7 of the Best Xbox Series X Protective Travel Carrying Cases in 2023

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  • Case Club Waterproof Hard Case – Industrial-grade travel case that’s ideal for XSX owners who want the absolute best protection.
  • CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case – Same amount of water-resistance as the Case Club, and is just as heavy duty, but more expensive.
  • Zadii Hard Carrying Case – Semi-hard, water-resistant enclosure that’s much lighter and more compact than the previous two options, but not quite as burly.
  • SHBC Hard Carrying Case – Measuring only slightly larger than the XSX console itself, it’s clearly the most compact travel case available.
  • G-STORY Case Storage Bag – Soft-shell bag rather than a hard case, comprised of heavy-duty nylon fabric that’s both water resistant and highly breathable.
  • ALIENERGY Carrying Case – Looks exactly like an original Xbox console. A semi-hard case, it’s equipped with more interior foam than most.
  • Trunab Console Carrying Case – Travel-specific bag that has more compartments, pouches and pockets than you may even use. Boasts a cube-like shape with zipper enclosures all around.

Touted as the fasted, most powerful Xbox game console ever created, the Xbox Series X is an incredible piece of hardware. Capable of true 4K gaming and up to 120 frames per second, this industry-leading console has a lot going for it.

Not to mention; it looks amazing. The sleek, minimalist, matte black appearance screams high-quality. Pair this with an impressive game library and you’ve got yourself a world class, albeit very expensive gaming experience.

Needless to say, the Xbox Series X is still incredibly hard to come by. With console-only prices starting at $500 and going up from there, you’re considered lucky to play one, let alone own one.

If you own one, you’ll want to take all the precautions to ensure it’s safe and secure, especially while traveling. Simply put, we all see the necessity to invest in a protective travel case for the Xbox Series X.

Luckily, there are several great options for those looking to invest in a travel case for their XSX. However, not all are created equal. Today we’re going to uncover, outline and recommend our top picks that offer the best protection, quality and features. Let’s get started!

Case Club Pre-Cut Waterproof Hard Case

Case Club Pre-Cut Waterproof Hard Case

  • The Case Club Pre-Cut Waterproof Hard Case is one of the most burly, well-built hard cases currently available for the XSX. The interior foam has been pre-cut to specifically fit the console, two controllers, 10-16 games, a headset and other accessories.
  • Rated IP67 waterproof to assure that you can literally submerge the case into water and everything inside will stay completely dry. Equipped with an O-Ring seal built into the lid, this gasket keeps out dust, debris and moisture without any issue. Just make sure you keep it clamped shut at all times.
  • Weighs about 15 lbs. empty and measures 21.75″ x 17″ x 8.5″. It’s big and bulky but built like a tank. Internally, there are multiple structural ribs and stainless-steel hardware throughout, it ensures a bomb-proof design with 1-way hinge pins that are unable to be tapped out.
  • Equipped with a built-in pressure release system. On the exterior, there’s a tiny dial that you can twist to release internal pressure so atmospheric pressure won’t squeeze the internals or make it difficult to open once you change elevations. This is an ideal features for those who fly a lot or for those who commonly travel between low and high elevations.
  • Keep it securely shut with the use of two padlock points that are reinforced with steel eyelets. Rust-roof, water-tight and crushproof; what more could you want in a hard case?
  • Backed by CaseClub’s impressive lifetime warranty that ensures it’ll likely never break or fail.
CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case

CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case

  • Comprised of hard shell of crushproof plastic, the CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case offers some of the best protection available. Rather than being soft, it’s hard as a rock, and equipped with a customized foam interior that’s precisely cut to fit everything you need. There’s space for the Xbox Series X console along with two controllers, power/display cables and other accessories.
  • External dimensions measure 23″ x 15.5″ x 8.5″ and weighs about 12 lbs. (empty). Although it’s big and bulky, it’s a suitcase style that’s easy to carry. Equipped with a folding handle and padlock rings if you’d like to securely lock it shut.
  • There are four heavy-duty latches along with a water and air-tight rubber gasket that keep it sealed shut. In fact, it’s completely waterproof and airtight, so moisture, dust or debris cannot damage your Xbox.
  • Has a built-in pressure-relief valve just like the Case Club.
  • Inside, there’s a pluckable foam grid that measures 9″ x 8″ x 5″. With this, it allows you to easily remove foam blocks to create extra storage for your headset or other accessories.
Zadii Hard Carrying Case

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

  • The Zadii Hard Carrying Case isn’t quite as tough as others, but it’s much cheaper and still effective for offering a decent amount of protection.
  • Externally measures 14.4″ x 13.2″ x 6.9″, which is fairly compact considering the amount of storage space it provides. The material is semi-hard with soft foam and fabric throughout, ensuring your console and accessories never get scratched.
  • Specifically molded to provide a customized fit specifically for the XSX. There’s two contoured sections that hold two Xbox controllers and the Series X console. Additionally, there’s a velcro-enclosure on the top that’s ideal for holding accessories. Keep in mind, however, that this case will not fit the Elite Series controllers.
  • High quality zippered-enclosure and clamshell design stays securely shut without any guesswork. The overall quality is decent, comprised of a jet-black fabric with attractive green highlights.
  • Comes included with an optional carrying strap and free controller holder as an added bonus.
SHBC Hard Carrying Case

SHBC Hard Carrying Case

  • Credited as one of the most portable XSX cases currently available, the SHBC Hard Carrying Case measures 13″ x 9.4″ x 7.1″, making it ideal for those needing the smallest travel case that also offers ample protection.
  • Comprised of a three layer oxford fabric and EVA plastic that provides a semi-hard finish that’s soft to the touch but also somewhat crushproof and amply padded throughout. This ensures the console, controller and other accessories fit tightly and stay scratch-fee and securely positioned at all times.
  • The interior is specifically custom-cut to fit the console on the bottom and two controllers on the top lid. Each controller can be strapped into position with the inclusion of two elastic bands. In addition, there’s even a small space to put cables, a charger or other compact accessories in-between each controller.
  • Each interior corner carries a convex shape that assures impact and bumps won’t damage the corner of your console. Think of these as anti-collision deterrents that bend inward in a manner that effectively reduces force-impact.
G-STORY Case Storage Bag

G-STORY Case Storage Bag

  • The G-STORY Case Storage Bag is comprised of a heavy-duty nylon fabric that’s both breathable and water-resistant, yet also offers plenty of space for your Series X or S console and a wide range of accessories.
  • Inside, this bag is equipped on all sides with an 8mm foam layer in addition to a variety of soft yet durable fabrics to ensure a relatively high amount of impact resistance. In addition, the exterior is comprised of a thick nylon layer that naturally beads and repels water.
  • Fairly compact size of 13.3″ x 13″ x 6.5″ with an empty weight of 2 lbs. keeps it moderately portable and easy to travel with. Users have the option of carrying it by the built-in leather handle or utilizing the optional carrying strap that clips to a metal eyelet on each side.
  • Provides enough storage space for either an XSX or XSS console with two controllers, games and all of the necessary accessories. Internal straps keep everything in a stable position while transporting.
  • Built-in exterior zippered pocket for keeping small accessories in an easy to access location, ideal for on-the-go traveling.
  • The base is equipped with four rubberized non-slip “feet” to keep it upright and stable when placed on a flat surface.
ALIENERGY Carrying Case

ALIENERGY Carrying Case

  • The ALIENERGY Carrying Case has a unique appearance that looks uniquely similar to the original Xbox console design. Built with an exterior hard-shell and an interior shock-absorbing foam, it’s built with plenty of impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Inside, you’ll notice an ample amount of foam that’s stiff yet soft to provide a smooth surface and custom-designed size that’s specific to the Xbox Series X and all of the required accessories. There’s a main compartment for the console and slots for two controllers and a headset. On the interior of the top lid, users are given a small pouch for cables along with several slots for game discs.
  • Equipped with an oversized handle that’s heavily reinforced for quality. In addition, the base is equipped with four sturdy feet that keep the case upright and sturdy when set on the ground. There’s even a strap on the back for attaching it to luggage, paired with a detachable shoulder strap if you prefer to carry it over your shoulder.
  • Internal elastic straps keep the console and controllers in a still-position that won’t wiggle around.
  • Externally measures 16″ x 11″ x 8″ and weighs in at just over 3 lbs. It’s large enough to provide room for everything while remaining surprisingly lightweight.
  • The interior foam cut-out shell can be removed if you decide you’d like to use the case for other purposes.
Trunab Console Carrying Case

Trunab Console Carrying Case

  • The Trunab Console Carrying Case is a soft travel bag that’s specifically designed for the Xbox Series X. With a wide variety of pockets and pouches, it’s ideal for those who want to bring along their console and still have plenty of room for everything else.
  • Measures 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 9.5″ and comprised of a lightweight material, tipping the scale at 1.5 lbs. while empty. The internal compartment perfectly fits the XSX console in the middle with three additional zippered enclosures on 3-sides of the exterior. These pockets are ideal for carrying extra SSDs, games, controllers, headsets or cables.
  • Exterior nylon material feels very durable yet soft to the touch, while simultaneously remaining water-resistant. The interior is overly cushioned for scratch and impact resistance, yet seemingly durable enough for constant travel.
  • Equipped with a built-in handle on the top, with eyelets for attaching an optional (included) shoulder strap. This carrying case provides the most amount of pockets and pouches while remaining relatively compact and easy to stow.
  • Available in either black on black or green on black color combinations for whichever preference you may have.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several excellent options for Xbox Series X owners who need a travel case. Whether you’re traveling on an airplane or simply going over to a friend’s house, each one of these carrying cases has a lot to offer. Let’s quickly re-cap to see what we discovered.

We started off by checking out the Case Club Waterproof Hard Case. This is an industrial-grade travel case that’s ideal for XSX owners who want the absolute best protection. It’s incredibly burly, fully waterproof and heavy duty. We love that it’s reinforced throughout with stainless steel hardware. Unfortunately, it’s quite bulky, heavy and a bit on the expensive side.

In many regards, the Case Club is quite similar to the CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case, which we looked into next. The CASEMATIX has the same amount of water-resistance, and is arguably just as heavy duty with some of the same features. However, it’s even more expensive, and doesn’t have the same stainless steel hardware like the Case Club.

Next, we examined the Zadii Hard Carrying Case. This is a semi-hard enclosure that’s much lighter and more compact than the previous two options, but not quite as burly. It’s water-resistant, but not fully sealed so it can’t be considered waterproof. However, it does provide a nice amount of impact resistance, given the lightweight nature of the design. Best of all, it’s much more affordable at nearly half the price of the first two options we discussed.

Moving on, we looked into the SHBC Hard Carrying Case. Measuring only slightly larger than the XSX console itself, it’s clearly the most compact travel case available. It carries a nice, simple design with a sleek appearance. We’re big fans of the unique convex-shaped corners, making each corner highly impact resistant.

The next case on our list was the G-STORY Case Storage Bag. Although it’s really a soft-shell bag rather than a hard case, we feel it still provides a great solution. Comprised of heavy-duty nylon fabric that’s both water resistant and highly breathable, it has much more available space than some of the rigid options we previously outlined. It’s also very affordable; nearly three times as cheap as the CASEMATIX.

If you’re specifically looking for a fun style, we recommend the ALIENERGY Carrying Case. Take one glance and it may seem familiar; this case looks exactly like an original Xbox console. Cool! As a semi-hard case, it’s equipped with more interior foam than most others. Ultimately, this means more impact resistance and a precise fit for your console, controllers and accessories. It’s definitely one of our favorite choices.

Last but certainly not least is the Trunab Console Carrying Case. This is a travel-specific bag that has more compartments, pouches and pockets than you may even use. It boasts a cube-like shape with zipper enclosures all around it. Needless to say, there’s plenty of storage and ample padding throughout. Overall, it seems well made and generously thought-out. In addition, it’s also one of the most affordable options!

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