Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

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We aren’t getting proper sleep. We eat too late, sleep too little or too much, and don’t get and real, deep sleep. It’s become a bit of a challenge to sleep well today.

You need some way of attaining a truer sleep. When we don’t get the right amount, we reach a state of ‘sleep debt’ which needs to be corrected – but is more often than not neglected. With all of the negative interference, interruptions and distractions in today’s world, we’re almost losing our ability to get deep, peaceful rest, night after night. Let me explain.

Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

One bad night of sleep can cause your brain to age significantly. Sleeping actually helps detoxify the brain, and is a requirement for healing. As you may know, unless we get real sleep, our ills and stresses continue to take precedence in our lives. We need a solution, and here we are today.

Sleep Companion – The Smart Bulb for a Great Sleep

The Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb offers an all-natural solution. The greatest thing about it, is that it works, and it works better and faster than many of the things you are currently doing. Some of these things you may want to stop doing, once you use the Sleep Companion bulb. Take a look for yourself.

Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

What we’ve done is just laid out the facts for you. Instead of constantly worrying about how much sleep you’ll get at night, or wondering whether or not this new ‘lotion or potion’ is going to work for you, you must find something you can rely on. All of the experts agree.

You deserve a better sleep. Put away the ‘sleeping’ pills, the midnight snacks, and the television shows. While reading before bed is like a natural tranquilizer, the Sleep Companion is like a natural solution to beneficial sleep. The science is all here.

Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

No time for hocus-pocus. It’s all about focus, and the focus is on you, and the best sleep you can possibly get. These are some of the advantages of the Sleep Companion. In this article, we’ll lay out for you exactly what the Sleep Companion technology is, and how you can take advantage of it today. The rest is up to you.

Relax a bit. There’s no irrelevant hype here, no sales pitch, just proven results. We’ll share them with you right now.

As Promised, the Science

The benefits are easy to demonstrate. The light of the bulb self-adjusts optimally based on the time of day. Some of the effects are shown with your melatonin levels.

Proper sleep regulates melatonin levels. Melatonin, which can help lower you risk of prostate cancer, must be regulated properly, based on when you go to bed, slumber, and wake up. The Sleep Companion does all that. By regulating its production of blue light, you get the best sleep possible.

Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

You can also track your results. The recently developed Sleep Companion App really tells you what’s going on during your sleep, with amazingly precise detail. It’ll tell you what disruptive noise and brightness is occurring, as well as where you are at personally in your sleep cycle. There’s nothing worse than sleeping too much or too little, and the Sleep Companion solves that problem.

There’s more evidence, too. This simple light-bulb solution has been proven in clinical studies, and was originally developed for astronauts, to improve sleep and overall health. You can’t go wrong.

Every bit of evidence points to the Sleep Companion being right for you.

Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

The Real Benefits

It’s more than a simple technology. Positive changes in our lives often seep out into other areas, and improve success levels in every part of our lives. The Sleep Companion positively impacts the whole person.

There are negative aspects of light for sleep, as well. Lights from electronic devices, such as from smart phones, laptops, and HD TVs, can disrupt our sleep, and leave us restless at night. The Sleep Companion is a powerful way to improve your energy, when used on a long-term basis, and continues to help improve your siestas.

Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb

The Holî Sleep Companion Smart Light Bulb is like a full course for better sleep. It has everything you need to sleep beautifully all night long, making it a very unique product.

This system is very intuitive and easy to use. It basically leaves all of the thinking and analyzing and improving of sleep to the bulb technology, allowing you to relax and sleep. Life couldn’t be easier. Invest in this if you want to receive the benefits. You can’t lose with the Sleep Companion. The longer and more consistently you use it, the better your results will be. And that’s the bottom line.

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