The WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 is the Perfect All-Around Jump Starter

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You’ve likely encountered the frustration of a dead car battery, and perhaps you’re considering the WOLFBOX 4000A Jump Starter as a solution. This device not only promises to start your car up to 40 times on a single charge but also caters to both gasoline and diesel engines up to 10 liters.

Its 24000mAh battery and PD 65W fast charging are impressive, aren’t they? Today, we’re here to explore its features and what exactly it has to offer. Lets get right into it.

What’s in the box?

Packaged in the box is everything you’d need and nothing more. You’ll find the following:

  • WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 jump starter unit
  • Jumper cables
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 65W USB-C wall charger
  • EVA hard-shell storage case (zippered)
  • User manual

Here’s a quick unboxing video to show you what you’re getting:


With an impressive 24000mAh/88.8Wh battery, the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 Jump Starter guarantees you can start your vehicle up to 40 times on a single charge, making it a reliable powerhouse for emergencies.

This high-capacity feature is particularly essential for those who own larger 12V vehicles such as trucks, boats, and other heavy-duty equipment. It’s engineered to handle gasoline or diesel engines up to 10 liters, which covers a broad range of automotive needs.

WOLFBOX MegaVolt24

The technical prowess of this device lies in its ability to deliver 4000A of peak power, ensuring instant start-ups even under strenuous conditions. This peak power is a critical metric, as it determines the effectiveness of the jump starter in real-world emergency scenarios where battery reliability can be the difference between a quick departure and being stranded.

Moreover, the robust battery capacity not only facilitates multiple starts but also supports its integrated PD 65W I/O fast charge capability. This allows for rapid recharging of the jump starter itself and other devices, maximizing uptime and reducing the total time connected to a power source.

In essence, the MegaVolt24 an indispensable tool in your vehicle’s emergency kit, blending raw power with sophisticated charging technology to keep you ready at all times.

HD LED Display

Building on its high-capacity functionality, the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 features an HD LED display that clearly shows all essential status indicators, ensuring you’re always informed about the device’s condition and readiness.

This display is pivotal in maintaining the usability and effectiveness of the jump starter. You can quickly assess the battery level, charging status, and operational modes without getting lost in complicated menus or settings.

WOLFBOX-MegaVolt24 led display

The HD LED display on the MegaVolt24 isn’t just about clarity; it’s designed with an intuitive interface that supports its robust functionality. You’ll find this beneficial, especially in urgent scenarios where quick decision-making is essential. The display is bright and easily readable even under direct sunlight or at night, which enhances its utility across various environments and lighting conditions.

In my opinion, the attention to detail in the display’s design reflects the overall build quality of the MegaVolt24. It contributes to a user-friendly experience, allowing you to navigate through different functions effortlessly. The clear, crisp visuals ensure you’re not second-guessing the readings, which is vital when you’re relying on the device to get your vehicle started in emergency situations.

65W USB-C Quick Charging

The WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 jump starter features a 65W USB-C Quick Charging capability, efficiently recharging in minimal time. This rapid charge functionality is critical, especially when you’re on the move and can’t afford long downtimes. The included PD65W fast charger underscores its efficiency, allowing it to fully recharge in just 1.3 hours. You can even use this to fast-charge your phone or other USB-powered devices.

WOLFBOX-MegaVolt24-quick charging

The dual-port configuration, which includes one Type-C in/out port and one QC3.0 USB-A port, make direct charging from the jump starter quite convenient. This setup enables you to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously—be it your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The Type-C port isn’t just for output; it also supports input, which means you can recharge the jump starter itself using the same high-speed interface.

Analyzing the technical specifications, the 65W output is substantial compared to standard chargers, reducing the charge time significantly for power-hungry devices. This feature is particularly beneficial during travel or outdoor activities where time and power sources are limited.

The inclusion of such advanced charging technology in a robust jump starter unit highlights the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24’s role as a multifunctional tool for not only vehicle emergencies but also for keeping your essential devices operational in critical situations.

Booster & LED Flashlight

Often, when your vehicle’s battery voltage dips too low for a standard start, you can rely on the booster function of the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 jump starter to efficiently kickstart the engine.

This unit delivers a substantial 4000A peak power, enabling it to handle the demanding requirements of up to 10L/12V vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats. Its capability to start a vehicle approximately 40 times on a single charge highlights its robust performance and reliability.

In addition, the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 isn’t just a jump starter. It includes a multifunctional 200-lumen LED flashlight with three distinct modes: high-beam, strobe, and SOS. These features are particularly useful in various emergency situations, providing visibility and safety when you’re stranded in the dark.


The high-beam setting offers intense, focused light, suitable for checking engine parts or changing a tire at night. The strobe and SOS modes are designed for attracting attention, essential for alerting passersby or emergency services in case of roadside emergencies.

This combination of powerful jump-starting capability and emergency lighting makes it an indispensable tool for any vehicle owner, ensuring you’re prepared for unexpected battery issues and low-light conditions.

IP64 & 10 Types Protections

With an IP64 protection rating, your WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 jump starter withstands dust and water splashes, ensuring durability in various environmental conditions. This rating is particularly important because it protects the internal components from being compromised by external elements, which could otherwise impair its functionality or shorten its lifespan.

Moreover, the MegaVolt24 is engineered with 10 essential safety protections that enhance its reliability and safety during use. These include spark-proof technology, which prevents accidental sparks during connection to a battery, important for preventing potential fire hazards.


It also features low-temperature protection to guarantee the device operates effectively even in extremely cold environments, and high-temperature protection to prevent overheating during high load applications or in hot climates.

These safety features are supported by internal circuitry that manages power distribution and heat generation, guarding against overcharging and short-circuiting. This thorough protection scheme not only ensures your safety but also maintains the longevity and efficiency of the jump starter.

Final Thoughts

Considering the robust features and versatile applications of the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 jump starter, it’s evident this device provides reliable performance and essential safety for emergency vehicle starts.

With its powerful 4000A peak capacity, you’re equipped to jump-start any 12V vehicle, from small sedans to large 10L engines. Its high-capacity battery guarantees that you can address multiple start-up emergencies on a single charge, providing around 40 starts.

WOLFBOX-MegaVolt24-case and accessories

The integrated 65W PD fast-charging port isn’t only efficient but also versatile, allowing you to quickly recharge the jump starter itself in just 1.5 hours or power other devices on the go. The multi-functional LED flashlight with SOS, strobe, and high-beam modes enhances its utility in varied emergency scenarios, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Storage and maintenance are straightforward, thanks to its compact design and the included EVA storage bag which protects against dust and water. The LCD screen adds a layer of sophistication by keeping you informed of the charging status and battery levels.

All in all; a technically superior choice for anyone prioritizing performance and safety in a portable package. Highly recommended.

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