Review of the Roost Smart WiFi Battery for Smoke Alarms

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You must know the status of your smoke alarm. In case you were unware, it was reported by The US National Fire Protection Association in 2014 that 60% of home fire deaths occur where no working smoke detector was in place. That’s not all.

Those are just the odds of survival. We’re not even counting all of the house fires that could have been prevented by an effective smoke alarm. The cause of this might shock you.

Many smoke detectors work just fine. In fact, if the batteries were active in a lot of the smoke detectors that had been in place, there would have been many less fires and deaths. The Roost Smart Battery is the best solution you can have.

Roost Smart WiFi Battery for Smoke Alarms

Smart Measures to Keep You Alert

Of course, a solution like this must be simple. In an emergency situation, you don’t have a moment to waste and you certainly want something you can rely on. Roost is just that.

There are a lot of things that make Roost so secure. First of all, it will alert when it happens to be low in charge so that you can take the appropriate action. Here’s how it works.

Using the Roost smart phone app, it’ll send you a notification right away so you know about it even if you’re not at home. Do away with annoying beeps at four in the morning. With Roost, you can have low battery alerts easily, but there are also emergency alerts. Let me explain.

The Roost app allows you to create a network of friends and family. If there is an emergency alarm, it’ll sent an alert to your selected network, keeping your home as safe as possible. There’s one other advantage.

Roost Smart WiFi Battery for Smoke Alarms

Sometimes the smoke detector goes off when we’re cooking. It’s a fact that it can get really annoying to switch between baking and blowing out the fire alarm due to a little smoke. It wastes so much time that your food eventually burns and you have a real problem to deal with. Here’s Roost’s solution.

Snooze button. By quickly touching snooze, your alarm will stop beeping giving you peace of mind and easy access. Keep in mind that this is only for battery powered smoke alarms.

Very Easy to Use

Technology should make our lives easier. By adding a whole bunch of in ‘efficient’ measures to everything we do, it actually complicates our lives. We need an effective solution that works all around.

With the Roost Smart Battery, you get the best of both worlds. To start with, it’s something that any adult can install in 15 minutes or less. It’s really a three-part component including an app, your smart battery and a smoke detector. Let’s walk through the process.

Roost Smart WiFi Battery for Smoke Alarms

It is super easy to set up. As you already know it takes very little time, and better yet requires no tools at all. You can be up and running with nothing more than the items mentioned above. But there’s more.

You can sync up all of your alarms. The beautiful part about this, is that you have all of the statuses of each one of your smoke detectors located in a single app. It’s even better than that though.

Roost Smart WiFi Battery for Smoke Alarms

All you need is a smart phone. You only ever have to touch the smoke detector when you need to charge or change out the batter, because the app does it all. You can test your alarm, hit snooze and every other function easily and accessibly. There’s one other benefit here.

The Roost app has an activity history. This way, you know exactly when the last test was for every one of your smoke detectors, also allowing you to test them on the spot instantly. They’ve really delivered an easy product to use.

Dependable Long Life

Roost surpasses the acid test here – it works. More than that though, each of the 9V batteries last for an entire five years, no maintenance necessary. For such a lost cost lithium, rechargeable battery, we really can’t believe what a spectacular value this is.

Not only does it keep your home safe and connected, it’ll end up saving you money too.

Roost Smart WiFi Battery for Smoke Alarms

Overall Thoughts

We’ve already ordered our Roost Smart WiFi Battery, we’re that excited about it. We review and research new and upcoming products all the time and we must say, the thought and technology that went into the creation and inception of this battery is apparent. It could prove to be a real lifesaver in the future and you know what they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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