Best Lube for Keyboard Switches and Stabilizers [Guide for 2024]

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In the world of mechanical keyboards, the quality of your keystrokes matters immensely. The perfect blend of smoothness, sound, and response can greatly enhance your typing or gaming experience, and that’s where keyboard lubes come into play.

They ensure your switches operate at peak efficiency, reducing friction and unwanted noise and prolonging their lifespan. In this comprehensive review, we’ve gathered the four best lubes for keyboard switches and stabilizers:

  • Krytox GPL 205G0 shines with its versatility for both linear and tactile switches and effective vacuum-sealed packaging.
  • G-Lube impresses with its universal application and ability to enhance the acoustic qualities of keyboards.
  • HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube stands out with its included application brush and potent reduction of unwanted sounds.
  • Gliging Switch Lube provides a noteworthy thin consistency for easy application and the inclusion of two lube brushes.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deep into the world of mechanical keyboard lubricants. We’ve evaluated each product based on its features, pros and cons, and how they can enhance your typing experience.

Krytox GPL 205G0 Keyboard Switch Lube

Key features:

  • Genuine Krytox 205g0 Grade 0 Grease
  • Suited for both linear and tactile switches
  • Packaged in a vacuum-sealed glass bottle
  • Operates in wide temperature range

Krytox GPL 205G0 keyboard lube proves to be an authentic product specifically crafted for mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers. Its versatile usage was tested by applying it to both linear and tactile switches, where it performed impressively, resulting in smoother, quieter key presses.

At 0.35 ounces, the container provides a generous amount sufficient to cover more than 300 switches. Its longevity in use became evident during extensive testing, where it consistently enhanced the performance of the switches even after repeated uses. It can operate across a wide temperature range (-58°F to 266°F), which supports its nonflammable and stable synthetic composition.

Krytox GPL 205G0

What stands out is its effective packaging. It comes in a vacuum-sealed glass bottle, preventing any leakage during shipping or regular handling. However, it’s important to note that the lube has a somewhat thick consistency. During our test, it required careful application with a fine-point paintbrush to ensure an even layer over the spring ends. Nevertheless, it was well worth the effort, as it significantly improved the overall keyboard experience.

Moreover, it effectively eliminates any scratching sound, proving its efficiency in enhancing the acoustic properties of a mechanical keyboard. An appropriate amount ensured a subtle, pleasant sound for each keystroke, which greatly augmented the user experience.


Compared to other contenders, Krytox stands out with its vacuum-sealed glass bottle, which enhances its preservation. Despite not having brushes included like the HONKID and Gliging lubes, Krytox GPL 205G0 follows suit and provides the same quantity as other brands. And while its 300 applications are on par with Gliging’s coverage, Krytox falls short of G-Lube’s claim of approximately 500 switches.

What we liked:

  • Enhances keystroke smoothness and sound
  • Generous quantity for extensive use
  • Effective packaging prevents contamination
  • Handles wide temperature variations

What we didn’t like:

  • Brushes not included
  • Time-consuming process for comprehensive coverage

G-Lube Glorious Switch Lube

G-Lube Glorious Switch Lube

Key features:

  • Universal lubricant for mechanical keyboards
  • Suitable for wide temperature range
  • Nonflammable and stable synthetic grease
  • Each vial caters to ~500 switches

For the tech-savvy and keyboard enthusiasts, G-Lube presents an impressively versatile solution for maintaining mechanical keyboards and stabilizers. A synthetic grease lubricant, this product is particularly lauded for its effective application on both plastic-on-metal and plastic-on-plastic contact points. These elements make it a universal lubricant choice, eliminating the need for multiple specialized kits. Having been subjected to rigorous testing on various switch types – from linear to tactile – this product showcased commendable performance each time.


As a result, it maintains ideal consistency, contributing to an overall smoother typing experience. It is also noteworthy how it enhances the acoustic qualities of the keyboard, a feature that keyboard aficionados often seek. When it comes to the safety and longevity of your precious devices, G-Lube offers reassuring stability. It’s able to operate in a wide temperature range (-58°F to 266°F), and it’s nonflammable, ensuring the longevity of your keyboard components.

The compact 0.35-ounce vial is enough for approximately 500 switches, depending on individual application. Thus, it’s a solution that caters to a significant number of switches, making it practical for hobbyists and professionals alike. In terms of application, G-Lube performed well, matching the quality of other higher-end lubes. However, care is advised while applying to avoid over-lubrication due to its thick consistency.


G-Lube distinguishes itself as a universal lubricant for mechanical keyboards. It offers compatibility with different switch types, similar to the Krytox GPL 205G0 but in contrast to HONKID’s inconsistent performance with stabilizers. One area where G-Lube outshines Krytox and Gliging is its application, as each vial is stated to cater to approximately 500 switches. However, it shares a common drawback with Krytox and HONKID in that its thick consistency can lead to over-lubrication if not carefully applied.

What we liked:

  • Compatible with different switch types
  • Enhances acoustic qualities of keyboards
  • Efficient, compact packaging
  • Matches performance with high-end lubes

What we didn’t like:

  • Thick consistency can lead to over-lubrication
  • Not the best for every switch type

HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube

HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube

Key features:

  • Reduces undesired acoustic properties
  • Provides smoother switch motion
  • Comes with a small application brush
  • Lightweight and compact design

The HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube is a synthetic grease specifically engineered for mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers. Weighing a light 0.35 ounces, the small, compact jar packs a sufficient amount of product for a large number of applications. In practice, performance was a mixed bag. On one hand, it successfully managed to eliminate any unwanted sounds or acoustic properties from the switches. It also smoothed out the switch motion to a notable degree, adding a pleasant fluidity to the keystrokes. And the smaller, well-chosen brush provided with the package proved to be a great assistant in ensuring precise application.

HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube

However, some issues did arise during usage. The container, although compact and portable, has a cap that lacks a secure lock. This design flaw led to a minor spill during our first opening, causing a bit of a mess on our workspace. Additionally, the lube’s consistency proved problematic when applied to stabilizers. It had a tendency to slide down and sit against the PCB, impacting the stabilizers’ responsiveness.

In our rigorous testing, the lubricant served well for switches, providing smoothness and reducing spring and leaf ping. Its impact on sound profile was subtle yet noticeable, slightly deepening the sound. But its performance with stabilizers left something to be desired. Although it may not be the perfect solution for every mechanical keyboard need, HONKID’s Lube does have its merits. With proper application and usage, this compact entry can greatly improve the performance and longevity of your keyboard switches.


HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube carves out a unique space with its inclusion of a small application brush, a feature that both Krytox and G-Lube lack. However, the product is not without its shortcomings. While it competently reduces undesired acoustic properties and provides smoother switch motion, akin to Krytox and G-Lube, it faces issues when applied to stabilizers, a challenge not encountered with the other lubes. Additionally, unlike the secure packaging of Krytox and G-Lube, HONKID’s lube has a cap that is prone to spills.

What we liked:

  • Effectively eliminates unwanted sounds
  • Subtly deepens sound profile
  • Accompanied by useful application brush
  • Plenty of product for multiple uses

What we didn’t like:

  • Unsecure cap prone to spills
  • Inconsistent performance with stabilizers

Gliging Switch Lube

Gliging Switch Lube

Key features:

  • Lubricates up to 300 switches
  • Suitable for satellite and balance bar
  • Includes two lube brushes
  • Thin consistency for easy application

Gliging’s Switch Lube stands out in its class as a stellar lubricant for mechanical keyboard keycaps. During our test, we applied this lube to a keyboard outfitted with Outemu browns. We brushed the lube directly into the key assembly using the supplied brushes. The results of our tests preserved the full tactility while delivering smoother and quieter keystrokes. The set comes with a 0.35-ounce container of lubricant and two lube brushes. With this amount, it’s possible to lubricate up to 300 switches, providing excellent coverage for large or multiple keyboards.


The lube has a fine consistency that’s not too thick, allowing it to be easily applied and distributed. Though the brushes start to fray with repeated use, they maintain sufficient precision for a complete keyboard treatment. Through extensive use, our test keyboard maintained its brand-new sound and feel, attesting to the longevity and quality of the lubricant. Gliging’s Switch Lube proves to be a convenient and efficient solution for enhancing mechanical keyboards.

Among these lubes, Gliging distinguishes itself by including two lube brushes for application, unlike Krytox GPL 205G0 and G-Lube. While similar to HONKID’s Lube in providing an application brush, it surpasses it by offering two brushes. This lube can lubricate up to 300 switches, matching Krytox but falling short of G-Lube’s coverage.


However, it has a thin consistency for easy application, which contrasts with the other lubes’ thicker consistencies that require careful application to avoid over-lubrication. Despite the brushes tending to fray sooner than expected, Gliging’s Switch Lube excels at preserving full keyboard tactility and delivering quieter keystrokes, qualities shared with the other lubes.

What we liked:

  • Preserves full keyboard tactility
  • Delivers quieter keystrokes
  • Extends keyboard lifespan
  • Included brushes for convenience

What we didn’t like:

  • Brushes frayed sooner than expected
  • Not the highest-quality lube

Lube for Keyboard Switches and Stabilizers FAQs

How much lube should I use on my keyboard switches and stabilizers?

The amount of lube you use can greatly affect the performance of your keyboard. Too much can lead to a sluggish, over-damped feel, while too little might not effectively reduce friction or noise. Typically, a thin, even layer of lubricant applied to the switch slider and stabilizers is enough. It’s best to start with a small amount and add more if needed.

How often should I re-lube my keyboard switches and stabilizers?

How frequently you need to re-lube your switches and stabilizers largely depends on your usage. Generally, you shouldn’t need to reapply lubricant more than once every one to two years. However, if you notice your switches starting to feel scratchy or less smooth than before, it may be time to re-lube. Always be sure to clean the switches and stabilizers thoroughly before reapplying lubricant to avoid dirt or dust interfering with the performance.

Can I use any type of lubricant on my keyboard switches and stabilizers?

No. It’s important to use a lube specifically designed for keyboard switches and stabilizers. These products are formulated to reduce friction without damaging the plastic components of the switches. The lubricants featured here have been tested and proven to be effective for this purpose. Using inappropriate lubricants could potentially harm your keyboard switches and affect their performance.

Final Verdict

In our meticulous examination of keyboard lubes, each product demonstrated unique strengths that make them excellent choices in specific scenarios.

Krytox GPL 205G0 is a high-quality choice for those looking for a lube that operates well on both linear and tactile switches. Its vacuum-sealed packaging and large coverage capacity make it suitable for users who value generous quantities and effective preservation.

G-Lube is a great pick for those seeking a universal solution for their mechanical keyboards. It’s particularly suited for keyboard enthusiasts who value sound profile enhancements and high coverage capacity in a single vial.

HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube offers a strong entry with its included application brush and its effective sound reduction qualities. Its compact design makes it an appealing choice for users who value portability and ease of application.

Lastly, Gliging Switch Lube distinguishes itself with its thin consistency and the inclusion of two application brushes. It’s an excellent choice for users who appreciate easy application and preservation of full keyboard tactility. Each lube brings unique qualities to the table.

Depending on your specific needs, any of these can provide the perfect finish to your mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers, creating a smoother, quieter, and more satisfying keyboard experience.

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