Neberon Heated Gloves (Pro Series) Review: Fast Warming, Well-Fitting

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REVIEW – Gone are the days of wearing a standard pair of gloves and allowing your body temperature to retain warmth. Electric, battery-powered heated gloves are becoming all too common.

One such is the Neberon Pro Series Heated Gloves. These are a relatively new release that we here at NerdTechy just discovered. The company agreed to send us a pair for our full evaluation.

I’ve spent the last ten days thoroughly testing them – trying out all the features and seeing if they’re worthy of a recommendation. Let’s get right into it.


The Neberon Pro Series come in a shoebox-size package with everything you need to get started:

  • One pair of gloves.
  • Drawstring carrying pouch.
  • Two rechargeable batteries.
  • Dual AC adapter.
  • 3-year warranty card.
  • User manual.
  • Sticker sheet.
neberon pro series heated gloves unboxing


To get started, I made sure to fully charge the batteries using the accompanied dual charger. It plugs directly into a standard outlet and includes two plugs for connecting both batteries simultaneously.

Charging took about two hours as indicated by the red and green LED on the backside of the AC adapter. Red means charging, green means full battery. Simple enough.

neberon-pro-series batteries charging

Once they’re charged-up, unzip the small pouch on the upper wrist side and plug-in each battery. The small rubberized button on the top of the hand indicates power.

Simply press and hold for 2 seconds and the gloves will warm-up. You can then tap to cycle through the three power modes – high (red), medium (blue), low (green).

neberon-pro-series-heated-gloves-connecting battery

The three green bars indicate remaining battery life. We’ll discuss more about the battery and its lifespan in a later section.

Comfort & Fit

My hands are a bit bigger than most, so the size large they sent me worked out well. The gloves fit perfectly and are very easy to put on.

I appreciate the large cuff that extends up my wrist with a drawstring that cinches down to prevent snow and/or cold air from seeping down them.

neberon-pro-series-heated-gloves wearing

The elastic and Velcro strap around the wrist provide an added layer of security. It can be tightened or left loose, depending on your preference. I opted to cinch it down tight as I felt like it kept the warmth more-contained.

As far as dexterity goes, I felt like I have full control over each finger with ample grip. I could grab a snow shovel, door handle, or virtually anything else with plenty of security.

wearing-neberon-pro-series-palm side

Choosing the right size is important for this, but luckily, they come in small, medium, large, or extra large sizes.

The inner layer is very supple and seems to keep warmth quite well. There isn’t a removable liner, but you can tell that there are multiple insulation layers that assist with proper heat retention that you’d expect.

wearing neberon pro series in snow

With the requirement for a battery pack to be placed in each glove, I initially thought they might be problematic with adding bulkiness to the gloves. That said, they certainly do add a little bit of bulk and weight, but it’s not significant.

As long as the gloves are snuggly fitting and you use the built-in drawstring, the battery doesn’t seem to cause any annoyance. The mass they add is quite minimal without throwing off the center of gravity.


The Neberon Pro Series gloves warm-up very fast. In fact, I found that within 30 seconds there was noticeable heat. After about five minutes, they’re fully warm and ready to go.

The heating elements are interwoven at the top and palm side of each of the gloves. They span down each finger and briefly into the wrist area. This spreads the heat relatively evenly, with a noticeable improvement in warmth.

wearing-neberon-pro-series-heating element

The result is remarkable. It’s as if the heating elements help to warm blood flow to these areas. While using them in sub 10 degree (Fahrenheit) conditions, I never once felt like I needed more warmth.

I feel like they make a massive difference in improving your own body’s warming capabilities. It may sound cliché, but the “boost” of heat they emit is surely noticeable to make a real difference.

In fact, I found the I didn’t even need to use them on the highest setting. The medium warmth setting was ample-enough.

If I kept them on high for an excess of 30 minutes, my hands began to sweat. While this may be different for each user, it indicates a huge improvement over your standard pair of non-electric gloves.


The Neberon Pro Series gloves are built with eVent material throughout. The entire exterior is encapsulated in this moisture-resistant material. It breathes nicely while simultaneously allowing snow and light moisture from seeping in.

The wicking properties of the eVent are noticeable when coming into contact with water. It naturally forms beads of water that roll off and don’t absorb into the gloves. Perfect.

neberon-pro-series-heated-gloves with snow

While I’m not sure if the properties of the eVent fabric will last a lifetime, it provides all of the breathability and moisture resistance that’s needed.

The palm and grip area of the thumbs are reinforced with a thickened grippy material. With a rubber-like feel, it adds a good amount of grip without adding more bulk. This will also help by adding longevity so they don’t quickly wear-through over the course of time.


Each battery weighs 76 grams and fits perfectly into each zippered pouch on the top-side of your wrists.


While you surely don’t want to expose the battery to water or any kind of moisture, they’re stowed in an ideal location while in use. The zipper is sealed tightly with a rubberized gasket that successfully keeps out snow and moisture.

In terms of overall battery life, it depends solely on the selected setting. On high, I had them last around four and a half hours. Remarkable.

If I set it to medium, the duration would increase to around six hours. Turning on the lowest setting, they lasted eight full hours without issue.

neberon-pro-series-battery plugged into glove

The amount of time the batteries last is excellent. Even when single digit temperatures existed, the duration kept the same.

However, the manufacturer recommends not using them in sub-zero temperatures. This is because lithium batteries tend to underperform when temperatures reach this low.

I didn’t have a chance to use them in negative digits, but I could see how this could be problematic. After all, it seems everything struggles when it gets that cold.

What I Liked

  • Excellent comfort and fit.
  • Battery lasts between 4-8 hours.
  • 2-hour recharge time.
  • Dual battery charger means you can recharge both simultaneously.
  • Very durable yet breathable material.
  • Provides ample dexterity and grip.
  • Easy to control and adjust temperature setting.
  • Multiple ways to cinch down the wrist area.
  • Carrying pouch included.
neberon-pro-series-heated-gloves grabbing icicles

What I Didn’t Like

  • One-piece design. Liner is not removable.
  • Batteries are proprietary. You may have trouble buying replacements years down the road.
  • Limited color schemes available.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I definitely would. The Neberon Pro Series Heated Gloves do an excellent job in most regards. For those who are looking for the best warmth a glove can provide, these are the bees knees.

The fit the gloves offer is remarkable – on point with many high-end non-electric gloves that I’ve used in the past. There are multiple ways to ensure a tight yet supple fit without taking away dexterity.

neberon-pro-series-heated gloves

Built to withstand daily use, they’re reinforced where it matters most, with plenty of grip throughout. I really love the inner liner that’s plush and highly insulated. Even on the lowest warming setting, they offer a noticeable increase in temperature.

Although there are a few downsides to consider such as the price-point and proprietary batteries, all in all, you’re looking at a well-designed, well-executed pair of heated gloves that surely impress.

If your fingers are notorious for getting cold, or if you’re looking for the latest tech in warming gear, look no further.

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