5 Best Switch Films for Mechanical Keyboards

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If you are a fan of building custom keyboards, you’re going to want to use a quality switch film. It’s often seen as an essential upgrade if you’re looking for a better typing experience.

Switch films are small, thin pieces of material that are placed between the top and bottom parts of the switch housing.

Typically made from rubber or plastic, they reduce wobble and improve the overall stability. Similar to keyboard foam, they’re used to slightly modify the acoustic properties of the switch when it is pressed.

These films are often made of materials like polycarbonate or other types of plastic. They come in various thicknesses and can be tailored to fit different types of switches. Once you’ve used a keycap and switch puller, you’re ready to apply these.

#1 – ZugGear DUROCK Switch Film

The ZugGear DUROCK Switch Film comes in a large 120-pack that’s compatible with Cherry MX and similar-style keyboard switches. This is my preferred switch film that I have used several times.

ZugGear DUROCK Switch Film

They effectively reduce the shaking of the upper switch housing while simultaneously improving the sound and typing performance of the keyboard.

Comprised of matte HTV on the bottom and PC material on the top, they’re double-layered in order to provide a unique typing experience.

With a thickness of 0.15mm, they make a subtle but quite noticeable difference. They also help to prevent dust from entering the inside of your keyboard.

#2 – WS Switch Film

The WS Switch Film utilizes WS Poron Foam at a 0.3mm thickness for a plush typing experience with less wobble and more accuracy.

WS Switch Film

Made by Wuque Studio, they’re a reputable manufactuer in the custom keyboard industry.

The unique foam material compresses at every keystroke to the perfect amount. Thus, ensuring a tight-fit regardless of the size of housing.

Sold in a 120-pack, the Poron Foam excels at promoting sound dampening while allowing just enough room for proper actuation. The material is very soft, lightweight, and easy to apply.

#3 – YIMAGUJRX Keyboard Switch Pads

Manufactured under the generic name of YIMAGUJRX, these keyboard switch pads come in a wide variety to tend to the many needs to keyboard enthusiasts.

YIMAGUJRX Keyboard Switch Pads

Available in EVA, IXPE, PORON, or PE materials, they’re sold in a variety of thicknesses to suit any style of user. With varying thicknesses of 0.5mm or 1.0mm, they perfectly fit the gap between the switch and the PCB without any guesswork.

Compatible with both 5 and 3-pin switches, each pad has precise openings to accommodate both varieties.

The base of each pad is built with a non-stick adhesive backing that improves wear and tear and allows users to reapply as needed.

Best of all, they’ve included a pair of high precision tweezers that make fine-tuning a snap. Accurate placement is easily had by using the included tweezers to line them up perfectly.

#4 – Gliging PCB Stabilizer Satellite Switch Film

Made of high quality Teflon Silica Gel, these are the perfect upgrade for any keyboard with PCB satellite switches.

Gliging PCB Stabilizer Satellite Switch Film

To apply, simply remove the 3M sticky-back paper layer. Then, individually remove the stabilizer pads and neatly apply to the board.

Available in both black and white colorways, these are sold in 20-packs. That said, there’s enough for entire keyboard with a few left over for good measure.

Similar in appearance to that of a Band-Aid, they’re quite unique in making a big difference in both typing sound and feel.

#5 – Mechkeeb Switch Film

Last but certainly not least, the Mechkeeb Switch Film is quite similar to the ZugGear, and just as effective.

Mechkeeb Switch Film

Compatible with Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and Cream MX, they’re comprised of a double-layer construction using HTV and PC material.

Available in double layer with a total thickness of around 0.18mm, the exact size is 15 x 11.6 x 0.18mm, offering effective sound dampening. This double layer version is harder than most, giving a brittle-like sound when keys are pressed.

Also available in a single layer variety, they’re comprised of MDI material. With a close resemblance to foam, the single layer version has a thickness of 0.45mm. The overall size is 15 x 11 x 0.45mm, perfect for switches that have larger gaps to fill. Being that it’s thicker, there’s less clack and more thock.

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