Helldivers 2 Hacks and Cheats – Do They Exist?

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Getting ahead in Helldivers 2 can require a bit of grinding. Hours and hours must be played in order to proceed in the game, which leaves many wondering; are there any hacks or cheats currently available?

The answer is yes – there are a few different hacks and cheats that exist for Helldivers 2. We’ll share them with you the one and only actual working hack that’s completely free.

Infinite Ammo and Grenades

A user known as jelkix created an infinite ammo and grenade hack that works really well. As a bonus, it’s completely free and currently being openly shared on this forum thread.

Here is a sample video clip that shows this hack being used in game: https://streamable.com/p4lhrm

Here is the download link for this hack. Simply click the blue “Download” button. You will need to signup for an account on the UnknownCheats forum to do so. This only takes a minute and is well worth it if you’re looking for cheats.

helldivers 2 ammo grenade hack download

To install and use the infinite ammo and grenades hack, follow these steps:

1. Download and run an Engine software, such as the one found here: https://www.artmoney.ru

2. Go to autoassembler and manually add the script to the table.

3. Save the CT file for your own engine.

Note: You are able to view the script by opening it in notepad or any text editor.

Alternatively: Follow the video instructions here: https://streamable.com/9sdxia

Keep in mind:

  • You must perform these steps quickly.
  • Do not fully open the engine. (GG will disconnect you).
  • If you have a toggled script, close your engine.
  • Don’t wait until the lobby shows.
  • Do it while Helldivers 2 is in the loading screen.
  • If GG is detecting you, it’s because you did not follow the instructions properly. Try again.

Risks and Warning

As with any in-game hack or cheat, it’s important to understand that your account can be banned. You may receive an indefinite suspension against your PC, console, or game account. That said, use any hack at your own risk.

It’s best to not play online and stick to single player if you plan on using a hack or cheat. This way, you are much more likely to go undetected by not connecting to a public server.

Also – be sure to know that many cheats, trainers, and hacks may contain viruses that you don’t want on your PC. Make sure you have an up to date virus software before attempting any third party downloads. Enjoy!

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