LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Headset

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When you’re looking for the perfect Bluetooth headset, there are two qualifications that should never be undermined – comfort and sound quality. An ideal wireless headset that delivers both and more is the LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Headset. It’s ready to provide fantastic sound quality paired with phenomenal comfort to make for hours of continuous use with nothing but pure enjoyment. This new release from LG provides the utmost style, seamless transitioning, and the perfect snug fit that leaves you feeling ready to take on the day, or just your daily work-out with the added bonus of your favorite music. We recently picked up a pair and had to try them out for ourselves.

LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Headset


Since there are several earcups included of various sizes, it’s a simple task to achieve a great fit every time you put them on. Ideal for working out or just everyday casual listening, they provide the comfortable wear you need to take your music and tunes wherever you find yourself. Even when working out, when bumping around or movement is a norm, they seem to perform top-notch. We never had them come out or become entangled while in use. Every time offered a fantastic fit that left us happy.

Sound Quality

Since the LG Tone Pro HBS-760 uses Quad Layer Speaker Technology, you can expect studio quality sound without any snags in performance. The highs, mids, and lows are all inline with how they should sound, and the clarity of the audio is hard to beat. Even when the volume is turned up all the way, you shouldn’t have any distortion issues where sound clarity fails to come through. Although you’ll likely never have it turned up all the way, it says a lot that it can handle the highest volumes with ease.

LG Tone Pro HBS-760

Phone Calls

When you’re deep into your song and you receive a phone call, you can simply accept or reject it by pressing the call buttons on the headset. This will automatically pause your track and switch to the active call. Thanks to the integrated MEMS microphone, you can expect crystal-clear voice interactions with whoever calls your phone while the headset is in use. Some headsets don’t have a very high quality microphone attached, but we wanted to make it apparent that the microphone built into the HBS-760’s are a step up from the rest.

Fully Wireless

Since these utilize the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you can enjoy a fully wireless experience without any hiccups. From the previously released version, the latest HBS-760 provides an increased talk time of up to 16 hours on a single charge, and up to 11 hour of music play time. This is a few hours over the standard wireless headset that usually offers around 8 hours of play time.

LG Tone Pro HBS-760 red

Pick Your Color

To our liking, we found that the LG Tone Pro HBS-760’s are available in a variety of different color styles, making them suitable for all ages and all genders. You can select from black, white, pink, blue, or gold. However, each has the same silver strip that accents the style quite nicely.

Core Functionality

Located on the exterior of the headset in an easy to reach spot are a few handy buttons that control your music and calls with ease. Play, pause, and call functions are now available where you need them the most so you don’t have to pull out your music player or smartphone when you need to change a track or accept a call. These quick and intuitive buttons add to the overall functionality of the headset and make them a great choice for those who often lead an active lifestyle, even if you’re not going to use them solely for working out or hitting the gym.

LG Tone Pro HBS-760 white

Voice Commands

One cool feature that we don’t want to forget to tell you about it the voice command feature. Utilizing A2DP and aptX voice compatibility, you can use your own voice commands to dial numbers and call your friends without removing your phone from your backpack or pocket. Simply press the “call” button and it will activate Siri (iPhone only) where you can then do all sorts of things like call your contacts, text message your friends, create reminders, and even have it read your texts messages aloud.

Overall Thoughts

Since the LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Headset provides the comfort you need and the sound quality you crave, there seems to be nothing holding this headset back from making it one of the top choices for the new year of 2016. Paired with impressive features and full wireless capabilities, you won’t have any setbacks when you take it to the gym or on your daily commute to the office. We feel that LG has done a really good job in crafting a quality headset that they’ll be proud to put their name behind.

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