KOKONI EC2 Smart 3D Printer: Ideal Christmas Present for a High-Tech Friend

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3D printing is becoming more and more of a standard household activity. The ability to come up with an idea and bring it to life without a ton of equipment and experience is amazing.

If you want one of the easiest-to-use options out there for your 3D printing needs, you may want to learn more about the KOKONI EC2 Smart 3D Printer.

No-Fuss And Hassle-Free

It doesn’t take much to get started with the EC2. All you need to do is plug it in and get your first file loaded. After that, it can take care of the rest, printing whatever your imagination can dream up.

kokoni ec2

Some 3D printers on the market require you to spend alot of time actually constructing them from various pieces, then loading in materials, designing models, and then hoping it all works when you hit print.

KOKONI took a different approach with the EC2, to make it as easy as taking it out of the box, finding a power outlet, and using your phone to do the rest.

AI-Generated Modeling and 3D Model Gallery

With the power of AI, you can generate your own models from real-life objects you have. You can easily use your phone to create a scan of your item, which will then make the file you need for printing.

From there, get it uploaded to the printer, and you can create the model without any extra software needed for additional design.


The whole system of the EC2 is designed to help you unlock your creativity. There are five different AI-based modeling systems that you can use to take any object you find or dream of and turn it into reality.

To help even further with getting started, KOKONI has a 3D model gallery. This lets you browse over 2000 different designs from other users that you can easily load to the printer and make for yourself.

This is especially helpful for those who know the type of thing they want but don’t want to have to figure out how to design or capture it for themselves.

There are also weekly updates to the model gallery, so you can check in all the time to see what new things there are to create. All of this is controlled right from the companion app.

This lets you simply download the app and then start creating whatever your creative imagination can come up with.

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Fast Printing That’s Easy to Monitor

Speed is an important factor for all 3D printers. You don’t want to get super excited about your newest print only to find out that it’s going to take a super long time to bring to life.

That’s not going to be an issue on the EC2. It has a maximum printing speed of 100mm per second. This allows you to easily print most simple models in under 20 minutes, while competitors can potentially take hours.


One cool feature of this 3D printer is the internal camera. This camera allows you to capture 720p time-lapse video.

This can be really cool to see exactly how the printer works from a new perspective or for creating social media content.

The camera also allows you to monitor the progress of your print and check for any issues that may arise.

Compact Size

Another issue with a lot of 3D printers out there is that they take up a ton of space. Not everyone has access to a large area that they can completely dedicate to a new 3D printer.

To help combat this, KOKONI made the EC2 extremely compact. It’s small enough that it can easily fit on your desk without taking a ton of room.


This does limit the size of things you can print, but the trade-off is worth it for many people looking to start their 3D printing journey.

An ideal use case for the EC2 given its size is for those who live in a small apartment or a dorm, or for those who only have a small office area for all their crafting and creating tools and machines.

By keeping the EC2 as small as it is, KOKONI has enabled a much wider range of people to try out 3D printing not matter how much space they have to work with.

A Truly Smart Toy Maker

To help it be as user-friendly as possible, this printer has a lot of smart features built into the companion app. You can start printing with a single print right from your phone.

They also consistently add new updates and features to it, which means your printer will only get better with time.

kokoni-ec2-toy maker

The app also makes it so you don’t need to know or go learn a bunch of complex design software by simply letting you capture or find models and print them in a few clicks.

If you’re someone who loves to make toys for your favorite role play game, or for your children, the EC2 is going to be a great addition to your life.

Having the ability to think of a cool or fun toy and then bringing it to life is something new to the world, and will surely be something your kids are happy about.

Quiet, Safe, and Smell Free

3D printers can be known to be a bit noisy while in operation. This can get really annoying, especially when print times on some models can take multiple hours.

This problem is eliminated with the KOKONI EC2. While it’s printing, it reaches a maximum volume of 50 decibels. It also doesn’t create bad odors like other options do. All of this helps you not even notice that the 3D printer is in operation while making your next 3D print.

Safety is key with KOKONI. This is especially true when you may be using this in an area that your children or pets are in a lot. To help keep them safe, the entire printer has an enclosed design.

While it’s printing, you can enclose the front with a transparent shield that keeps anyone from reaching in and burning themselves or ruining the print that’s in progress.

Building From Scratch is Fun and Sustainable

With many 3D printers out there, it can be a bit of a drag to get started in printing what you want. Having to learn complex software just to create a model that you want to print is time-consuming and frustrating.

The EC2 eliminates much of that frustration while also letting you continually monitor the print from its camera. If you see any issues while your design is coming to life, you can easily pause or stop the print to eliminate wasted materials.

ec2 kokoni

Plus, it can be pretty fun to share your time-lapse footage with your friends and followers on social media.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the design with KOKONI on the EC2. It uses KOKONI PLA material in the filament for all the printing you’ll do on it. This material is carbon neutral and biodegradable, so you won’t have to print with toxic materials.

Plus, this material has lots of color and texture options, so you can create any look you want in your 3D-printed models.

Technical Specifications

For those who want detailed tech specs on the EC2, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Net weight of 3.2 kg
  • Printing speed of 100 mm per second
  • Printing layer thickness of .1mm-.3mm
  • Dimensions of 189mm x 302mm x 231mm
  • Nozzle diameter of .6mm
  • Top nozzle temperature of 260 degrees Celsius
  • Print size of 100mm x 100mm x 60mm

In the box, you’ll receive the EC2 3D printer, white PLA filament, Tweezers, power adapter, and a user manual.

There are also three different color options available. They include white, orange, and yellow, so you can pick whichever one fits best with your overall aesthetic.

This gives you everything you need to simply plug it in and start printing any design you can think of.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the KOKONI EC2 is an excellent entry-level 3D printer with several smart features that are all very enticing. Use discount code “LOVEKOKONI” through the above link to enjoy a 10% discount.

It seems as if KOKONI took extra care into creating a 3D printer that’s both simple yet effective at creating high quality crafts.

Whether you have a high-tech friend or a family member that loves the latest gadgets, the EC2 would make an excellent Christmas or New Years gift to any aspiring techie.

It’s even a great option for kids who want the freedom to make their own toys!

Its affordable price-point and well-designed layout are commendable, to say the least. Regardless, you’re looking at a feature-rich, well-rounded machine that’s both fun and intuitive.

NOTE: Use code “LOVEKOKONI” for a 10% discount when you order the KOKONI EC2 on the official GearBerry website.

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