How To Fix Helldivers 2 Failed To Join Game Lobby Error

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Are you experiencing the “failed to join game lobby” error on Helldivers 2? If so, you’re not the only one. This problem has been commonly occurring so we’re here to offer several different ways to attempt to fix this. Let’s get right into it.

Fix #1 – Check for Updates

1. Close Helldivers 2 and make sure it’s not running in the background. On PC, run the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and end any process involved with Helldivers 2.

2. Check for game updates. If there are any updates avaialble, install them.

3. Open up the Helldivers 2 game once again.

Fix #2 – Turn Off Crossplay

1. Open up the game settings. You can do this by selecting settings from the pause or title screen menu.

2. Once you’re in settings, access options > gameplay > and select “Turn off Crossplay

3. Close the game, then re-open it. See if this fixed the issue.

Fix #3 – Spam the Click Quick Play Button

Helldivers 2 is a very new game. As such, there are a lot of players attempting to play it at the same time as you are. As a result, the servers may become overloaded. A great way to combat this is to keep trying “Quick Play”, over and over again.

Basically – spam the “Quick Play” button as many times as you can. Often, you’ll be able to use this method to miraculously join a game. Keep trying over and over until it works.

Fix #4 – Restart the Game and the Device

Often times, the “failed to join game” will randomly occur with no rhyme or reason. In some cases, simply closing the game and the game launcher and restarting the game will fix the issue.

Each time you restart or reconnect to the game, the network connection is refreshed. Sometimes this is all it takes to make it work again.

If it still does not work, try rebooting your PC or PS5 console and then try again.

Fix #5 – Play on Less Populated Planets

Sometimes, there may be too many players on one planet simultaneously, resulting in them being over capacity.

The game seems to work best when you’re playing on a less populated planet. There are several to choose from, so simply try a different one until it works correctly.

Fix #6 – Verify Integrity of Game Files

1. Open Steam and go into your game library.

2. Right-click on Helldivers 2 and select “Properties“.

3. Navigate to the “Installed Files” sub menu and then click on “Verify integrity of game files”

4. Once completed, re-launch the game and see if you are now able to join a game.

Fix #7 – Check the Server Status

1. Go to the following URL: or check the official Helldivers 2 Discord channel.

2. Check to see if the game servers are currently experiencing issues.

3. If the Helldivers 2 servers are down, under maintenance, or simply unavailable, you can’t do anything about it but wait. Assume that the game developers are working on it – you must be patient.

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