3 Best Motion Sickness Glasses for 2023

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Motion sickness is one of those things that can happen without warning. Whether you’re riding in a vehicle, flying on a plane or spending time on a boat, the unpleasant effects can be incredibly disturbing. While it’s difficult to predict when and if it’ll happen, preventing motion sickness is possible.

Although a dose of Dramamine may be all you need, some people don’t like taking a pill. In addition, Dramamine simply doesn’t work for everyone.If you’re looking for an effective yet natural way to deal with the nausea, vomiting and dizziness that comes with motion sickness, there is hope. Recently, motion sickness glasses have been gaining popularity on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Rather than relying on a medication, all you need to do is wear a specialized pair of glasses. These glasses rely on an encapsulated liquid in a series of rings that promote a stable feeling, completely opposite of car, air, or sea sickness.

While they may seem a bit odd at first, if used properly, over 90% of users claim effectiveness. Since they’re typically affordable and readily available, motion sickness glasses are worth trying out at least one time during your travels. But which pair should you go for? There are several to choose from, but we’re here today to introduce the top options for 2023. Let’s get right into it.

1. Hion Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

NEOISM Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

As one of the most popular choices, the Hion Anti Motion Sickness Glasses are a simple pair that are suitable for all ages and body types. While they may not look very fashionable, they’re said to be 95% effective at relieving symptoms. Comprised of a one-piece, lightweight, bendable foam-elastic material, they come included with a handy travel bag that makes them easy to bring along virtually anywhere you go.

The glasses are comprised of four rings. One on each temple, near your ears and one around each eye. Sealed inside is a blue liquid that maintains a constant level. This creates an artificial horizon in your field of view that trick your mind and body into a feeling of stability. Ultimately, this helps to resynchronize your eyes with a healthy amount of balance.

NEOISM Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

The one-piece design is favorable. Not only does it mean they’re incredibly durable, but there’s no actual lenses and they’re relatively bendable in order to fit all ages and all head sizes. Simply place them on and stare at a stationary object like a book, magazine or newspaper. After about 10-15 minutes, they trick your mind into stability to immediately relieve discomfort.

In terms of effectiveness, they seem to work very well. We tested them out by looking downward in a driving car for 15 minutes. With all of the acceleration, deacceleration, turns and curves, we could feel uneasiness taking over.

NEOISM Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

Once placed on the head and using them to stare stationary by reading a book, they seemed to bring quite a bit of relief after just 10 minutes. We made sure not to look out any windows as to alter the results. Needless to say, the symptoms of motion sickness went completely away. This is all we needed to convince us that these things actually do work!

Overall, the Hion are affordable, effective and amazingly simple. If you’re looking for a safe solution to feeling poorly in a plane, care or boat, look no further.

2. MOTIONFREE Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

MOTIONFREE Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

The MOTIONFREE Anti Motion Sickness Glasses are another excellent option that seems to tick all the boxes. Similar to the Hion, they utilize an internal liquid to provide a calming sense of relief. Although they’re black and clear in color rather than blue and white, they’re also suitable for both men, women and children.

MOTIONFREE Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

Said to be an upgraded version, the MOTIONFREE stray away from a one-piece design in favor of removable rings that snap into position. In addition, they boast an updated nose pad that contours to the shape of your nose in a favorable manner. Rather than simply resting on your face, the nose pad offers more stabilization by going down each side of your nose. Ultimately, this provides a wiggle-free, stable position so they don’t come loose.

The material is very similar to the Hion. The glasses are pliable yet sturdy in order to provide a good fit. Without actual lenses, there’s no fragile parts or issues to worry about in terms of their durability. While there isn’t a carrying bag included, they’re equally as compact so you can bring them along virtually anywhere.

MOTIONFREE Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

In terms of effectiveness, they seem to provide the same experience as the Hion. However, with the removable rings, they’re a little bit bulkier, but not by much. When we used them while driving in the backseat of a car, they brought results in about 15 minutes.

Overall, the MOTIONFREE provide effectiveness at a discounted price. Although the removable rings may not be for everyone, we would easily recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of motion sickness glasses that offer improved stability with the oversized nose pad.

3. Steady Scoobs Motion Sickness Glasses

Happy Go Luxy Motion Sickness Glasses

As our third offering, the Steady Scoobs Motion Sickness Glasses are nearly identical to the Hion, yet they have a few key differences. First of all, they come in black rather than white. They share the same material and one-piece design, but there’s an adjustable strap that’s included. It connects to the end of each arm and wraps around the back of your head to keep them from going anywhere.

Happy Go Luxy Motion Sickness Glasses

The nose pad has a sharper bend rather than a curved bend, which some people prefer for stability. While this seems to only make a miniscule difference, it’s one of the slight ways they vary from others.

The internal liquid is blue and completely sealed within. There’s four rings, just like all the others, as they create a sense of stability after being worn for 10-15 minutes. The TPE material they’re comprised of is very soft and pliable, meaning that they’re suitable for all head shapes and sizes.

Happy Go Luxy Motion Sickness Glasses

We love the inclusion of the adjustable strap as it seems to be ideal for smaller heads. Although you may need to take extra caution as to making sure it doesn’t get caught and pull your hair, the stability it adds is admirable.

In terms of effectiveness, the Steady Scoobs glasses seemed to work equally as well as the two aforementioned options. While the black color may not be for everyone, it’s nice that they included a travel bag for on-the-go use. All in all, a great option.

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