Aumeo Audio Review – World’s 1st Tailored Audio Device

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People don’t only have different tastes when it comes to music genres, but their genetics play a part in this as well. Mostly because their ears respond to music differently. This isn’t only the case with high volume (what sounds medium to you can be loud to others) but the detail among the different frequencies as well. The big hype these past few years has been about sound clarity and bringing studio-quality sound to the masses, although very few products managed to rise to the occasion.

Over time, it’s been realized that the best way to solve this is to not only produce exceptional headphones, but more importantly, give people the ability to fully adjust sound based on their actual hearing ability. This is what Aumeo Audio is all about.

Aumeo Audio

The concept behind Aumeo Audio is brand new so bear with us as we try to explain it. As you can imagine, when more users get demanding about sound quality standards (by refusing to settle for inferior sound), the result is a top-to-bottom increase in sound quality, even at the lower end of the market. However, even when there’s a surplus of premium headphones that output the best sound – very few (if any) seriously emphasize your individual hearing ability.

What You Hear Is Not What Others Hear

Science confirms literally every human on earth has developed a unique sensitivity to different sound frequencies, including the way they affect them. Even if you’re unaware of it, you’ve developed a specific audio profile over time and given the ability to adjust all your music to your unique profile (automatically), you’d not only boost your music-listening experience, but eliminate potential hearing damage as well.

Aumeo Audio

For instance, if you can’t hear a specific sound in a song, your instincts will tell you to turn up the volume, thus ending up compensating for a lack of detail. This leads to an inferior listening experience. Instead, when your specific audio profile is considered, you hear everything perfectly fine. If you’re involved in music production or you’re simply an avid music listener who wants to extract the best sound, you will likely benefit from Aumeo Audio the most.

Simple Set Up Via An App Test

At first, you may assume the setup is difficult since the concept is so new, but this isn’t the case. All you have to do is set up your audio profile and then connect it to your device (smartphone, tablet, etc). To make the process easier, Aumeo designed a simple app called AumeoPlayer that runs a series of tests with different sounds, basically analyzing how well you’re capable of hearing certain frequencies.

Aumeo Audio

It then takes the data and automatically creates your unique audio profile. The whole process takes a few minutes after which you get back to your music, considering it’s a one-time thing. In terms of inner mechanics, while the music is playing, it basically makes millisecond-fast frequency adjustments providing for an optimal listening experience. What you can ultimately expect is the fullest sound, even if you’re forced to listen with sub-par headphones.

Extend Your Headset

The latest smartphones offer features that might give you a feel for what you’re working with. If you’re using a Samsung phone, you should try out the “Adapt Sound” feature or similar EQ adjustment apps. The downside is that these are still inferior to Aumeo Audio because they’re not dedicated hardware products and they don’t analyze your individual hearing ability.

Additionally, you’re restricted to that single phone. One of the main advantages to Aumeo Audio is its universal application. Meaning that you can pair it up with literally every iOS/Android-powered device out there.

Aumeo Audio Gold

Best of all, you’re not restricted to the device’s “Music” app – you can also stream music from sources like Soundcloud or Spotify.

Aumeo Audio is a company with a great track record in audiology. It was produced and engineered with the help of a renowned professor, Sir Andrew van Hasselt. We recommend anyone who’s serious about maximizing their listening experience to try out Aumeo Audio. Otherwise, you might be missing out on pushing your listening devices to their full potential. It’s been designed to make a world of difference in the way you experience your favorite music, especially if you own a really nice pair of headphones.

Complete Adjustability

The way the Aumeo works is simple. It creates a unique audio profile based on your hearing ability/sensitivity, then adjusts all your music so it corresponds to your ideal setting. In addition, if you’re a music professional and you want to manually adjust the specific settings, you’re given the freedom to do that. However, we don’t recommend this for amateurs.

Aumeo Audio Black

Can You Get The Same Effect With Music EQ Settings?

This is one of the main concerns since you wouldn’t want to spend money for something you can already get on your phone. The short answer is these are not the same thing and they’re actually fundamentally different.

When you’re working with software EQ-adjusters (main music App/lots of paid Apps offer this) you’ll first be restricted to stereo-adjustment, meaning you can’t individually adjust for each ear. Your ears are not equally sensitive. Granted if you’re an audio professional, you could likely do a good job at it. The difference when you’re using dedicated-hardware for sound tuning is that it can analyze your individual sensitivity levels for each of the respective ears/sound frequencies, then adjust the output in a way that it reflects that. This is really why we believe that Aumeo Audio is a revolutionary device, being the first to offer this to an average user.

Aumeo Audio

One of the strongest advantages and reasons that justify its relatively high price tag is the level of detail that goes into creating your audio profile. The Aumeo App will analyze each ear’s hearing ability across 8 different frequency points, simply utilizing a beep that asks you to tap your screen based on what you’re hearing. From there, it takes the pressure off you, automatically creating a profile (saved on the device) and adjusts for frequencies that you’re not sensitive enough to. This way, instead of turning up the total volume and damaging your ear drums, you’ll actually hear everything at a lower, safer volume.

Avoid Hearing Damage

Due to a lack of detail in certain frequencies based on your individual hearing sensitivity, we’re inclined to increase the volume to higher, damaging levels. In the long run, this not only translates to hearing loss, but a generally distorted hearing experience that robs you of a proper music session. This leads us to conclude that Aumeo Audio not only provides an optimal, wide-sound listening experience, but also serves as an ear-protection device.

What Are The Downsides?

The main downside (mostly affecting studio professionals) is its lack of support for real high-resolution audio. The maximum bitrate is 320k Mp3, which granted is fairly high quality and almost impossible to differentiate between a 320k Mp3 and a Wav file. However, if you want to go even above that, this is where you’ll be restricted.

The Verdict

This is definitely a rare, revolutionary device in the sense that it lacks serious disadvantages. Despite its lack of support for the highest bit-rates, the idea behind it is truly one of a kind. Combine that with a moderate price tag and it’s among the best new audio-specific products we’ve seen as of late. Aumeo Audio will be released on April 1st, but is now available for pre-order from in two colors – Enigma Black or Champagne Gold.

Aumeo Audio nailed compatibility off the bat, seeing how a lot of new devices (especially when they’re the first on their kind) don’t offer compatibility for all devices as a sales tactic for future releases. The app is compatible for iOS and Android users and it gives you the freedom to save multiple audio profiles in case you’re not alone. These profiles are stored on different devices for easy accessibility. When your audio profile is set, you can adjust everything from your phone to your HDTV. At the end, you’ll end up with favorable, crisp, full-sound that doesn’t come at the expense of long term hearing loss.

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