Review of the ACEMAGICIAN AD15 (i5 12th-Gen 12450H) Mini PC

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  • Overall Design - 9/10
  • Performance - 8.5/10
  • Ease of Upgrades - 9/10
  • Connectivity - 9/10


In a world cluttered with options that can often confuse more than they clarify, the ACEMAGICIAN AD15 Mini PC brings a breath of fresh air. While it won’t replace your high-end gaming rig or serve as a media server for your entire neighborhood, it knows its boundaries and plays within them exceedingly well. It’s a versatile workhorse, ideal for a variety of tasks – everything from running multiple applications to indulging in some light gaming.


  • Stellar port variety
  • Ease of user upgrades
  • Compact but powerful
  • Impressive connectivity options


  • No SD card slot
  • Limited to SATA III speeds

As technology evolves, we’re on a constant hunt for space-saving solutions that don’t skimp on performance. Gone are the days of sprawling desktop towers, replaced by the quiet sophistication of compact Mini PCs. With your desk real estate at a premium, a Mini PC offers the same computing firepower in a much smaller package. 

We recently had the opportunity to explore the ACEMAGICIAN AD15 Mini PC in all its glory. Is this the ultimate computing solution for those limited on space? Could it be the perfect investment for anyone wanting to downsize from larger, cumbersome desktop PCs? Let’s jump into our hand-on testing to see where this Mini PC stands?

First Impressions

The ACEMAGICIAN AD15 Mini PC oozes a certain understated elegance right out of the box. Its compact size measures a mere 5.91 x 2.97 x 7.09 inches, with a weight of a measly 1.69 pounds. Could something so small really deliver big results? Its sleek exterior and muted color scheme signal that it’s ready for business. And we like that. It’s not gaudy by any stretch. It looks like it belongs on a desk, just as it should. Even in design, it achieves the work-life balance we’re all striving for.

What’s in the Box?

The unboxing experience doesn’t throw any curveballs, but it doesn’t have to. You get the essentials here, and that’s all that was expected. Within the package, you’ll find:

  • The Mini PC itself
  • An HDMI to HDMI cable for high-res visuals
  • An adaptor to power up the Mini PC
  • And a user manual

Everything you need to kickstart your digital conquests is neatly tucked into one box. No frills, no fuss – just the essentials to get you up and running. So now that you know what to expect during your initial unboxing process, let’s move on to more serious business. Let’s see if the ACEMAGICIAN Mini PC has what it takes to meet your computing needs. First stop, connectivity.

Connectivity: An Abundance of Ports for Your Digital Life

Connectivity is the unsung hero of any computing setup. It’s the skeleton key that unlocks a world of peripherals and add-ons. And this Mini PC stands as a marvel in the connectivity department, with just about every port you could wish for in a unit this size. You get not one but two HDMI ports, perfect for dual-screen setups or if you’re someone who switches between a work monitor and a TV. 

ACEMAGICIAN-AD15-Mini-PC rear ports

USB? You’re covered with four Type-A USB ports for your flash drives, external hard drives, and other USB-compatible peripherals. You also get a USB Type-C for your more modern connections – think fast-charging phones or newer accessories. It even has a 3.5mm audio jack. You can use this for the likes of speakers or headsets.

ACEMAGICIAN-AD15-Mini-PC-front ports

For the data hoarders among you, a 2.5-inch expansion slot is at your disposal. Whether it’s storage or perhaps an extra graphics card, this slot gives you the freedom to do more. And let’s not forget about networking. There are both Wi-Fi 5 and gigabit Ethernet options for those who prefer a wired connection for more reliable speeds. And Bluetooth 4.2 is onboard, so your wireless keyboard and mouse aren’t left out of the party.

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Performance: A Compact Dynamo

Now, don’t let its size fool you; this PC is small, but it packs a punch. Armed with an Intel i5-12450H CPU (8 cores, 12 threads, up to 4.4GHz) and a hefty 16GB of DDR4 RAM, it can handle most day-to-day tasks with flair. However, it’s not designed for everything. And knowing what it’s capable of going in can save you from disappointment. So let’s break down how it fares in various scenarios.

Everyday Tasks

Word processing? A walk in the park. Image editing? We fired up Photoshop, and the unit managed quite effortlessly. Even light video editing is within its wheelhouse, which is saying something for a machine this small. You don’t notice much if any lag during operation. Most animations and transitions are smooth, owing to its processor and RAM. Again, it’s not the most powerful machine on the block, but it can handle its own within reason.


Benchmarks and Noise Level

Based on our benchmarks, the Intel i5 CPU certainly pulls its weight. Despite its origins as a mobile chip, it’s economical with power and keeps the unit impressively quiet. So you can work in peace without a fan buzzing in your ear. This makes it a good fit for those who work from home, perhaps writing, coding, or doing some light editing.

Gaming Potential

While it isn’t your traditional gaming rig – courtesy of its integrated Intel UHD graphics – it’s not a complete pushover, either. Casual games ran smoothly, giving us a few hours of enjoyable gameplay. Emulators ran fast and smooth, but if you’re a fan of triple-A titles, you might have to temper your expectations. Some heavy-duty games would run at lower framerates, but is that how you want to experience top-tier games? It’s passable, yes. But you’re better off with a bona fide gaming rig.

Now, all that said, you’re not completely left out of the gaming loop. Emulation is a booming business, and you can enjoy many console and PC games from yesteryear without a hitch. We had no issues playing games from the GameCube era and everything prior. So you’ve definitely got some options here. Just know what you’re getting going in, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.


A Note on Hard Drive Speed

One little hitch in our performance ride was the hard drive speed. Despite featuring an M.2 slot, the unit is limited to SATA III speeds. So you’re looking at read and write times of 600 Mbps or slower. While this won’t make a dent in everyday tasks like document creation, it’s something to be aware of.

Cloud Gaming: A Workaround

For those disappointed by its limitations on triple-A gaming, cloud services like Xbox Game Pass or NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW can be your loophole. They’ll allow you to run high-end games without the hardware strain.

In a nutshell, this Mini PC may not be the superstar athlete of the computing world, but it’s definitely the multi-talented player you want on your team for the long haul. From everyday computing to casual gaming, it serves a wide variety of needs – proving that sometimes, great things really do come in small packages.

Features: Versatility in a Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

The feature set of this Mini PC is rather impressive. Each feature seems carefully thought out, from its expandability options to its ease of access for upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at everything on offer here so you can better determine if this is the machine for you.

Port Overload

In this case, that’s a good thing. As mentioned, the plethora of ports on this Mini PC ensures you’ll never be hunting for a spot to plug in that crucial peripheral. Whether it’s additional hard drives, a mouse, a keyboard, or up to three monitors, this PC is ready to accommodate your multi-faceted digital life. Essentially, it’s a one-stop hub for all your connections.


Easy Upgrades

When we talk about ease of upgrades, we’re not just flirting with jargon; this Mini PC truly delivers. In a world where your every action with tech seems to void a warranty, the design of this device turns the tables. Held by a mere two screws, the outer panel is your gateway to technological freedom. Unscrew those, and that’s it – you’re in. The hard drive and RAM slots aren’t hidden away or hard to find, either. They’re right there, ready for you to make your modifications. 

You can also say goodbye to hiring someone to do a job that, as it turns out, you can effortlessly do yourself. Gone are the days when upgrading your machine was a whole weekend affair. With this device, you can swap out your RAM or increase your storage without breaking a sweat. The user-centric approach gives you the tools to become your own IT department.


User-Friendly Internals

Beneath the device’s sleek exterior lies a warm and inviting internal layout. You won’t need a map or an engineering degree to find your way around; it’s all laid out in a user-friendly manner. Notably, the RAM and storage modules aren’t soldered in, as if extending a handshake to DIY enthusiasts. This simple but essential choice of design brings a smile to any tinkerer’s face. It welcomes you to pull up your sleeves and immerse yourself in some hands-on, real-world upgrading. 

Whether you’re a seasoned tech aficionado or someone who just got their first toolkit, this device eliminates intimidation from the equation. All you need is a basic screwdriver, a bit of time, and maybe a pinch of enthusiasm. Then, you’re good to go, transforming your machine in ways that accommodate your needs and preferences.

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The Missing SD Card Slot: An Almost Perfect Score

The elusive SD card slot. For photographers or anyone involved with media, the absence might be a letdown. However, the abundance of USB ports serves as a decent workaround. Need an external card reader? Just plug it in. Still, it would have been the cherry on top if it had its own built-in card reader. Be that as it may, the Mini PC boasts a suite of features that are nothing short of impressive. 

It opens the door to a realm of possibilities for customization, expansion, and multitasking. Sure, it misses a beat with the lack of an SD card slot, but that’s like criticizing a luxury car for not having a built-in coffee maker. It would be nice, but it certainly doesn’t break the deal. And you can always utilize the many ports to get your coveted card slot.


Final Verdict

In a world cluttered with options that can often confuse more than they clarify, the ACEMAGICIAN AD15 Mini PC brings a breath of fresh air. While it won’t replace your high-end gaming rig or serve as a media server for your entire neighborhood, it knows its boundaries and plays within them exceedingly well. It’s a versatile workhorse, ideal for a variety of tasks – everything from running multiple applications to indulging in some light gaming.

It caters to the needs of DIY enthusiasts without alienating the tech-averse. With its user-friendly design, myriad ports, and efficient performance, it could very well be the Mini PC you never knew you needed but wouldn’t be able to live without.

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