Soundcore AeroFit Pro Review: 3-Week Test Run

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REVIEW – I always love a good set of earbuds. This time, I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of Soundcore’s newest open ear true wireless earbuds – the AeroFit Pro.

These earbuds are a premium option that seem to have a lot going for them. With a non-intrusive design that’s supposed to deliver amazing comfort with premium sound, I was eager to test them out.

I spent the last 3 weeks thoroughly testing out and using the AeroFit Pro on a daily basis. After extensive use, I’m here to report my findings. Let’s get right into it.

Unboxing & First Impressions

The Soundcore AeroFit Pro are nicely packaged in a plastic-free box without any unnecessary frills. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • The AeroFit pro earbuds.
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable.
  • Charging case.
  • Memory wire for connecting both earbuds together.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Safety precaution paperwork.
soundcore aerofit pro unboxing

I popped the buds out of their case, ripped off the pre-set stickers on the charging contacts, and paired them to my phone. Within 15 seconds they were connected and I was immediately using them.

It’s apparent from the start that these are high-end earbuds. With a $169.99 price tag, you truly do get what you pay.

Initially, I shuffled through my Spotify playlist and watched several hours of YouTube content. Needless to say, they left a very good first impression.

Let’s get right into all the details on what I loved about them.

soundcore-aerofit-pro-in case

What I Liked

  • Superb comfort – I really enjoy the way that they securely wrap around your ears without actually going into them. The one-size-fits-all approach is very nice since they work universily well regardless of your ear size. No need to switch out a variety of tips; just set them around your ears and you’re good to go.
soundcore-aerofit-pro-on ear
  • Excellent build quality – The way that Soundcore crafted the AeroFit Pro is very commendable. It’s clear that they were going for a sleek and stylish appearance while remaining minimal. From the case to the buds themselves, everything was made of a sturdy matte plastic that left no residue of fingerprints or grime.
  • Incredible sound quality – The sound that the AeroFit Pro produces is out of this world. Seriously. I’ve tried hundreds of wireless earbuds in the past, and these are definitely in the top three in terms of overall clarity and realism. While I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile, it’s say to say that any and all content sounds amazing. From deep rhythmic bass to classical instruments, I never experienced any tinny sounds or unwanted distortion. The audio profile is perfect from the get-go without any adjustment. And even when you crank the tunes up to the maximum level (which is insanely loud), there’s no distortion to speak of.
soundcore-aerofit-pro-wireless earbuds
  • App works great – The companion Soundcore app is a wonderful addition once you get them paired up. It lets you adjust the sound profile to specific equalizer settings. There is a lot of adjustability to fine-tune your sound profile, which might be nice to do if you want to manually tweak the bass, EQ, or treble to your liking. Thankfully, it’s a quick download and I never had it freeze on me.
  • Memory wire – The included memory wire is a smart extra that truly assists with keeping the buds steady when I went jogging or mountain biking. It firmly connects to the tip of each earbud and forms a stiff wire around the back of your neck. I even took them skiing, and they stayed put with ease. There was never a moment where I felt uneasy about them being loose or wiggly.
soundcore-aerofit-pro-memory wire
  • Physical buttons – Rather than opting for touch controls, I’m glad to see that Soundcore opted to use a single physical button on the exterior of each bud. This prevents any accidental presses since you can feel the button press instead of accidently touching them.
  • Superb battery life – I found the battery to last around 12 hours before they needed to be re-charged. The case keeps them charged while not in use; around 4 full re-charges. Best of all, the case re-charges extremely quick, in under 1 hour. In fact, every 5 minutes the case is plugged-in, it equates to about 5 hours of playtime.
  • High quality charge case – Speaking of, the charging case is nicer than anything I’ve tested before. It’s a slim, clean-looking case that has a unique magnetic push-latch that keeps them safe and sound while not in use. It springs open quickly and snaps closed without much effort. And since the button is recessed, there’s minimal worry that you’ll accidently open them up in your pocket or book bag.
soundcore-aerofit-pro-charging case

What I Didn’t Like

  • They’re expensive – The price tag of $169.99 makes the AeroFit pro a bit out of reach for some individuals. That said, there are plenty of sub $100 buds on the market, but none of them sound as amazing as these do. So in effect, you truly do get what you pay for, although it is quite a bit.
  • No adjustability – Although I didn’t need to adjust them because they personally fit me perfectly, some users may not like that they are not adjustable. The buds don’t have any way to bend or mold them to your ear shape, so keep that in mind.
  • Flashy graphics – Some may not like the abundance of Soundcore logos that are displayed on the exterior of the buds. I tested the white version, and the orange logos could arguably take away from their minimalist appearance. Not too big of deal, but I thought I should mention this.

Would I Recommend Them?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Soundcore AeroFit Pro to anyone looking to upgrade their audio game. While they’re mainly geared towards active lifestyles, I found myself using them for everyday movie watching and music listening.

They fit me extremely well, without coming loose or causing pressure points after long listening sessions. While they are built in a one-size-fits-all design, some users may prefer a bit more adjustability. Not me, however.

soundcore-aerofit-pro-memory-wire connected

The sound that they’re capable of producing is out of this world. It truly is astonishing how vivid, crisp, and clear they remain, with the perfect amount of bass right out of the box. And if you’re not a fan of the way they sound initially, feel free to use the iOS or Android app to fine-tune your sound profile.

The inclusion of the memory wire is a smart choice. For those who run, bike, or remain active, they bring added stability and peace of mind. While I didn’t use the memory wire at all times, I could tell that it adds a layer of stability that many earbud manufacturers overlook.

All in all, while expensive, the Soundcore AeroFit Pro are a superb upgrade. Especially if you haven’t had the luxury of trying a premium option. They’re miles ahead of any of their cheap counterparts. Two thumbs up, for sure!

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