4 Best DVR & NVR Security Lockboxes in 2024

Just as a fortress protects its treasures within, so must a reliable security lockbox safeguard the heart of your surveillance system – the DVR or NVR. You’ve invested in a top-notch security camera setup to monitor your property, but without a sturdy lockbox, you’re leaving the crucial recordings vulnerable to theft, tampering, or damage. In …

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boblov m7 pro review

BOBLOV M7 PRO 4K Body Camera Review

REVIEW – Cameras have come a long way over the past few years. Bodycams are now somewhat of a norm these days, as both protection and accountability for police officers and security guards is of utmost importance. Here at NerdTechy, we’ve reviewed hundreds of cameras over the years. That being said, we haven’t had the …

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Review & Comparison: Reolink RLC-823A, Argus PT Ultra, and TrackMix WiFi Security Cameras

In the pursuit of enhancing home security, the modern homeowner is met with an array of choices, each promising to be the vigilant eye that never sleeps. Among these, Reolink has carved out a name for itself, offering cameras that combine high-tech features with user-friendly interfaces. Today, we’ll scrutinize three of Reolink’s security cameras: the …

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