as with any game, it can take a lot of time to get your character where you want them to be. It leaves many of us pondering; are there any codes, cheats, or hacks available?

Yes – there definitely are. Today we’re going to introduce them to you. Let’s get started.

Currently Active Codes

As of February 2024, these are the current active codes for Sea of Conquest: Pirate War:

  • SOC777 – 20,000 iron, 20,000 wood, 1 echo conch, and 3x 5 minute speedups.
  • MEBOOTY – 1,000 iron, 20,000 wood, 1 echo conch.
  • SOCGLOBAL2024 – Random gift that varies per player.
  • SEAOFCONQUEST – 2x five minute speedups, 2,000 wood, 1,000 iron, and one echo conch

To enter codes on Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, follow these steps:

1. At the upper right-hand corner, tap your character icon. This will bring up the general settings screen. Here, tap the “cog” at the bottom left corner of the screen to access the settings menu.

2. On the general settings screen, tap “Redeem Gifts

3. On the Reedem Gifts screen, tap and enter the gift code in the text box and select “Redeem“.

4. Once you enter the code successfully it will say “Gifts Redeemed. They have been sent to your post.

gifts redeemed they have been sent to your post

Do Cheats and Hacks Exist?

As of now, cheats and hacks do not exist for the Sea of Conquest: Pirate War game that’s available on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

However, Android users can download a modified version of the game, known as an APK file.

Currently, Sea of Conquest Mod Apk 1.1.163 is available and offers “unlimited everything.” This includes unlimited resources and money with almost all premium features unlocked for free.

To download, go to this website and wait 7 seconds for the timer to countdown. The APK file will pop-up and save to your device.


We downloaded this mod and are happy to report that it worked well for us without any issues.

However, do so at your own risk. Be aware that in general, APK files may contain malware, privacy risks, compatibility issues, and even legal issues. And since these APK files are hosted on third-party websites, the content contained within these modified APK files can change at any time.

Another thing to be aware of is that you will not be able to communicate or interact with other players in the game since they will be running a different version than you are.

Additional Codes for Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

Redeemable codes for Sea of Conquest: Pirate War typically expire after a few weeks or months. Because of this, you’ll find many expired codes on other websites.

We’re keeping this article updated with tried and true, working codes. If you discover a new code or find one on our list that’s not working, please let us know by dropping a comment below.

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