emeet-airflow review

EMEET AirFlow Review – Crisp, Clear Audio with Bonus Features

REVIEW – Here at NerdTechy, we’re no stranger to wireless earbuds. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of open-ear models that are definite head-turners. One such is the new EMEET AirFlow. The EMEET AirFlow carry an open-ear design that prioritize situational awareness without affecting sound quality. Or so they claim. Luckily, EMEET was kind enough …

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4 Best Earbuds Cleaning Tools & Kits in 2024

Have you ever wondered if the state of your earbuds could affect the quality of sound they deliver? You’re not alone in pondering this. Audiophiles and casual listeners alike have noted the importance of keeping their earbuds clean for optimal performance. A clogged earpiece can distort sound, shorten device lifespan, and even cause ear infections. …

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hohem-mic-01 review

Hohem Mic-01 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Review [One-Week Testing]

REVIEW – If you’re a content creator, you need a reliable, well-designed microphone. A wireless lavalier microphone is a prime choice for this purpose. Hohem, a popular manufacturer of film and audio, recently released the Mic-01. This is a fully wireless lavalier microphone that includes two transmitters and one receiver that plugs-in to your smartphone. …

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