AiDot WELOV H500 Pro ‘BoostMist’ Humidifier Review and Week-Long Testing

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REVIEW – I like my home environment to be just right. That means proper humidity levels at all times. That said, I’ve been due for a new humidifier for some time now.

Recently, I heard about a new release from AiDot called the WELOV H500 Pro. This is a cool mist humidifier that seems to have a lot going for it. We reached out to AiDot and they asked me if I wanted to test it out for myself.

Of course – I said yes, and within a few days this new humidifier was on my doorstep, ready to be put to use. Sweet!

After personally using it for about 7 days straight, I’ve mostly fallen in love with it. But today, I’m here to report on my experience from a non-biased perspective. Let’s get right into it.

Unboxing and First Impressions

When I opened the box, I was glad to see that everything was packaged nicely. There’s not much to it; pretty much everything you need and nothing more. Here’s what’s in the box:

  • The H500 Pro humidifier.
  • AC power adapter.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Extra sponge.
  • Extra rubber sealing gasket ring.
  • User manual.
welov h500 pro unboxing

I was impressed with the size of the unit. Measuring just under 16″ tall, 10″ wide, and 5.5″ deep, it has a mid-range size. I would say it’s not the largest but also not the smallest in terms of overall footprint and dimensions.

The unit is comprised of two main parts. The base unit, which plugs into the wall and provides eight physical control buttons with a translucent display above it.


What I mean by ‘translucent’ is that the display isn’t visible unless it’s turned on and in operation. In my opinion, it looks nice, but is a bit blurry in appearance. It’s still easily readable from across the room, but it is worth noting.

The back of the base unit is where you connect the AC power cord, directly beneath the air inlet equipped with a sponge-like filter. There’s not a whole lot going on back here.

welov-h500-pro-sponge filter

The second main part is the 6-liter water tank. It has a super-handy built-in handle and rotatable nozzle. Lift it up and it detaches from the bottom part. Flip the tank over and it’ll reveal a twist-off cap that enables you to fill it up. Once filled with water and screwed back on, there’s no leaking – which is great!

welov-h500-pro-top and base units

I appreciated the overall build quality. The entire thing feels solid and well made, although the top is only resting on the base. It’s not actual secured with magnets or anything else, which may be problematic if you were to accidently tip it over.

Using the H500 Pro and Testing Out the Features

To get started with the WELOV H500 Pro, all you need to do is remove the top tank, flip it over, unscrew the cap, and fill with water. Place it back on the base unit and press the power button. Immediately, the display will light-up and it’ll emit a cool mist from the nozzle.

welov-h500-pro-fill tank

The eight buttons on the front-center carry out all of the functionality you need. You can freely adjust the mist level to five pre-set levels, each one offering a bit more than the previous. I found myself keeping it on the “BoostMist” mode which pumps out a hefty amount of mist.


In terms of noise level, I was pleased. Even with “BoostMist” activated, I honestly couldn’t hear it. The operation is near silent. In fact, I could place my ear within about 6 inches of the mist output and I still couldn’t hear anything.


There’s an auto-humidity button that adjusts the humidity from 30% to 95%. This feature will automatically turn the unit off once it reaches the set level. It’s quite useful for making the most of the water tank so that the room doesn’t become too humid or not humid enough. As an alternative to this, you can turn on the built-in timer to have it run between 1 to 12 hours, all on its own.

welov-h500-pro-cool mist

The feature that I really loved was the night light. When pressed, there’s an ambient glow that comes from the base. It looks awesome! It’s a nice feature to have in a dark room, but I felt that it still looked great, even when the lights weren’t dimmed.

If you find that the night light or even the display is too bright, it’s a good idea to use the “Sleep Mode” feature. It turns off all of the lights so that it’s easier to go to bed. Pretty sweet!

welov-h500-pro-night light

Last but not least, I want to talk about the smart app. Although it’s not a requirement for operating the humidifier, it’s a wonderful addition, especially considering that there’s no physical remote included.

The “AiDot” app can be downloaded from the iOS or Google Play store. It does require an email account for signup, but it’s a quick process. Once installed, configuring the H500 Pro takes just a minute. It requires a 2.4GHz WiFi network and will not work with 5GHz. Regardless, the app functions very nicely and lets you have full control over the humidifier.

welov h500 pro aidot app

All of the same functions that the physical buttons offer, the app offers. But more specifically, the app lets you set a specific schedule for the unit to turn on/off automatically. You can adjust specific settings, change the name, configure Alexa and Google control, and even update the firmware.

Best of all, the app gives you push notifications when the water tank is low or empty. Plus, it never crashes, runs smoothly, and opens up the realm of smart connectivity that most people crave.


What I Love

  • Pumps out lots of moisture – Makes a real difference for most average-sized rooms.
  • Extremely quiet operation – I can’t hear it at all, even when “BoostMist” is activated.
  • Great build quality – Feels solid, well made and contains no moving parts.
  • Long runtime – It doesn’t use that much water. In fact, I found that it ran for multiple days straight without the need to refill the tank.
  • Beautiful night light – Offers a nice, warm glow that creates a soothing visual effect.
  • Invisible display – You can only see the display when it’s turned on. It appears translucently behind that plastic body, completely out of sight when turned off.
  • Smart app works well – The AiDot app is well functioning with a whole slew of features accessible right from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Plenty of capacity – The 6-liter water tank capacity is huge.

What I Don’t Love

  • No remote included – It would have been nice to have a small remote included for those times when my phone is dead or misplaced.
  • Water is left in the base unit when tank removed – Once the tank is removed, there’s a pool of water that sits in the base.
  • Display looks blurry – The display appears somewhat blurred, but it is easily visible.
  • No warm mist feature – This is strictly a cool mist humidifier. There is no warm mist feature.
  • Size considerations – It’s not the smallest, but also not the largest. While I do appreciate the slim depth, it’s a bit wide and tall for some nightstands or tables.
  • Somewhat steep price-point – With a retail price of $100, it costs more than most cool mist humidifiers. However, by using the discount code “welovmist” it can be purchased for around $75.

Final Thoughts

The WELOV H500 Pro is a well-made cool mist humidifier that ticks many boxes. It’s sleek appearance in conjunction with the excellent functionality, make it an easy recommendation.

The massive 6-liter capacity keeps it quietly operating for days at a time without the need for refill. I found that it uses water conservatively, which allows for minimal maintenance for a long-lasting humidity boost to virtually any room in the house.


The app, carefully curated by AiDot, allows easy configuration that you can’t get anywhere else. While there isn’t an included remote, the WiFi functionality and smart connectivity is miles ahead of most humidifiers in the same category.

Sure, it’s not perfect, and there are some minor quirks, but those are mostly excusable, and/or really not that big of deal.

All in all, you’re looking at a simple, well-functioning humidifier that left me very satisfied. It’s easy to use, works very well, and has a whole lot going for it. From rigorously testing it for over a week now, I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking to add humidity to any dry environment. Thumbs-up!

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