Unboxing & Review of the Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

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  • Overall Design - 9/10
  • Cooking Performance - 9.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Versatility - 9/10


The Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer is an innovative and versatile kitchen appliance that brings the expertise of master chefs into your home. Its cutting-edge CombiCook technology, combined with an array of advanced features and user-friendly options, makes cooking restaurant-quality dishes an effortless experience. With its consistent performance in our tests, we highly recommend this device for those looking to achieve culinary perfection at home.


  • Exceptional CombiCook technology
  • Versatile cooking modes for all skill levels
  • User-friendly interface with smart control
  • Superior heat and moisture control


  • Slight learning curve initially
  • High-end price point

Cooking restaurant-quality dishes at home has always been a challenge for many people, especially when it comes to mastering the art of temperature and moisture control. But with the innovative Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer, achieving culinary perfection has become an effortless endeavor.

In this review, we’ll delve into the key features and benefits of this cutting-edge kitchen appliance, as well as share our experience using it to cook various dishes. Is this the ultimate solution for perfect food, or does the Combi Fryer need more time in the oven? Let’s find out.

CombiCook Technology: The Magic Behind the Masterpieces

At the heart of this incredible machine lies its groundbreaking CombiCook technology. It uses a smart algorithm based on real culinary expertise to control temperature, moisture, and cooking time accurately, delivering exceptional results with every dish. Whether you’re preparing lobster tail, steak, chicken breast, or beef short ribs, the CombiCook technology ensures that every meal comes out as a culinary masterpiece.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

It’s really quite amazing how well it works. When cooking a lobster tail, for instance, CombiCook atomizes the meat during heating for even cooking, giving it a soft, tender, and slightly chewy texture.

Raising the temperature afterward results in a firm, delicate texture with a slightly sweet taste. As for steak, CombiCook quickly reaches the perfect temperature without drying out the surface, stabilizes the temperature throughout the meat, and retains its juiciness while producing a golden-brown crust.

This kind of accuracy is seldom seen, especially in home appliances. And yet, Dreo appears to have mastered the art of food perfection, delivering an incredible device that thus far surpasses all expectations. We will discuss some of the trials we conducted in a moment. First, though, let’s talk about what goes into making this machine work.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

How Does It Work?

There’s actually a lot working together to make the magic happen. Dreo utilizes a combination of advanced features to optimize cooking results, and those results speak for themselves. Here’s what’s going on internally to create such exceptional foods:

Cook Probe

Equipped with dual-point sensing technology, the probe tracks temperature at the meat’s core and outer layers simultaneously. The dual-point sensing technology of the cook probe ensures accurate temperature readings and real-time adjustments, enabling users to cook their dishes to perfection. And it’s all made possible thanks to the CombiCook algorithm. Real-time information is fed to it, where it then reacts to even the slightest changes in temperature and moisture.

Super Convection Heating

Another key feature is the Super Convection Heating system. The specially designed chamber of the unit enables faster and more evenly distributed heat around the surface of the food, ensuring uniform cooking. This is crucial for achieving consistent results, as uneven heat distribution can lead to parts of the food being overcooked or undercooked.

Additionally, the powerful heating element within the device works to eliminate temperature gaps that might occur during the cooking process. This diligent temperature control ensures that your food is perfectly cooked throughout, avoiding the unpleasant occurrence of inconsistent doneness or gray bands that can result from fluctuating temperatures.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Atomization System

It also incorporates a sophisticated Atomization System as a part of its cooking process. This innovative system sprays a fine, 50-micron mist onto the food’s surface during the cooking process. The mist acts as a temperature regulator, keeping the surface temperature steady and controlled throughout the cooking time. This function is especially beneficial in preventing the food from charring, which can occur if the surface temperature gets too high.

At the same time, the Atomization System ensures that the core of the food item is evenly cooked, contributing to a uniformly cooked dish that is perfectly prepared both inside and out. This feature and others work together to ensure food is perfectly cooked from the inside out. The end result is some of the best-prepared food you can possibly serve. So whether you’re preparing a gourmet meal or a simple weeknight dinner, you’re sure to get consistent, restaurant-quality results every time.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

User Experience: Additional Features and Functions

To ensure each user has all the tools they need to create great food, Dreo includes a plethora of essentials. From a smart interface to robust construction, they seem to have thought of everything in bringing consumers the ultimate appliance.

User-friendly Interface: The 4.3-inch display provides a clear and easy-to-navigate menu, making it simple for users to select their desired cooking mode, adjust settings, and monitor progress. The intuitive design ensures a seamless cooking experience for users of all skill levels.

44+ Unique Ingredients: The device’s Chef Mode is designed to handle a wide variety of ingredients, catering to diverse culinary tastes and preferences. Whether you’re cooking meats, seafood, poultry, or vegetables, the smart algorithm adjusts the cooking parameters to ensure optimal results for each ingredient.

Heat Resistant Glass: The heat-resistant glass window allows users to keep an eye on their dishes without interrupting the cooking process. This feature is particularly helpful when cooking delicate dishes that require precise temperature control and monitoring.

Easy Clean: Cleaning is hassle-free, as it is dishwasher safe. The removable components can be easily detached and placed in a dishwasher, saving users time and effort in maintaining the device’s cleanliness.

Smart Control: The smart control feature enables users to monitor their cooking progress remotely using a compatible app. This added convenience allows for more precise control over the cooking process and ensures that dishes are cooked to perfection every time.

From Super Convection Heating to Smart Control, you’re treated to a comprehensive culinary experience. And best of all, you don’t have to be a master chef to use it. There is a slight learning curve, but Dreo made it as easy as possible. We’re very pleased with both the presentation and application of every feature.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Versatile Cooking Options for Every Skill Level

The Combi Fryer is designed to accommodate a wide range of users, from novices to seasoned home cooks. It achieves this by offering three versatile cooking modes, each tailored to different skill levels and preferences:

Chef Mode

This mode is perfect for beginners or those who prefer a more guided cooking experience. With ingredient-based master chef presets, users can effortlessly achieve perfect results for various dishes, including meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. The CombiCook technology takes care of temperature, moisture, and cooking time adjustments, allowing even novice cooks to produce restaurant-quality meals with ease.

Probe Cook

For more advanced users who want full control over the cooking process, the Probe Cook mode offers the ability to set precise temperature settings, similar to what master chefs do in professional kitchens. This mode provides a temperature range of 100°F to 200°F for the cooking chamber and allows for probe temperature settings of up to 400°F.

Classic Cook

As an all-rounder cooking mode, the Classic Cook option lets users choose from a variety of cooking styles, such as air fry, reheat, bake, roast, defrost, toast, broil, and dehydrate. This mode is ideal for those who want a versatile kitchen appliance that can handle various cooking tasks with ease.

In addition to these adaptable cooking modes, there’s also a wealth of resources to help users of all skill levels refine their culinary techniques and explore new recipes:

Step-by-Step Video Guides: The video guides provided by Dreo cover a range of topics, from basic cooking techniques to more advanced tips and tricks used by experienced chefs. These easy-to-follow tutorials enable users to learn at their own pace while ensuring success with every recipe.

Ever-Growing Recipe Collection: Boasting a collection of over 100 recipes, users are continually inspired to broaden their culinary horizons. The ever-growing recipe library includes dishes from various cuisines, as well as themed dinner ideas, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting to try.

By offering a range of versatile cooking options and a wealth of supporting resources, the Combi Fryer caters to the needs of every home cook, regardless of their skill level. This innovative kitchen appliance empowers users to create restaurant-quality dishes at home, elevating their cooking experience and making mealtime more enjoyable.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Putting the Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer to the Test

In order to give you a comprehensive review of the Combi Fryer, we put it through a series of cooking tests involving various dishes. We used Chef Mode for a lobster tail, and the results were exactly as Dreo claimed they would be – the texture was soft, tender, and slightly chewy, while the taste had a subtle sweetness.

In fact, this was true for everything we tried. Never did it fail to provide results that were less than stellar. From chicken breast to fries, it consistently delivered exceptional results, showcasing its versatility and ability to produce restaurant-quality dishes at home. Here’s an overview of our test results:

Air Fry Mode: We tested the air fry function by cooking a batch of French fries. It distributed heat evenly, resulting in crispy, golden-brown fries without the need for excess oil. The heat-resistant glass allowed us to monitor the progress without opening the chamber, preventing heat loss and maintaining cooking efficiency.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Vegetable Roasting: Using Chef Mode, we roasted a medley of vegetables, including bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant. The CombiCook technology ensured that the vegetables were cooked evenly, retaining their natural flavors and textures. The user-friendly interface made it easy to navigate through the settings and customize the cooking time and temperature according to our preferences.

Reheat Function: To test the reheat function, we warmed up some leftover pizza. The device managed to restore the pizza’s original crispiness and taste without overcooking or drying it out, thanks to the precise temperature control offered by the CombiCook technology.

Dehydrate Mode: We used the dehydrate function to make some homemade beef jerky. The smart control allowed us to monitor the cooking progress remotely, ensuring that the jerky was dehydrated to our desired level of dryness.

In all of our tests, it consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver restaurant-quality dishes at home. Its advanced features, versatile cooking options, and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Final Verdict

The Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer is an innovative and versatile kitchen appliance that brings the expertise of master chefs into your home. Its cutting-edge CombiCook technology, combined with an array of advanced features and user-friendly options, makes cooking restaurant-quality dishes an effortless experience. With its consistent performance in our tests, we highly recommend this device for those looking to achieve culinary perfection at home.

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