yeedi Black Friday Deal on Vac 2 Pro and Vac Station

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Cleaning the floors in your home is a time-consuming process. Nowadays, more people than ever are looking to automate their home cleaning routine.

Advances in robot vacuums have now made them one of the most popular methods of tidying up your living space. But the amount of different brands, makes and models can be a bit overwhelming.

One of the most popular, up and coming manufacturers is yeedi. They’re a brand that started in 2019, giving consumers several options to choose from.

Their product line ranges from entry-level to high-end. Here at NerdTechy, yeedi is our go-to recommendation for those looking for a nice balance between features and affordability.

Today, we’re going to be discussing their two most popular models – the yeedi Vac 2 Pro and the yeedi Vac Station. We’ll examine the features of both and go into details on what sets them apart.

Best of all, both are set to be discounted during their upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Simply put, this is the best time to invest in one of them. But which one will you choose? Let’s get right into it.

yeedi vac 2 pro

yeedi Vac 2 Pro

The Vac 2 Pro is yeedi’s high-end choice for those who want a “smart” robot vacuum that performs just as well as it’s supposed to. Rather than just a standard vacuum, it has a multi-use design.

This means it can perform both vacuuming and mopping while being fully compatible with the (not included) self-emptying station. Those who opt for the Vac 2 Pro have the ability to upgrade to it at a later date or buy it as a bundle.

The Vac 2 Pro features a unique oscillating mopping system. Rather than just spraying down some water and moving it around the floor as it drives over it, it has the ability to imitate human hand movements.

The mopping pad underneath the unit vibrates while simultaneously scrubbing. In fact, it moves at a rate of 480 scrubs per minute. Often said to be nearly 5 times as effective than manual cleaning, it’s best for stubborn stains, big messes and larger clean-ups than most traditional robot vacuums are capable of.


Think of it like the way an electric toothbrush cleans. When the mopping pad touches the floor, it moves vigorously from side to side. So fast, it’s actually a constant vibration. This means, effective cleaning for all kinds of hard floors – laminate, wood, tile, etc. Best of all, it’s surprisingly quiet. While you can hear a slight hum, it’s much quieter than any traditional vacuum or electric mop.


3D Obstacle Avoidance

Internally, there are some pretty fascinating going on. Yeedi’s Vac 2 Pro is built with 3D obstacle avoidance. Similar to the technology that Apple uses on FaceID, the robot measures the length, height and width of any nearby objects and creates an efficient way to dodge them. All without getting lost or becoming confused. In reality, it works wonderfully. When compared to other brands, it seems yeedi does a much better job at navigating through a complex home.



In addition, over time, the Vac 2 Pro creates an entire home layout of your floors. Known as its Smart Visual Mapping & Navigation feature, it’s all accessible via the app. It’ll identify each of your rooms and rebuild an accurate map that you can then set schedules to. This way, you’re able to set the robot to vacuum certain areas during specific times of the day. Within the app, you can save up to three maps if you’d like to use it in different dwellings.

yeedi Carpet-and-Floor-Detection

Carpet and Floor Detection

Since the yeedi Vac 2 Pro has a dual vacuum and mop built into the same unit, it needs to know at what time each should turn on or shut off. Thanks to the built-in carpet detection sensors, the robot will automatically switch to vac-mode and turn off mop-mode simultaneously. It can switch between the two with very little hesitation. This is a feature that’s ideal for those who have a lot of rugs and hard floors throughout their house.

Battery Life

The Vac 2 Pro is equipped with a 5200mAh rechargeable battery. Impressively, it’s able to operate for up to 220 minutes (nearly 4 hours) before needing a charge. Although this estimate is variable based on a multitude of settings and factors, even if it had a 3 hour lifespan, that would be more than enough for most floors under 2,000 square feet.

Re-charging is easy. Once finished, the bot will automatically dock itself back at the dock. From 0 to 100 percent capacity, the battery takes around 6 hours to fully replenish.

Dustbin Compatible

As mentioned earlier, the yeedi Vac 2 Pro is fully compatible with the self-empty base station. Although it’s not included, it’s a nice upgrade to have if you truly want the vacuum/mop to run on its own. The dustbin allows for around a month of mess-free cleaning until you need to manually empty it. It sure beats having to empty the smaller dustbin within the robot after each use.

The dustbin contains a 2.5L bag within it that’s completely sealed. After cleaning, the robot will automatically dock itself here where it will then auto-empty and re-charge for the next day. The only thing you may want to manually change is the washable pad underneath the Vac 2 Pro after every other use. Regardless, this upgrade makes vacuuming and mopping nearly completely chore-free.

yeedi vac station

yeedi Vac Station

The yeedi Vac Station is viewed as the all-in-one option for those who want vacuuming, mopping and self-emptying, right from the start. Everything is included, but the robot vac/mop that’s included with this package only differs in a couple ways. The only real difference is battery life.

While the Vac 2 Pro is said to last 220 minutes per charge, the robot included with the Vac Station is advertised for 200 minutes. In reality, this isn’t all that big of difference. When you buy the dustbin as a complete bundle, you’re saving quite a bit. The upgrade is only an extra $50. In our opinion, it’s worth buying the Vac Station from the start. An extra 20 minutes in battery life is negligible. Even at 200 minutes, it shouldn’t have any problem cleaning the average home on a single charge.


Right now on Amazon, the Vac 2 Pro and Vac Station are discounted by $150 off their original price. The Vac 2 Pro is down to $300 while the Vac Station is now at $350.

Recently, yeedi has been introduced two new programs to help entice new customers. First is the Swap Repair Program. Within the one-year warranty period, if any defect or quality issues occur, you’re able to opt for a free replacement rather than wait for repair to take place. Next is the Trade-In Program. They’re letting customers trade-in their old robot vacuum for a credit. This way, you can offset the purchase price of yeedi’s newest robot vac/mops. For all the details, visit

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