EMEET AirFlow Review – Crisp, Clear Audio with Bonus Features

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REVIEW – Here at NerdTechy, we’re no stranger to wireless earbuds. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of open-ear models that are definite head-turners. One such is the new EMEET AirFlow.

The EMEET AirFlow carry an open-ear design that prioritize situational awareness without affecting sound quality. Or so they claim.

Luckily, EMEET was kind enough to send us our own pair to thoroughly test out. After using them for about 2 weeks, I’ll give you the run-down on what I liked, and what I would change about them.

This review will be primarily based on my own experience and opinions of them. I’m not going to re-hash all the selling points and features. Rather, I’ll give you a complete rundown that’s straight to the point. Let’s begin.

Unboxing & Pairing

Upon their arrival to my front door, I was happy to find a plethora of items in the box. Here’s what you get:

  • The AirFlow earbuds (left and right)
  • Charging case
  • Detachable boom mic
  • 11-inch long USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • USB transmitter (for PC)
  • Silicone stabilizers
  • User manual
  • Pleather carrying pouch with drawstring
emeet airflow unboxing

What I Liked

  • Pairing was simple – Upon unboxing, all I needed to do was remove the plastic film that’s covering the charging contacts, press and hold the exterior “touch control” area on each bud, and tap the Bluetooth connection on my phone. Each time I used them I didn’t need to re-pair. They simply pair automatically each time I remove them from the case.
  • Extremely comfortable – I love the way they feel. The buds are soft, supple, and very smooth. They don’t create discomfort or cause excessive sweat. I’m also a big fan of the over-ear hook design. Since they boast an open-ear design, nothing is actually inserted into your ears. Rather, they wrap around your ears and don’t apply any unnecessary pressure. Plus, they stay put, even with vigorous activity such as jogging. As a bonus, EMEET includes a pair of silicone stabilizers that slide over the behind-the-ear tips to provide an extra layer of sturdiness. I didn’t feel like these were totally necessary, but they’re a nice extra – for sure.
emeet-airflow wearing comfort on ear
  • Good sound quality – I truly enjoyed the sound that the EMEET AirFlow provide. Right from the start, the sound profile is balanced with clear distinction between lows, mids, and highs. There’s an appropriate amount of bass, but it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t seem to “get in the way” of the crisp vocals.
emeet-airflow wireless earbuds
  • Wonderful app – Although it’s not necessarily a requirement, the EMEET TUNE app is a very useful inclusion. I highly recommend downloading it on your iOS or Android device prior to fully immersing yourself into them. Open it up and you have complete control over EQ modes, touch controls, and a wide range of other settings. You can even view the remaining battery life (in percentage) of each bud and the charging case itself. I mostly had fun with the five preset EQ settings. You can quickly choose between classic, vocal, bass boost, treble boost, or custom. I found myself using custom and fine-tuning them to each song I listened to. Pretty fun!
  • Excellent voice clarity – I only used the detachable boom microphone a few times. It plugs-in to the left earbud and sticks straight out, near your mouth, although it isn’t bendable. It’s nice to see this as an extra, and even nicer that they didn’t opt to permanently attach it. Having the option to remove it at your own discretion is much preferred. In addition, the noise cancellation with voice calls was excellent. I ran it through a couple test calls and found that it effectively drowned-out background noise in order to keep the conversation clear and distinct. Plus, a simple tap to the small button on the mic will mute it, offering the ability to silence your local conversation with ease.
emeet-airflow-boom mic attached
  • Great battery life – The advertised 8 hour battery life is pretty realistic. In all instances, I found them to last 7-8 hours each time I used them. And when I was done, I simply placed them back in the case to top-off the batteries. That said, I got about 4-5 full re-charges without needing to plug-in the USB cable. And speaking of, the USB cable charged up the case in about 4 hours, which I think is fairly quick.
emeet-airflow-charging case
  • Durable – With an IPX5 waterproof rating, you can feel OK about getting them wet or exposing them to an outdoor environment. While these aren’t specifically workout earbuds, you can surely use them as such and feel OK about getting them dirty. To test them out, I ran them over the faucet and they held up just fine.
  • UV sterilization – One of the most unique features is the inclusion of two UV LED chips inside of the case. Located directly underneath each bud while they’re inserted into the case, they emit a bright blast of UV light that sterilizes the speaker area of each bud. Admittedly, this is something I’ve never seen implemented into a set of earbuds before, so it’s safe to say it’s very unique. While I don’t think I’ll personally use this feature much, it’s easy to activate with the tiny button on the front-exterior of the case. Nonetheless, it’s a cool addition!
emeet-airflow-wireless-earbuds wings
  • USB transmitter – For those who want to use the EMEET AirFlow with their PC for voice communication, the included USB transmitter is a nice extra. It lets you simultaneously connect to your PC and phone using the same connection. Thus, making it easy to involve yourself in voice or video conference while being able to shuffle through your music playlist on your phone. Pretty cool!

What I Didn’t Like

  • Attracts dust – While the soft silicone material and matte exterior look and feel fantastic, they definitely attract lint, fingerprints, and tiny particles. Once these tiny pieces of debris are “stuck” to the earbuds, they’re a bit of a hassle to fully remove. While the grime isn’t going to have any effect on performance, the black appearance makes these tiny imperfections show up.
  • Limited color options – The EMEET AirFlow are only available in a black colorway. While this is quite standard, it definitely would have been nice to see a few other color options available such as red, blue, white, etc. It’s not a big issue for many, but some people may like to have a unique-like appearance that strays away from standard black.
  • High price point – While the AirFlow have a lot going for them, the retail price of $159.99 is somewhat steep. Sure, they have a bunch of extra features that most buds don’t have, but that doesn’t change the fact that they cost more than a pair of 2nd-gen AirPods.
  • Touch controls are sensitive – I found that when I removed them from my ears, the touch controls were always accidently pressed. I had to be really careful and refrain from touching the shiny “EMEET” logo as to not skip a track or pause the tunes. Thankfully, you can deactivate touch controls with the app, so it’s really not a big deal for most.

Would I Recommend the EMEET AirFlow?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the EMEET AirFlow to anyone looking to upgrade their audio game. They’re a very nice set of earbuds that carry quite a bit of benefits and features that you don’t often see.

Most notably, the comfort they provide is what stood out to me the most. I love the way they feel – soft, delicate, yet sturdy and well made. After wearing them for up to 8 hours at a time, I never once felt as if they gave any discomfort. In fact, if I didn’t have my music on, I almost forgot I was wearing them.

emeet-airflow-wireless-earbuds-with case

The app is a joy to play around with. It unveils an entire plethora of listening preferences that allow you to fine tune your audio experience. Whether you’re on a business-oriented phone call, watching a movie, or listening to your Spotify playlist, they excel. The bass, treble, lows/mids/highs are all commendable. Even when cranked up to the maximum, there was never any distortion or any unwanted effects.

All in all, you’re looking at a nicely designed, well-executed pair of earbuds that hardly have any downsides other than the somewhat steep price point. I say, if you can afford them, go for them. You won’t regret it.

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