Coin Smart Card Device Review

We live in a world of rapid change. All things considered, the move to digital currency has taken its time, as many merchants aren’t set up to manage exclusively online forms of payment. This leads to a lot of controversy.

But whoever said it’s a bad idea? By consolidating and organizing all of our payment options, we have the benefit of greater security and simplicity. One company has decided to offer a solution to get over this hurdle. It’s an incredibly smart way to do transactions.

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coin smart card device

They’ve decided to lead the charge. Offering customers greater options and peace of mind, we’ve been provided with a device that manages this all for you, so you can make purchases safely. It’s a smart credit card that’s smaller than your wallet.

Envision a Better Way to Keep Your Wallet

Imagine having one source for all of your credit cards. You never have to go through the hassle of digging through a large wallet, trying different options and organizing them all yourself. There are some concerns to be addressed, however.

Credit card fraud is nothing new. Neither is credit card theft, which is why the Coin Smart Card Device uses advanced security features for each of your cards. This ensures against any form of fraud or theft. But they’ve gone a step further for your protection.

coin smart card device

We often leave things behind. None of us are perfect in this area, and most of us have had experiences of leaving car or house keys behind and being locked out. This is what the Coin Smart Card has in mind. But it’s not for locking you out, but for anyone who attempts to use it when you and your phone are away. Nobody but you will have access to your cards.

The Coin Smart Card is a dedicated, impenetrable protection service. Using savvy technology, your Coin Smart Card will unlock automatically when your phone is nearby, via Bluetooth. It’s a match made in heaven.

Even the user interface is more convenient. Instead of digging through your wallet to find the card you need, you can switch between them at a click of a button. The time it saves you in line alone is amazing.

It’s Easier and Safer than Ever

Now, wait a minute. We’ve all been uncomfortable passing credit card information online in the past, and also the dangers of scams these days. Let’s explore this important area now.
People often take advantage of others who don’t understand technology. In this age of digital money transactions, we need a safe, reliable and easy-to-use system, otherwise we may end up on the wrong foot. This is something that Coin agrees with wholeheartedly.

coin smart card device

Getting started is simpler than we’d imagined. Using a sophisticated smart phone app, you can add the cards directly, and then sync them to your Coin. All it requires is a Bluetooth connection.’
The App itself will guide you through the process. Anyone can protect their vital information and credit cards using this easier-than-ever approach. You should never have to worry about the authenticity of this type of device. That’s exactly why they’ve included the following feature.

It’s all password-protected. The Coin will allow you to instantly install a ‘Tap Code’, which will only unlock when it’s entered. It’s a well-fortified system.

But Coin decided that this wasn’t enough. They’ve design their smart phone to track the precise location of your Coin, in the case that you lose or can’t find it. It’s not only a convenience feature, but a further security measure as well. This give you 100% awareness of your Coin at all times.

The Advantages Are Clear

You may think it’s just too much to handle. We’d imagine many people wouldn’t see the convenience of the Coin, if there wasn’t so much that it offers that we don’t already have. So, what are the advantages, exactly?

coin smart card device

It’s just like using your ordinary cards. The only difference, is that they’re all stored in a safe location that’s much easier to manage. Just like any other card, you can use it to pay for goods the same way you always have. It’s replaced the clutter of your wallet with a much simpler alternative.

The design is as near to flawless as it could be. From user friendliness and design to security features, they’ve optimized your credit card experience, down to the very last detail. It’s even easier to make purchases with any merchant, now that you can do it all from one device. You’ll love the feel of it too.

It doesn’t even weigh 4 ounces. At less than a millimeter thick, the style and comfort is an excellent bonus, allowing you to take it with you anywhere you go, with as much ease as any credit card.

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Note: At no extra cost to you, we may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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