First-Look at the ComMarker B4 Laser Engraver

Here at Nerd Techy, we’re always on the lookout for innovative, high-quality products that can make a difference in the lives of our readers. One such product that has recently caught our attention is the ComMarker B4 Laser Engraver. Designed to be versatile and efficient, this powerful engraver has the potential to revolutionize the creative …

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Feature Review: Creality Falcon2 22W Laser Engraver

Whether you’re a business owner or a crafty enthusiast, having a laser engraver can be a lot of fun. However, dipping into the laser engraver industry can be a bit overwhelming. Simply put, there’s hundreds of engravers to choose from, all with specifications that can confuse the average layman. It’s for this main reason that …

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First-Look Review of the LONGER RAY5 20W Laser Engraver

There are many ways to commemorate an event or promote your business. Tee shirts are a perennial favorite. Mugs are always popular, and customized pens are both practical and inexpensive. Maybe you even spring for some branded hats. But if you want to create something truly memorable, it’s tough to beat an engraving. Engravings have …

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