Best 40% Mechanical Keyboards for 2024

You’ve probably seen a full-sized mechanical keyboard, and maybe even a 60% sized option, but have you seen a 40% version? They’re some of the smallest mechanical keyboards on the market, making sure that you don’t have any wasted space on your desk. Since they are so unique, you’ll want to make sure it’s the …

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best split keyboard

6 Best Split Keyboards in 2024 for Proper Ergonomics

Everyone who owns a computer or works at a computer knows that keyboards are important. You’ve likely seen a full-sized keyboard, a 60% keyboard, or maybe even a 40% keyboard. One style that is far less common, however, is an ergonomic split keyboard. These are extremely unique, as they basically take what you’d expect from …

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Best Lube for Keyboard Switches and Stabilizers

Best Lube for Keyboard Switches and Stabilizers [Guide for 2024]

In the world of mechanical keyboards, the quality of your keystrokes matters immensely. The perfect blend of smoothness, sound, and response can greatly enhance your typing or gaming experience, and that’s where keyboard lubes come into play. They ensure your switches operate at peak efficiency, reducing friction and unwanted noise and prolonging their lifespan. In …

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