Best Wireless Fireworks Firing System [Updated Guide for 2023]

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When it comes to orchestrating a fireworks display, the right firing system is essential. Today, we’re diving into a comparison of top-notch firework firing systems that put you in control.

These aren’t just boxes with buttons; they’re advanced pieces of tech that offer everything from long-range connectivity to customizable settings. Stick around to find out which system might be the best fit for your pyrotechnic needs.

ProductNumber of Cues/ChannelsRemote RangeAdditional FeaturesBattery & Power
Best Overall: IGNITE i18 Bluetooth Firing System18 cues150 to 300+ feetBLE 5.0, Firmware updates via app, Color ID20+ hours LiPo (included)
Best Runner-Up: Emyplay Wireless Firework Controller2 modes (Single and Sequential)200 metersProgrammable receiver, Short protection9V
Best Alternative: BILUSCON Firework Firing System8 cuesOver 100 metersComes with carrying case, 8-button remote4 AA batteries

Whether you’re planning a fireworks extravaganza or merely looking for dependable connectors, each of these products brings something unique to the table. Let’s continue on and examine our top picks in greater detail to help you choose the best setup for your needs.

Best Overall: IGNITE i18 Bluetooth Firework Firing System

IGNITE i18 Bluetooth Firework Firing System

Key Takeaways:

  • 18-cue capability for flexible shows
  • Reusable with lifetime warranty
  • 20+ hours of LiPo battery life
  • Long-range BLE 5.0 connectivity
  • Firmware updates via app

The IGNITE i18 is a pocket rocket in the realm of firework firing systems. Small but mighty, it comes with 18 cues and provides options for both free-shoot manual and fully automated shows. Now, who wouldn’t want to be the director of their own fireworks spectacle? The beauty of the i18 is its reusability. These modules are not a one-off firework show; they’re designed to serve you year after year. That’s commitment.


The brand even dangles the promise of a lifetime warranty and plans for future expansion features. Sustainability, anyone? Don’t worry about this device dying on you mid-show. With a 20+ hour LiPo rechargeable battery, the unit is essentially an Energizer Bunny dressed in high-tech armor. USB charger included, so you’re ready to roll right out of the box. We subjected the device to a long-range test, and let’s just say it didn’t disappoint.


Thanks to its long-range BLE 5.0, powered by the Fanstel BT832XE BLE power-amplified transceiver, the unit can operate from a minimum range of 150 to 300+ feet. Trust us, you won’t have to be within arm’s reach of this baby. One noteworthy feature is the illuminated color identification. You can assign different colors for different modules, making the management of multiple systems a breeze. Imagine sorting your display cues by the color of the rainbow—talk about ease and style!


This unit doesn’t get phased by a little rain or spark. It sports an element-resistant design, and for added protection, you can simply cover it with something practical, like a 5-gallon bucket. As for firmware updates, they’re a snap—doable right from the app within seconds. For the curious, the dimensions measure 2.25 × 6.5 × 8.75 inches, and its weight is 2 pounds.

Best Runner-Up: Emyplay Wireless Firework Controller

Emyplay Wireless Firework Controller

Key Takeaways:

  • Two working modes for display variety
  • Programmable receiver for easy setup
  • 200-meter transmitting range covers distance
  • Short protection ensures durability
  • Receiver battery not included

When it comes to adding that extra flair to your celebrations, the Emyplay Wireless Firework Controller steps up to the plate. This unit offers more than just sparks; it’s an ensemble of smart features packed into an 8.27 x 5.51 x 4.72-inch box weighing only 1.54 pounds. Lightweight yet robust, you could call it the utility infielder of firework controllers. What sets this device apart are its two working modes: Single Mode and Sequential Mode.


The Sequential Mode allows for intricate patterns, with interval times ranging from 0.1 seconds to 1.6 seconds. Essentially, if you’re out to spell your initials in the sky, the precision here is a game-changer. For those looking to keep things simple, the Single Mode does the job effortlessly. In a world filled with cumbersome interfaces, this controller takes a different path. It includes one remote and six receiver boxes.

Setting it up is so straightforward you might wonder if you’ve suddenly acquired tech superpowers. Just make sure you also purchase connecting wires, as they are required for operation. Thankfully, the receiver is programmable. Gone are the days when a malfunctioning transmitter or receiver meant buying a new set. Here, a quick press of the “Learn” button, and your device is back in action. Concerned about durability? Don’t be.


Emyplay’s Wireless Firework Controller features short protection to guard the receiver against damage in case of a short in cue. And if you’re worried about range, the 200-meter transmitting range has got you covered. However, note that the power supply for the receiver is not included. You’ll need a 9V battery, so plan accordingly.

Best Alternative: BILUSCON Firework Firing System

BILUSCON Firework Firing System

Key Takeaways:

  • Remote control over 100 meters
  • 8-cue, 8-button system
  • Comes with carrying suitcase
  • Weighs only 4.2 pounds
  • Safety and reliability built in

If you’ve ever tried to manually light a row of fireworks and then scurry back to a safe distance, you’ll know that old-school methods can be a tad precarious. Enter the BILUSCON Firework Firing System: a remote-control wireless 8-cue firing system designed for both stage effects and fireworks. This isn’t some bulky relic; it’s a svelte gadget, weighing in at just 4.2 pounds. Small enough to not be a hindrance but sturdy enough to hold its ground.

You get a full package: one remote control, an 8-piece fountain base receiver, and a handy suitcase to carry it all. But we sure to pickup a set of BILUSOCN 11.91-inch connecting wires. You’ll need them to connect and ignite your fireworks. Convenience, meet performance.


The unit supports an 8-channel setup. This allows you to fire up eight separate cues, perfect for those multi-effect displays that ooze sophistication. But what really clinches the deal is the remote control distance—over 100 meters. Whether you’re sitting in the VIP section or tucked away backstage, rest assured you can set things ablaze from a safe and strategic vantage point.

The 8-button remote is as straightforward as they come. Each button corresponds to one of the eight cues, eliminating any guesswork. Press button one, and cue one lights up; press button eight, and cue eight joins the party. It’s that simple. Of course, safety can’t be compromised. A reliable connection ensures that when you hit that button, the only surprise you get is the collective ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the audience, not a misfire.

Add to that a build quality that feels robust, and you’ve got a device that doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. Alright, let’s sum this up in a firework-worthy finale. This isn’t just an 8-cue firing system; it’s the maestro of your pyrotechnic symphony. It gives you control, range, and a dash of elegance in the form of a lightweight suitcase. So if you’re looking to elevate your firework or stage display, this could be your backstage VIP pass to the spectacular.


Fireworks Firing System FAQs

What is the significance of the number of cues in a firework firing system?

The number of cues indicates how many individual firework shots or sequences you can control. More cues give you greater flexibility for complex shows.

Can firework firing systems operate in harsh weather?

Most modern systems are designed to be element-resistant, though it’s always good to check the specs. Some even suggest simple solutions, like covering the unit with a 5-gallon bucket for added protection.

Are firmware updates important for firework firing systems?

Yes, firmware updates often provide new features, increased stability, or security improvements. Many of the latest systems allow you to update firmware through a mobile app, making it a breeze to keep your unit up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

So, which firework firing system steals the spotlight? The IGNITE i18 Bluetooth Firing System wows with its 18-cue flexibility and long-lasting LiPo battery, making it ideal for those who want an all-in-one package.

Emyplay’s Wireless Firework Controller follows suit with customizable settings, although you’ll have to bring your own 9V battery.

On the other hand, the BILUSCON Firework Firing System brings safety and simplicity to the forefront, complete with its carrying case for that dash of convenience.

Each product made the list for its unique features that align with various needs—from range and battery life to safety and future-proofing. One thing is certain; these are sophisticated gadgets that ensure your firework displays are nothing short of spectacular.

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