5 Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapters for Flights (2024)

In today’s world, being able to use your favorite Bluetooth headphones on flights and with various devices is essential for a seamless audio experience. We’ve researched and tested some of the best Bluetooth headphone adapters on the market to make your travels and daily life more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll review the top 5 …

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Best USB to 1/4″ Mono Jack Guitar & Instrument Cable

Modern technology has significantly changed the way we create and record music. Go back a couple of decades, and a home recording was all-but-guaranteed to be low quality. Unless you had thousands of dollars to invest in expensive equipment, you had to book time at a studio. Go back 10 years, and you could capture …

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Best USB-C to AUX Headphone Jack Adapter for 2023

Over the past several years, most mobile device manufacturers are forgoing the headphone jack. Apple, Samsung and other top-name brands are shipping their latest releases without auxiliary inputs. Ultimately, this means plugging-in your favorite pair of wired-headphones simply isn’t possible. Or is it? Luckily, several third-party brands have been busy creating USB-C to Aux headphone …

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